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Guns are very dangerous and should be well preserved. In case you are in possession of a gun at home be it for protection, target practicing, collections or hunting, it is of great importance you purchase a gun safe.  Purchasing a gun safe will keep you and others protected. It is up to the owner to decide which gun safe to pick out for use as they exists in so many different sizes to suit the different sizes of guns being produced. Below are some outstanding advantages of having a gun safe in your possession.

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  • With a gun safe you can store all your bullets together with their corresponding firearms in a safe place, where you do not have to worry all the time.
  • A good safe will give access into its content only when the correct entry code is entered. By so doing the gun safe allows you as the only person capable of having access to its content. Nevertheless, if you suspect someone viewed you when entering the code, you can still change the password to remain the unique user of the safe.
  • The gun safes offer the possibility of storing more than one gun and at times with extra magazines.
  • Fingerprint gun safes which are relatively new technology are available, they offer the fastest access to your safe’s content. This fingerprint gun safes also come along with top security standards making the process of forcefully breaking into it almost impossible.
  • Apart from storing guns in the gun safe, most of them come along with extra space for some few important items like jewellery, cash, passports and documentations you do not want to loss.

Unfortunately gun safes like other objects also have their disadvantages or features that make them inconvenient for use. Before purchasing a gun it is recommended to access its disadvantages so you would not be surprise after purchasing it, they are listed below;

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  • one major disadvantage with gun safes is the inability to get quick access to the gun in emergency situations. Think for an instance you have an intruder in your house and you spend time struggling to open the safe. This will be wastage of time thereby exposing self and family in the hands of the intruder. It is recommended to keep your gun safe in a place where it is easy to access and if possible free from prying eyes as people are too curious and would be seeking to know what the safe contains.
  • Another problem often encountered with most safes, has to do with the password. In case under stress and fear governed by the secretion of adrenaline you can forget the pattern or password. This could be very annoying to experience, it could still be one of your kids who gets hold of the combination and decides to open the safe in your absence. The solution is getting a biometric gun safe even though it comes with its own disadvantages too, for with such a safe under pressure you might have your fingerprints read wrongly if the fingers become sweaty. Some biometric gun safes can also loss memory as they are electronic equipment.
  • Most safes with batteries and no backup key often pose disappointments to their users whenever they try to access it and find that the battery is dead.  To avoid such situations when purchasing a gun safe which uses batteries, get one with a backup key should in case the battery fails.

Reasons why you should take on the ‘’STACK ON’’ Gun Safes

Reviews of stack on gun safes reveal that the highly recommended safety units of our time are the best stack on gun safes.If you are in search of a long lasting and well secured safe then consider the following advantages offered by the Stack-on gun safe which remains highly rated for its previous efficiency in the hands of its consumers.

The stack-on safe comes along side with enough room which can take several guns, so many prefer taking it as a form of investment since they shall no longer have to purchase a safe in the future should in case they get another gun.

-The stack gun safes provide top and effective security to your family, your firearms and any other item of great value you choose to store in it. The best gun safes will go up to the extent of providing additional security to your cash, so you need not worry when you are in possession of one. Gun safes which are designed and built to last long can resist fires and burglary, they also protect your kids by keeping away from them guns which they can use and hurt not only themselves but those around.

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– This very resistant gun safe can also protect heirloom which is passed from generation to generation. In particular cases of rubbery, an additional security has to be incorporated to this safe so as to prevent thieves from making their way away with the safe in cases where they have failed to open it.

– The safe is large. Larger gun safes are built with enough room to hold as from 15 guns upward thereby making the safe quiet heavily weighted thus impossible to be moved rapidly by a team of thieves or loaded easily in to a vehicle-All stack on units are designed in such a way that they are theft-proof. Its appliances are made up of great theft barriers and their walls are durable enough in such a way that they can protect fully without any failure. Depending on the choice you make on the particular model, you can possibly have enough space for the storage of ammunition, rifles, handguns and short guns you might be in possession of.

-The stack on gun safes also come alongside with holes already drilled so as to ease fastening on the wall or the floor for additional security. By so doing any possibility of the safe being carried away by thieves is being absorbed. This is a very important feature to be taken note of as there has been serious cases of high profile-theft whereby the thief simply makes away with the whole safe to later have enough time to forcefully open it.

In terms of basic burglary protection, you need not worry as the Stack-on gun safes come alongside with 2 way or 4 way locking systems together with a powerful live action bolt which ranges from 1 to 1.5 in length. It is advisable to go with the 4 way locking gun safes due to the fact that they always provide considerably greater pry resistance compared to the two way locking ones.


No matter which model of safe you decide to take on, make sure it is built with thick resistant walls and a very hard plate which cannot merely be broken into by a determined burglar. The truth is, if any disaster should strike your home, what comes as first priority in your mind is your family’s safety and not any valuable item found in the house. It is true once your family is in complete safety, what comes next is the safety of your valuable items. A reason why you should always check to make sure your gun safe which can also contain many other valuable items apart from guns is fire resistant for a reasonable length of time and temperature. This will be helpful in case an unpredictable disaster say fire strikes your house, it can resist the fire for the length of time which you take to put out your family in all safety. Most of the fire resistant gun safes are designed and built with materials that can withstand temperatures of 2300F or more depending on its quality for about 60 minutes. With this as assurance it is a pretty good idea you keep some of your important documents which you cannot support losing in this safe. Most of this high quality gun safes are also waterproof, so you need not fear of what your documents or arms will become of if water penetrates the safe.

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– When it comes to locking mechanisms, there exists so many options to choose from. Most of these safes are built with a dialer or keypad to open using a combination of your choice which you previously programmed. If you are in search of added protection, then take on biometric gun safes which use a relatively new technology. For an added top security, this biometric gun safe reads your fingerprint with respect to the circulation of blood through your finger. This is to prevent fake fingerprints, or cut off fingers from getting access into the safe.

Total defence

The most basic unit they have is the Total defence series which are the most cost effective line even though they still remain in possession of live action bolts together with solid deadbolts which are present on larger models. This series is in possession of adjustable shelves and can hold up to 36 long guns. Most of these units are not UL rated but are waterproof and fire resistant


Coming up in the next is their Elite series of safes which are fire resistant up to 30 minutes at temperatures of 1400°F. Not very different from the Total defence model, it is in possession of seven live action bolts together with three dead bolts all aimed at ensuring top security. Depending on your choice this particular model comes up either with an electronic or combination lock. This safe has UL rated locks and also have gun barrel rest on which enable you store and also remove long guns without causing damage to the scopes.


The best stack on gun safes following the Stack-On’s top of the series is the premier which is fire resistant for up to 30 minutes at a temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius. An even more impressive and outstanding feature presented by this safe which is amongst the best stack on guns is the fact they can stand 2 feet of water for up to 72 hours without showing any signs of failure. But it should be noted that before this takes place the safe entries and door must have been sealed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Even if the lock of these stack on gun safes is removed by a break-in attempt, you need not worry at all as they are in possession of a relocking feature which keeps the door secured even if the locking mechanism is tampered with. You can be rest assured that by selecting stock-on safe products, you are making a good choice on safes which will last for very a long time keeping your property in top security.

By making use of just little usage of locksmith tools, it is practically impossible to open these safe models. If you are in search of added protection so as to be on the safe side, you can decide to bolt this safe box to the floor. By so doing you can be assured that even a team of thieves cannot make it into your safe neither can they take it along.

These units of safe are designed and constructed with and incorporated fire resistant technology. Most of these safes are designed to tolerate extreme heat for an hour and even more without risking the quality of the firearms and ammunitions in the safe. They are constructed with resistant chemicals and fireproof materials. The stack on gun safes remain the best secured safes in the market today and can hold as many guns or riffles that measure up to 54 inches in length.

In possession of a steel locking system, this model remains one of the safest gun safes ever made and in existence. This safe has very minimal or no possibilities of intrusion and even fewer possibilities of it being carried away by a team of thieves who are unable to break into it. The door of this safe is designed in a way to register every known break-in attempt strategy ever recorded and more to that it has a properly coded locking system to enhance its security. It is unique and outstanding from other gun safes thanks to its hidden hinges.

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Should in case more space is required the top space of the stack on gun safes can be removed. This is an outstanding feature which most shoppers just often not pay attention to when they are selecting the stack on safes gun cabinet just to discover their mistake when it is late.

Safety is not the only outstanding feature to look for in a gun safe. Other factors like the internal size of the safe should also be considered together with the number of guns and gun sizes the safe can hold and secure. Gun cabinets remain a reasonable alternative to gun safes of different sizes and qualities whether it is a furniture quality display piece or it is just a stout security cabinet. Even though gun cabinets are all less secured than gun safes, they can eventually keep guns out of the reach of children and less determined by burglars while it still permit you to display your favourite pieces. The following are important features to be looked at when shopping for gun cabinets.

Material used for construction

The material used for its construction can come from wood or steel. Make out clearly what you are looking for, are you looking for a display cabinet or one destined for storage. Wood cabinets with glass doors are very beautiful pieces of furniture but remember any thief can make a way through the glass and take your firearms away. But steel cabinets are much more secured and should be considered.


When purchasing a gun cabinet make sure you get one which has enough room for many firearms. This is because as days pass by new guns are being produced with different technologies, what will happen if you should decide to increase your gun collection but there is no space. More over a gun cabinet with extra room can permeate you store very important and or private documents. You can also decide to store other items of great value in your safe like gold, passports, jewellery and cash.


The features include decorative and functional features like the locking system, the safe’s resistance to fire and water. It is of great importance to check for the correct functioning of all these primary features as they all combine to form a good quality and resistant to theft safe. When you are sure of their effectiveness, then you can be sure no one will get in touch with your valuables without your permission.

Storage consideration

So many accidental injuries some of which might lead to deaths can be prevented by separating your guns from your ammo. This goes especially for children who are always around in a curious way. So many gun safe experts often recommend that gun owners store the slide completely apart from the rest of the gun itself. The stack-on 14-gun safe remains one of the best stack on gun safes. This safe can hold up to 14 riffles which are as long as 54 inches in height and remain the safest due to the fact that it has a steel locking system which assures maximum security. It is absolutely strong enough to keep away intruders.

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Outstanding features to look for in any stack on gun safe product before purchasing it

The company offers fire resistant security on most of its secure storage product lines but you should take good care as one of them does not. That is the SS series. This is because fire safety is the primary concern of any serious gun owner. If there is a remote fire risk at your site, it is recommended that you avoid the SS series. Discussing on fire safety when it comes to gun safes, most gun safes which are reputed to be fire resistant have been designed to withstand temperatures of 1400F for 30 minutes. This has been verified by the third party testing. However, it is not an impressive statistics as most fires often last longer than that. It is advisable that those living in wooden houses or far away from fire stations should see on changing their residence for their safety and that of their property. But lucky enough the manufacturer does offer a couple of gun safe lines which are fireproof up to temperatures of 1400F that can last for about 75 minutes such as the Total Defence series and the Sovereign series.

The company is much more explicit when it comes to the nature of their safe’s fire safety. They still emphasize the safe is not suitable for storing flash drives, CDs, Video tapes together with photo negatives. This is because if the surrounding fire’s temperature is too much, the safe’s interior can reach up to 1300F. At such temperatures must of this little items are in danger of being damaged.

In designing the safe, flooding was highly considered too. That is to say, should in case you reside in an area prone to flooding, having to store your guns in a safe at the garage will necessitate a safe that can handle partial water submission. Stack on with that at mind does offer a couple of waterproofed options some of which are the Total Defence series and the Sovereign series which were earlier mentioned above. They can resist 2 feet level of standing water for 72 hours without any sign of destruction.

All stack on safes come alongside with a limited lifetime warranty under which the manufacturer solemnly promises to repair or possibly replace the safe if it is damaged due to theft or fire.

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In addition, they also promise that as long as the customer is in possession of the safe it will be free from defects of any kind. They also promise to pay the freight should in case the product is damaged in such a way that an approved stock on local workman is unable to repair it.

Their safes possess steel locks and enough room for the storage of your firearms and other valuable items. Although the safes are of different sizes, it is left to you to make the right choice on the size which pleases you.

FS-14-MB-E Stack On 14 Gun Safe

Reviews of stack on gun safes reveal that this safe is suitable for an average gun collector as the gun safe from Stack On’s FS series was designed and constructed to provide moderate fire and theft protection. This particular stack on gun safe uses an electronic lock together with operation lights which are designed to indicate open, invalid entries together with low battery status. The lock is well protected and secured with a resistant steel plate which is quite hard to enhance burglary protection. Since the safe functions with an electronic mechanism, you need not fear because you will receive an emergency backup key should in case the electron mechanism fails. This stock on gun safes does employs 1 steel live action thereby locking bolts in order to create a two way locking system with a complete total number of 5 locking points. The safe has a fire rating of 1400F which last for 30 minutes. This has been checked and confirmed through ETL testing thus a viable option for fire safety if you reside around a fire station. The safe comes along with a fastening hardware which you can use for fixing it to the floor for additional safety. The quoted capacity for this safe is 14 riffles not taking into consideration the amount of assorted riffles it can store. The lock in terms of aesthetics is an attractive black epoxy finished with chrome accents together with a beautiful silk-screen logo which is found up front. For all budget conscious gun owners, this is an excellent choice to take on. As it is offered at an incredibly low cost, so they can store their small firearm collection. Reviews of stack on gun safes revealed that this safe has the following advantages;

  • The safe is aesthetically appealing.
  • Confirms the presence of an ETL rated fire protection, and
  • Provides a low cost solution against burglary action.

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Concerning this safe the inconveniency found after it was reviewed was that fire safety protection is not reliable for those who reside at great distances from fire stations.

SS-10-MG-C Stack On 10 Gun Safe

This safe remains an outstanding stack on gun safe as it was found to be an ultra-low cost solution for storing a small collection of guns which shall not be accessed by children or burglars. The California DOJ has rated this particular safe as an effective firearm safety device. This safe makes use of a drill resistant, which is a hardened steel plate in conjunction with a three number combination lock quite strong enough to resist burglary actions. Three live action locking bolts and two steel dead bolts are being utilized by the safe. Thus this safe possesses a total number of 5 locking points for a decent theft protection at all times. The protection is further enhanced by its concealed door hinges which provide enhanced door movements all destined against theft actions. The interior of this wonderful safe is completely carpeted as it carries patented barrel with specialised stand-ups aimed at maximizing storage space even if you decide to store scoped weapons. More freedom of customization is offered to you through the removable shelve. It should be noted that, the SS series does not carry a fire rating and so it is not recommended for anyone who is aiming at protecting their firearm collections from fire incidents. Reviews of stack on gun safes did reveal the following likes on this particular gun safe;

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  • This safe is extremely cheap.
  • It possesses a fair theft protection, and
  • has a reasonably customized interior.

Still from the reviews of stack on gun safes, it was found that consumers did not like the following aspects about this safe;

  • The safe has no fire safety thus exposing firearms and other valuable items in it to the risk of being destroyed by fire.

E-24-MB-E-S Stack On Elite Gun Safe

One of the best stack on gun safes which is offered by the Stack On company is the Elite 24 gun safe which incorporates a 4 way locking system together with an extra-long 1.5 live action bolt. This safe is in possession of 8 whopping locking points which were designed and incorporated to provide an ultra-reliable burglary protection at all cost. This safe just like other Stack on offerings is in possession of a California DOJ Firearm Safety Rating. This safe is accessed by means of an interactive electronic lock which is protected by a drill resistant hard plate to ensure an outstanding security level. In case the electronic system fails, you need not worry as the safe comes with a backup key destined to provide you access in emergency situations if the electronics fail. When it comes to fire safety the safe does not offer anything above standard, so it is simply resistant to temperatures of 1400F for 30 minutes rating. This safe has the capability of storing up to 24 different guns by means of a door storage system in possession of removable zippered bags together with pistol holsters aiming for easy access. In other to customize the interior to match your personal storage requirements, you are provided with four adjustable shelves to carry on this task. Whether what you intend storing are firearms, long guns, ammo or a combination of all, it is still possible. This is an excellent safe for all those searching for premium burglar top security since it remains the best stock on gun safes. From reviews of stock on gun safes, the following advantages were obtained;

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  • The safe is economical that is low cost and its price is worth the protection it offers.
  • The safe has a customisable interior which is quiet attractive and convenient for use.
  • The safe remains one of the outstanding safes with lots of robust theft protection features.

Still from the reviews of stack on gun safes, it was obtained that the customers using this particular safe reported it possesses a weak fire protection.

TS-20-MB-E Stack On 20 Gun Safe   

This is a special stack on gun safe which is specifically designed for variable storage needs that modern tactical weapon owners show. The Tactical series is designed in a way that it completely incorporates six adjustable shelves. It also has a special adjustable barrel rest which can be extended to make more room for customised firearms. The safe is made in such a way that you can store up to 16 standard and 4 tactical long guns. Other smaller items like ammo, pistol and some valuable items can be stored in its interior after making the necessary modifications to suit them. Items which are intended to have easy access can be stored in a door panel organizer which was designed for quick access. This safe is also California DoJ Rated so you can rely on its safety as it also uses a 4 way locking system with up to seven 1.5 inch live action bolts together with three dead bolts. A steel hard plate does strengthen the electronic lock, so you can be assured that your weapons and firearms are well protected from the reach of any unauthorised individuals. The safe like the others can resist 1400F for 30 minutes fire rating from ETL. So with this safe you can be sure it will protect your documents and important weapons while waiting for help from a fire station. Stack on gun safe reviews did present the following advantages about this particular safe;

  • The safe is in possession of strong burglary protection features. A reason why you can be out of home and worry not, about the safety of your firearms and kids you left back at home.
  • The safe has a customizable interior which you can adjust to suit you at any time you desire to do so.
  • This safe is worth its affordable price. A reason why so many gun collectors prefer it.
  • This safe is in possession of an internal storage optimizer for tactical weaponry.

This stack on gun safe reviews has been reproached by many for not being sufficiently fire resistant.

The Stack-On 16-Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

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This special gun safe uses biometric technology which provides the fastest way in getting in touch with your firearms and other valuables. The biometric technology is highly secured as it relies on the uniqueness ones fingerprint in giving access to the safe’s content. This safe comes alongside free room which can hold as many as 16 to 31 guns well protected from the reach of children and unauthorised persons. The safe also comes with up to 4 large removable steel shelves which would permeate you reserve extra items of great value like jewellery, passports, camera, hand gun and important documents. This cabinet which comes with three doors separately keyed is made up of steel. Nevertheless, you do not need to open both doorways to get what you need from the cabinet. Thus offering a very basic but effective level of protection to your weapons. If you are looking for a pretty spacious safe which can hold at least 16 riffles for a reasonable price then you should see on considering this one. This cabinet possesses a reinforced steel door which can highly resist any burglary attack. This particular safe is double bitted for greater security with its three point locking system.

The Stack-on GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security cabinet

This is another security cabinet which is quite spacious, easy to install and can safeguard your weapons and other valuable items you possess and do not want them get in to the hands of unauthorised persons. It gives a basic and effective level of protection to your weapons thus freeing them from the hands of thieves. This safe remains one of the relatively cheap gun cabinets which does not sacrifice quality for cost. Just like the other stack-on gun safes, this particular one also meets the California’s Department of Justice for safeguarding your firearms and keeping them out of the reach of children. This cabinet on its right has enough space which can get up to 10 rifles and on the left hand side it has shelves where you can safeguard your hand guns, jewellery, ammunitions and other items of great value. As was earlier mentioned, this cabinet has been constructed in such a way that it will not pose you any problems during installation.

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The Stack-On Steel 10-Gun Security Cabinet GCG-910-DS

This is a special safe which you can take on, if you have just a couple of guns and are not expecting to get more in the future. This safe is so easy to install. It is also well secured and offers good protection to your firearms. This safe weighs 50 pounds. This gun safe is spacious enough for anyone with few firearms.

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