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Used Gun Safes: When looking for a safe to stash away firearms, customers often ignore the used gun safes market for fear that they may find poor quality safes. The truth cannot be further from that. Most used guns safes for sale would have gone through a lot of quality inspections, repairs, repainting and other measures to ensure that they meet the set standards of safety and security. The advantage of going for a used gun safe is that it comes at a discounted price compared to its newer version. The best gun safes can be passed from several users before they give in wasting and become useless.

Safes for Small Guns

While most gun safe reviews focus on cheap gun safes, these have misleading aspects in that they do not allow for exploration of mildly used gun safes that would require little to repair to function well. They include;

  • Gun Safe Nightstand Drawer Desk Combo Combination Microvault Pistol Lock Vault: this highly portable safe keeps small firearms and a few rounds of ammunition.
  • GunBook for Colt M 1911 A1 military handgun wood hollow concealed box safe case: this one offers compact storage for the handgun and ammunition.

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Safes for Small Guns with Biometric Locks

A typical gun safe sale would entail mostly guns safes with manual locks that require a combination of keys. However, biometrics presents a unique way of ensuring that no one makes access into the safe without the right authorization. Among the best safes for small guns include;

  • GunVault Biometric Vault MVB500 Safe Fingerprint Gun Microvault: meant for small firearms, this vault will keep the guns intact and safe from prying fingers. The fingerprint sensor only needs to be reset and assigned a new fingerprint when the second owner takes possession of it.

Used Gun Safes on Sale

Various online platforms such as eBay,, and others have sections dedicated to used gun safes which come at a lower price compared to their newer versions. Among the best-used gun safes listed on both sites are:

  • Barska Biometric Safe Security Home Jewelry Gun with Fingerprint Lock, AX12404: this vault can lock away both firearms and jewelry with a high quality fingerprint lock which will only let in certain specific individuals whose prints would have been installed into the safe. Barska is known for its high quality of safes, and this one does not deviate from that tradition.

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Used Gun Safes with Convenience

There are used gun safes that come with added features besides the normal ones of storing away the firearm. Two of the best that can be found at a discount are;

  • Bedside Biometric Fingerprint Sensor Gun Safe Arms Reach New Store Loaded Handgun; at less than $200, this safe can be secured to the bed for ease of reachability.
  • New Authentic Personal Security Products Mantle Gun Concealment Clock MGC: this one comes in the shape of a clock whose inside has been dug out to fit a handgun snugly.

Quick Access Used Gun Safes

There is also a class of safes that allow quick access whenever one needs to sue the gun, say, in the case of an emergency. Two of these are;

  • Speed Vault SVB 500 Biometric Gun Safe Keyed Quick Access Vault Hidden BIO: this safe is shaped like a gun and all one needs is their finger, and the gun will pop out.
  • Biometric Fingerprint Drawer Personal Gun Safe, Black Handgun Theme New: this safe securely holds the gun inside a drawer and can be released easily with the press of a finger.

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Other Used Gun Safes

Obtaining a used gun safe requires a thorough inspection to put to rest any fears of the safe not providing the required security. For this reason, resellers of used gun safes often fit new locks or parts to the safes for the best results.

  • Carpeted Inside Gun Cabinet with Ammo Box + Key Lock: this gun safe fits up to 8 guns which are secured inside of it with a key. Although keys may be unreliable, they too provide top notch security for the firearms in the home.
  • Barska Top Opening Keypad Safe AX12622: this safe is good for concealing firearms on the floor as it can be opened from the top using a combination of digits dialled into the lock.

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Conclusion (Used Gun Safes)

Most gun safes are still within usable states even when being resold for the third time. They may not even need repairs unless they have been forcibly made to open. Otherwise, it only requires an exchange of the lock or calibration of the locks for those that use biometric security or PIN codes. Depending on the size of the gun one has, the prices of the safes will differ by a great margin.

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