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Large Gun Safe Reviews: Things To Consider

If you’re a gun owner, you likely own a gun safe. If you don’t, it’s probably time to start looking! To give you a hand, we’ve taken some time to compile some basic considerations when shopping for a large gun safe. Whether it’s a manual combination or biometric lock safe, we’ve taken a look at some basics when it comes to size, weight and utility. When it comes to protecting your family, your valuables and your firearms it’s important to understand what gun safe is best suited for you. There are endless brands and models to choose from, but we hope this will help fill in some general questions and point you in the right direction.

Buying a Large Gun Safe? Start with Research.

Before you make your decision, it’s important to do your homework. There are a number of brands and models that may be suitable for you, but it all depends on the size of your firearms, the size of your collection, and the features that are most valuable to you. It’s important to make an educated decision; typically gun safes aren’t cheap. When it comes to protecting your family, valuables and firearms, it’s important to make an informed decision.

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Sizing and Measuring

If you’re buying a large gun safe, size matters. It seems obvious, right? But there’s more to it than just the size of the safe itself. Large gun safes are designed to store numerous weapons, but depending on the type of safe you may run out of room quicker than you think. It’s important to look at the interior of the safe. Are there shelving units inside, and are they adjustable? Is there room to store smaller firearms? How about ammunition? In addition, how much wall space will you need for your safe? It’s important to make sure you measure the width and depth of your safe as well.

Consider its Weight

Large gun safes can range in their weight anywhere from 300 pounds to well over 500 pounds. The heavier the weight of your gun safe, the less risk there will be of theft. When considering your gun safe, do remember that weight can impact your storage options. Depending on the type of flooring you have, a large gun safe has the potential to crack or break or sink your flooring. It’s important to consider storage space when considering the weight of your gun safe.

What Kind of Lock Type is For You?

When it comes to large gun safes there are essentially two lock type groupings: dial and biometric. Dial locks are quite common to all safe types and are straight forward to use. They can be finicky at times, and even a bit noisy, but you can’t go wrong with a dial. Many dial safes also come with additional security features and reinforcements.

Biometric safes use biometric verification for access. That means a person must be uniquely identified by a biological feature – typically a fingerprint – before access may be granted. Most biometric safes use fingerprint scanners for entry, and many newer biometric safes permit numerous registered identities which is handy both at home and in the workplace when multiple people require access. In some cases biometric safes have silent keypads, which is an often desirable feature. Some too come with alarm features that inform a user if they’ve left their safe door ajar.

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Why Purchase a Large Gun Safe?

There are many uses for a gun safes, that goes without saying. Here are a few practical benefits to purchasing a large gun safe:

  • Protection. Large gun safes are typically quite heavy and nearly impossible to move. Their weight adds an extra deterrent in cases of theft which is reassuring. They’re also helpful for protecting children. With large gun safes there’s more difficulty opening the door. They’re also generally more difficult to get at in contrast to smaller units.
  • Storage. Almost every large gun safe has a storage compartment integrated into its interior. While these are most commonly used for things like ammunition or smaller weapons, gun safes are also fantastic places for storing other valuables like jewelry and documents.

Which Makes should you Consider?

  • First up, GunVault. GunVault specializes in a bit smaller safes that are often used as handgun vaults, but they can store multiple handguns in a single safe. There are a range of styles to choose from and a lot of their safes come complete with biometric fingerprint recognition.
  • Viking is another smaller gun safe manufacturer that is large in it’s capacity. Like GunVault, a number of Viking gun safes can hold multiple handguns in a single safe. Many have keypad or biometric locking systems.
  • Liberty safes are not only large capacity holders, but large in size as well. Liberty has a wide range of safes in all kinds of colours and sizes for storing multiple long guns and handguns. Most liberty safes come with dial locks and reinforcing features.
  • Similar to Liberty, Fort Knox vaults are another well known brand with a number of large gun safe options.

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Regardless of the safe you choose, most of the questions remain the same. Do some research before upscaling to a larger safe. Consider it’s size, the storage area, and the practicality and utility of the safe before purchasing.

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