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Top 5 Best Car Gun Safe Reviews

There are many pistol safes compact in the market, but not all of them are suitable for use in your vehicle. The best car pistols safe will have a compact design, but will be extremely small to give option of where to hide it. Lot of so-called car pistol safes only the ability to mount in the box and needed strength to drill holes to drive safely. To help you find the best car pistol safe, we had to create a list of small designed safe that it can be permanently mounted on the interior of your vehicle or connected via a safety wire steel surface. Our first choice was the original pistol Safe designed by Fort Knox. Read on to see if you agree with us.

  1. ORIGINAL Pistol Safe PB1 Fort Knox/Gun Safe for Cars

In the world of car pistol safes, PB1 safe Original pistol is a beast. While other safes are sensitive components of steel and plastic in their easily divided -Make lock with only screwdriver- Fort Knox decided to make safe that will actually keep their pistols safe. This pistol is certainly sturdy, 10 gauge steel and has a wide deck, which is an impressive 3.16 inches thick. Thereby making your pistol difficult to safe in your vehicle, if not impossible, to force open. On the other hand, it does not have an electronic lock that can be left trying to find the key, because the batteries are drained dead or faulty electronics.

It has a push button mechanical lock, which is based on the 5-digit code that can drive -Give 1081 and turn the knob to unlock. The interior has a thick layer of foam egg box along the top and bottom. Gas struts easy to open, and there are four pre-drilled holes, that allow safe installation in the trunk or on the floor of your vehicle. This is one of the only negatives about this car pistol safe it- must be permanently mounted. It is also a bit on the large size, with 4 ¼ inches high external measures height by 12½ inches wide by 10 3/8 inches deep and weighs 22 pounds, which limits where you can install it. However, this is a minor inconvenience compared with the comfort of knowing that your pistol and valuables will be safe in the car, waiting for your return.

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2. The GS-1 Safe ARMA GUNBUNKER/Gun Safe for Cars

There are several reasons why you should consider Gunbunker GS-1 as one of the best car pistol safe. It has a slim design that allows it, to stay under your seat or even the console, a specially designed storage space hidden in the vehicle. External dimensions are 2 ½ inches high by 6 and a half inches in width 6 5/8 inches deep (the base is 8 7/8 inches deep) with internal measures 1 ½ inches tall 6 inches wide by 6 ¼ inches deep (the base is 7 ¾ inches deep). Which means this pistol safe vehicle will perform easier Glock 19 holder (which is designed around) or a smaller size pistol. A security cable is thick, “You cannot cut with scissors or a wire cutter. It is made of 16 gauge steel with a layer of black powder, which makes it non-reflective and unobtrusive, because it is easy to mix with the shadows under the driver’s seat. The screw passes through three layers of steel to allow for additional security from possible rupture. The interior is fully lined with foam to protect their pistols from scratch or dinged, however, the foam is not thick as to saber rattling inside. This pistol safe is also produced in the United States and that the quality is reflected in all feature.

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3. HD-90 gun vault freedom by Liberty/Liberty Car Gun Safe

This car pistol safe bears a similar appearance to some heavy pistol with other manufacturers of the box, however, it built with powerful structures, which simply provides better security. It is made of 16 gauge steel and has a tubular key lock with a simple style and comes with two keys. As liberty product, you can be sure that the lock is built not using plastic parts but quality materials that cannot be easily broken by inserting a screwdriver. It comes with a security cable with waterproof folded on both sides, however, have a hole drilled in the bottom so that it can be permanently mounted to avoid the collision and capture. Its 2 ½ inches high and 10 4/5 inches by 8 inches 3/10 that allows you to fit under your vehicle seats and many consoles and glove boxes. It has a foam lining the top and bottom, and the top foam is glued in place. The lower layer of foam is loose to allow permanent installation easier, if desired.

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4. NANOVAULT NV200- Gunvault Best of Car Gun Safe

This car pistol safe is made of 18 gauge steel and is ideal for those who need to lock their gun in their vehicle daily. Its slim design makes it easy to travel as easily fit in a purse, briefcase, desk drawer, or even can be placed under the seat of your vehicles. It also meets the guidelines of the TSA firearms, so you can use it when traveling by plane. This combined with the comfort of safety first class is what makes this the best safe to use in your car. This safety gun is easy to use keypad lock and comes with two keys. Parts of its features memory foam which is a half inch at the top and bottom of the inside of the safe, to make sure your pistol will not moving around the safe and be potentially damaged.

It comes with a pound test security cable of 1,500 for simple and secure mounting in the car and backed a five-year guarantee against fire or theft. This car pistol safe has external measures 9.5 inches by 6.5 inches by 1.75 inches. This gives enough space available to safely anchored style of having a pistol in 1911, often with a magazine or two, depending on the exact type of gun.

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  1. SHOTLOCK –Truck Vault/Car Gun safe

This gets my vote for one of the best car pistol safe for a couple of reasons. It is made of durable 14-gauge steel and can be mounted vertically, horizontally or Safety steel cable (not attached). This gives you more options when it comes to the use of the car pistol safe, and can be mounted in the trunk, along the central panel, under the seat, or where there is enough room for the door to open and it fits in your hand. This car pistol safe has a push-button which is unique that do not require batteries. There are five buttons, which is more than a thousand different key codes to choose from. This lock will not open unless they are introduced by numbers in the correct order, unlike some locks the buttons can open only if you have accurate numbers, regardless of the sequence that is pressed. It takes about three seconds to enter the code and open the pistol safe. This car pistol safe internal security measures 9 inches long by 2 inches deep by 7 inches wide. It’s enough to contain most of pistol in 1911 style space.

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Car Gun Safe Conclusion

To purchase a better car pistol safe is an important and exciting decision, with benefits for both in self-defense, as well as aesthetics. Experienced shows that a small investment of this type, even if they need some security boxes, can make a big difference in the availability of preventive child safety, and ultimately, the safety of your home.

When it can be responsible for yourselves and your family or the protection of property, make sure you sleep with confidence. The scenarios are played in his head convinced you that without a doubt, the pistol safe is certainly a profitable investment. With a quick scan of your personal circumstances and the size / quantity of your pistol, find the best car safe is easier than ever because of the growing market. If you qualify, please all this information before making a purchase and after you are buy pistol, you can be sure you buying the best for your needs.

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