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It is not quite easy to find a perfect thing for yourself especially when it comes to purchasing something which has to meet all your needs and desires. It is becomes very challenging, the same goes for finding a perfect gun safe which you have always dreamt of, even if it is difficult, it is not impossible to find a gun safe that suits your needs. This is because guns are not like other items which can be at the reach of anyone as they can take life and cut breathe in just a matter of seconds. A sufficient reason why no one has the right to fool around or even dare play with guns. As they are very dangerous when not properly handled. There is no second chance when it comes to guns. This is because mistakes made with a gun cannot be reversed. This implies rules for handling guns safely should be taken with great attention to avoid unnecessary accidents. Below are some golden rules for safe handling of your guns to avoid accidents and undesired use;

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  • It is wise to always treat the gun as if it was loaded and ready for use.
  • Always make sure the gun even in rest is kept pointing at the safe direction.
  • It is advisable that you always make sure that your finger is kept off the trigger until you have decided to shoot before you can bring in your finger in contact with the trigger.
  • Always keep the gun unloaded until when you want to use it .
  • No matter what the circumstances, never point the gun at anything which you do not wish to destroy.
  • Make sure you are always use the proper ammunition specific to the gun which you are using.
  • Always make sure you are completely aware of your surrounding before loading and shooting the gun, reason being that you do not accidentally slide and shoot at something or someone else.
  • If it happens that your gun fails to shoot when triggered, simply hold your position for a while after which you point the gun to the safe direction for unloading.

The following are the different safety tips to be taken in to consideration for range shooting;

  • You should know offhand all the shooting rules in the range which you must completely follow all without failing any.
  • You should pay kind attention to all that the range master says as you apply without resistance.
  • Always make sure that the barrel is pointed down range for failure to do this might be fatal.
  • It is advisable never to shoot at water or any hard surface as this can be fatal to you or anyone around.

One of the leading activities in the world today which requires firearms highly is hunting. So it is just of primary importance for hunters to take on the following tips for safety during their hunting activities;

  • As a hunter never shoot when you are in doubt as the process is not a reversible one and can lead to great destruction.
  • It is advisable never to use any type of scope on a gun as a binocular.
  • It is advisable never to dare climb over anything with a gun in your hands or even on your body as this might be fatal.
  • Make sure the gun is always on safe until you have to decided and are ready to shoot.
  • Whenever you decide to hunt as a group, it is of primary importance for safety to pick out one person who will act as safety master for the whole day.

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Nevertheless, the gun safe remains the ideal place for storing guns as it does keeps this guns from the reach of unauthorised persons and undesired persons. Most gun safes are also constructed in ways to protect your firearms even from the least scratches during transportation and during accidents. In addition some of these safes go up to the extent of even resisting natural disasters like flooding and fires; an essential feature which is looked upon by so many who are in search of gun safes. If you are in possession of a handgun like a revolver/pistol or should in case you are in possession of a long gun like a rifle/shotgun then you need not worry any more getting a compatible safe. A lot of people especially hunters often find a lot of difficulties when it comes to purchasing a gun safe due to the fact that there are various issues coming along with gun safes like its design and lock system. A collection of the best reviewed safes is presented to guide you on preferred options. Before presenting the safes it is essential to bring forth the qualities to look for in a gun safe that makes it the best or one of the best for purchase;

  • See on to it that the safe is durable and its durability has been tested and proven and if possible get comments from all its previous users. This guarantees you shall not have to buy any more safes again to replace it in the future.
  • Make sure that the safe you wish to purchase is made from material which is just as hard as a rock. At least this guarantees you shall not have your firearms broken into by burglars easily.
  • See on to it that the storage space provided by the safe meet not only your present needs but also future needs in case you increase your collection.
  • Before purchasing any safe, make sure that the safe is capable of providing quick and easy access whenever need arises. For it could be one of the worst experience you can have when in danger.
  • It is advisable to check that the safe you are intending to purchase is waterproof. This should be taken in to consideration seriously if you live in flood prone areas.
  • Make sure the safe is in possession of a secured lock system like the electric lock, biometric lock, mechanical lock or some other lock which you can rely on.
  • Make sure that the safe you are aiming to purchase is fire resistant thus even in great burning fires it can keep all your firearms and other valuable documents safe during which it can be rescued.

Below is a list of the best rated hand gun safes collection for any kind of handgun, pistol, or revolver.

The Verifi Smart Safe Fast Access Biometric Safe

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Gun safe reviews consider this particular safe to has been and is still one of the best gun safes in possession of the FBI Fingerprint Sensor. This wonderful handgun safe is highly recommended for a good number of reasons amongst which are;

– It is one of the safes which features a biometric lock with the latest technology in the domain of gun safes.

– This particular safe does offers fast and easy access to your handguns without the least delay of time.

– This safe has been designed and constructed in ways that it can also keep other items of great value that you possess well secured from the hands of unauthorised persons. These items could be jewellery, cash, passports and personal documents.

You can be assured that in cases of emergences, a biometric lock is well placed to give you access to your safes than any combination lock. Having to purchase this safe is eventually purchasing a good number of unique and outstanding features which cannot be avoided. If you are aiming at purchasing a hand gun, then this is one of the best gun safes ever made by mankind and so consider taking it. This safe keeps all records of any tempered attempt to access it out of your presence. The Verifi Smart Safe Fast Access Biometric Safe can also auto lock itself. This safe is reputed for the durability and reliability it offers in terms of security.

This safe as previously mentioned operates on a biometric lock which remembers your fingerprint, a feature unique to you. It remembers it to grant you fast and easy access to the safe’s content thus keeping you free from long codes which may be difficult to remember all the time. With this safe you have the possibility of programming up to 40 fingerprints which could be your own family or the people you judged right have access to your safe. Nevertheless, the safe also offers you an option to delete any previously registered fingerprint which you do not desire to have access to your safe in case you change your mind with time.

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The safe is quite different from most other safes with very cheap sensors which often create you so many issues when it comes to accessing it. There exists so many people who have suffered such undesired and unpleasant experiences as they were locked out of their safes.

Once you have purchased this safe, you can be assured that your safe is safe all the time as it will send an alarm if anyone who could possibly be the kid, visitor or burglar tries to access its content. Every 24 hours, this safe auto checks itself for any problem which it shows you. This safe comes along with features designed to improve the durability of the battery, thanks to these features you can spend so many years just with 4 AA batteries which you previously inserted for use. Even if there is darkness everywhere, you need not worry at all as this safe comes along with a LED NiteLite which helps you see all that is in your safe. So even without switching on your light you can successfully access your safe without even having to get the attention of anyone. This safe is constructed with resistant and durable steel aimed at preventing all burglary physical attacks. This safe comes alongside 2 locking bolts. In addition this safe comes with 2 high security access keys all aimed at providing top security to your firearm. Reviews of gun safes reveal that this safe has the following advantages which have led to its high rating;

  • The safe is not just solid but also completely secured and free from burglary break-ins.
  • Because the safe is biometric, it provides you with fast and easy access with just a single touch of yours.
  • This safe has an additional function by automatically locking door after you simply close it. So you can be rest assured that your firearms and other valuable items are safely guarded once you have closed the door.
  • Without having to disturb anyone at night, this safe offers you the possibility of seeing clearly even in complete darkness its content thanks to the NiteLite.
  • This safe is one of the best gun safes which provide to you complete access to your safe at any time you desire.
  • With this safe there is the possibility of so many individuals using it.
  • This safe is one which does set an alarm should in case anyone tries to unlock it.

What is nice about the whole thing is that this product has no cons at all. Thus it remains one of the best gun safes as shown by reviews of gun safes.

The Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access best Pistol safe

Reviews of gun safes reveal that this is one of the best safes for any hand gun owner who is in search of a reliable and quick to access safe for the protection of their family and businesses. The door of this safe which is made from steel is pry resistant and comes with a whisper quite entry which helps you get to your gun even in a Hurst without giving out the least alerting sound. The safe comes along with a padded interior by the use of a foam to protect your hand gun from even the least scratch. So with this safe you need not worry about the look of your hand gun for so many years as it shall always be looking new with no scratches as long as it is kept in this beautiful safe. With this safe there is nothing like theft. This safe comes with already drilled holes which you can bolt it to the ground or some other hard to move surface to be assured even away from home no burglar after an unsuccessful attempt to break-in to the safe can make away with it. In terms of security you need not fear for this safe does operate on biometric technology which came in to the world of safes as latest efficient technology it’s not really been long.

Using the digital lock with fingerprint scanner the biometric lock is completely threat protected thereby offering to its users the ultimate security they are in search of for the safety of their weapons both in and out of their presence. With this safe your security is assured with your distinctive fingerprint. With this safe you have the possibility of programing up to 4 fingerprints of your choice. In addition you shall never loose fingerprint memory even if you do change the battery of the safe, so there is no need to worry about memory loss when it comes to this marvellous hand gun safe.

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The keypad of this safe lights up with a particular blue light in order to help you get access in to the safe even in complete darkness. It does operates on 4 AAAA batteries. Thie safe was well designed and constructed with a 12-gauge steel to ensure its durability and effectiveness in the hands of its users. In addition this construction was also aimed at making it impossible to even the most determined burglar having access to the safe through physical attacks.

With its compression gas strut, this safe grants even single handed access in cases of emergencies. With this safe you do not need to fear being disappointed by its battery as it comes with a low red light battery indicator, which helps you know before time the expiry period of the battery. This gives you enough time to replace the battery before it completely goes flat. The safe has been approved by the California DOJ and does meets all its requirements to act as a suitable hand gun safe granting your gun ultimate safety and protection.

The Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access best Pistol safe comes along with a 1year limited warranty showing its reliability. The safe also comes along with two override keys in case you have difficulties in accessing your safe. So you need not worry about purchasing this safe as you shall always be granted access to your safe in one way or the other. In addition this safe comes along with 2 lag bolts and washers and a user’s manual which explains and guides you in every little step in using the safe as properly designed and aimed by the manufacture. This is one of the safes which does comes fully assembled and you just need to install the batteries which come along with it and start using it if you wish at the spot.

The Fort Knox PB1 Handgun

Based on gun safe reviews, this safe is one of the best gun safes which you should also consider if you are in search of a durable and reliable gun safe. This special hand gun safe is highly reputed for its durability and reliability. So once it is purchased you need not fear of having to replace it in future as it has been proven to be long lasting. With a push-button this safe does provides you with easy and quick access to your firearms if an emergency situation pops up and requires a gun. The safe which was well designed and constructed with a 10-gauge steel can be compared in terms of hardness to store, so with it you can be assured that it cannot be broken-into by any experienced burglar. This means that your firearm together with other valuables items you did choose to store in the safe shall remain for ever completely safe and free from the hands of unauthorised or undesired persons. All your valuables are in complete protection even from the least scratch as the interior of this safe is well lined with foam. For anyone who often enjoys travelling and is in search of a gun safe to keep their guns safely, then this is a perfect one for them to take on. This safe’s locking system even though not very complicated is quite efficient in terms of security as it has a simple push-button locking system which has been constructed to provide easy access to the user. The safe is capable of recognising up to 1081 combinations that are all different from one another. This safe as previously mentioned has been built with a 10-gauge steel thus no one can succeed in breaking it. The safe is not just durable but also looks amazing thanks to a finishing coat of a silver powder safe. In addition, this also increases the quality and strength of the safe in a great way. All this aiming at eliminating the risks of a burglar making access into the safe. In purchasing the safe, you need not worry as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Gun safe reviews show that this safe has the following advantages which has made it to be highly rated and used by so many in the world;

  • This is one of the safes which you can rely on its qualities and functionalities.
  • The safe is of an excellent quality.
  • The safe comes as a durable safe with a very solid hardware.
  • All your weapons together with valuables in this safe are top secured and even guarded against scratches thanks to the foam which it comes along with.

The Gun Vault Speed Vault top gun safe

The Gun Vault Speed Vault top gun safe which is of model number SVB500 gun safe is revealed to be one of the best gun safes by the reviews of gun safes. It is made up of an 18-gauge steel housing.  It was constructed and designed this way in order to ensure complete security of your safes even against the most experienced burglars in the world. The interior of the safe is completely padded with foam to prevent your guns from clattering and from scratches, thus maintaining their beautiful look. With over 20 years of biometric technology, this particular hand gun safe has had the least number of rejects and highest acceptance rates. Thus purchasing this safe, you can be assured of a dependable and consistent vault which will always grant you secure and easy access to your safe at all times. This safe if desired in a combination safe type, is also available for purchase. This safe comes alongside with an activation button for security and can accept to store up to 120 different fingerprints. You need not fear of the disappointments which often come along with biometric locks, for this safe in addition of its biometric lock, comes along with two override keys. This is to ensure that you are always granted access in to your safe even if the biometric system fails you.

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The safe was designed and constructed in a particular way that allows for easy access almost everywhere as desired by the safe owner. This mounting can take place in any desired direction which is aimed at providing effortless access in to the safe whenever need arises for your gun to be used. This safe was also designed and constructed to fit accurately in such a way as to resist any kind of pry tools aiming at destroying the safe in one way or the other to forcefully access it. The interior light offers great help as it permeates you get access to your safe while seeing all that is found in it without having to waste any time in emergency situations. This safe has been designed and constructed in a way as to operate only with 1 only 9-volt alkaline battery which is included. You need not fear of facing difficulties due to flat batteries in emergency situations when you need to use your gun as the keypad is digital and will send you an audio or a LED low-battery warning in advanced. By so doing, if you do change the battery as indicated by the digital alarm, you shall never fall in to difficulties of access denial when you need your gun, one of the worst experiences to fall victim. This safe is not in possession of a spring loaded door but operates on a gravity drop where the door opens and stops on a rubber bumper. This beautiful gun safe is California department of justice approved for its wonderful features in keeping your hand gun safe free from the hands of unauthorised and undesired persons. This safe does meets all the requirements of the California DOJ to be an ideal safe for any hand gun owner.

The one and only inconveniency with this safe is the fact that its buttons if not well handled can get broken.

If you are in possession of a rifle, then consider picking out a safe from one of the best guns safes below;

The V-Line Quick Access Keyless Shotgun Safe

Gun safe reviews have revealed that this is the best gun safe for anyone who is in search of one to keep his shotgun well secured. With this wonderful safe you can be sure, that it shall not disappoint you in any way and shall meet all your requirements fully. The safe is outstanding in its locking design as it features a unique locking design together with two different types of locking styles designed to ensure ultimate security. It thus comes alongside with 5 buttons which shall be your combination lock to ensure the security of your weapons and valuables. Those 5 buttons are numbers which you can use to attribute to your safe any combination code of your choice which you will easily remember and have judged and found it cannot easily be guessed.

The safe comes with two locking systems; one being keyless, that is the one which uses a combination key and the other is keyed lock. So you should not be alarmed finding two different keyholes in your safe. But what you should take note of is that if you happen to lock the safe with a key, then the combination code will not be able to give you access to the safe. But for sure, this safe is quite a sure one. This safe has the following advantages as revealed by the gun safe reviews;

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  • You are in the best place to choose from the two different ways which is suitable or preferred for accessing the safe.
  • The safe is a very solid one and which is reputed for durability by its past and present users.
  • This is one of the safes in its type which is lightweight and very easy to install.
  • If you use a key to lock this safe, then it is completely locked.

The only cons with this safe is that the combination of the lock mechanism can easily break as it is not very strong.

The Steelwater Heavy Duty

Reviews of gun safes have revealed this safe to be one of the best gun safes for anyone who is in search of a long lasting and top secured safe for the storage of several guns. If you are spending your money for the purpose of suitably storing all your firearms then this gun is truly worth your money. This is because the guns will completely remain safe even against some natural disasters like fire incidents. You need not doubt the durability of this wonderful safe as it is constructed with a 12-gauge steel which completely assures its durability. In addition the safe was designed and constructed with special fire resistant materials which are aimed at resisting fire incidents for up to 45 minutes the time for it to be rescued with all your firearms and other important documents you did store in it. You do not need to buy several gun safes if you are in possession of so many gun safes as this particular safe itself can hold a good number of guns. For it is roomy enough to hold safely up to 8 to 10 guns while assuring their complete security and preventing them from even being scratched at all. This safe was designed and built for all professionals or gun lovers who value their guns very much. The solid building material of this safe assures its durability and prevents you from having to purchase another in future. Once you have purchased this safe, no one can break-in to it as it is almost an impossible thing to do for even the most determined burglar. This safe can resist temperatures of 1,550 degrees for up to 45 minutes without even showing any signs of weakness. Gun safe reviews have revealed that this safe has the following advantages which have highly attracted so many people to purchase it for use;

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  • The safe is fire resistant and in addition to this, the safe can withstand other natural disasters without showing any signs of failure at the end.
  • This safe is not just durable but it is also very heavy, so you can rest assured no thief would make away with it after unsuccessful attempts to break-in to it.
  • It is also  quite roomy enough as many gun owners would appreciate it for a safe.
  • You can be fully assured in terms of security for the material used in making this safe is unbreakable by even the most determined and experienced burglar.

This safe has one and the only cons being the fact that you cannot put 8 to 10 shotguns in this safe with scopes.

The Stack-On SS-16-MB-C 16 Gun Safe Cabinet with Combination Lock

In the under 500 dollars collection of the best gun safe cabinet, this safe is one of the highest recommended for any gun owner who is in search of a suitable gun safe cabinet to store their rifles in top security. This gun safe cabinet is in possession of enough room as an ideal safe would possess as expected by any gun owner in the world. It comes with a more secured lock system than those that come with cheaper gun safe cabinets. Once you have purchased this safe, you can rest assured even far away from home knowing all your gun collection is well protected. If you are in possession of so many rifles which you wish to store for a budget, then this is the ideal safe for you. Purchasing this safe could as well be sound investment as it meets the CA Dept. of justice’s stringent requirements for a highly secured gun safe cabinet. Even if you happen not to live in that state any longer, it is still of great worth knowing your gun safe cabinet meets the requirements for an ideal gun safe cabinet. This safe comes with an improved locking system which so many gun safe cabinets lack. This is to offer to your weapons the ultimate security and protection they deserve. This safe is far much ruggedly built than the other cheap safes. The gun safe cabinet comes alongside with 6 locking points which are twice as many as that of the other safes. This safe also uses 1 thick bolt to keep things all locked down thereby assuring you your safe would not be carried away by any burglar who tries unsuccessfully to break-into the safe. Over the lock of this gun safe cabinet are anti-drilled plates which were installed with the aim of offering ultimate protection and resistance against any form of burglary attempt. This is one of the cheapest Stack-On gun safe cabinet to feature a solid electronic combination lock which is safer than the key lock. This because no one can duplicate a key which you do not use at all.

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The Mesa Safe Cubic Foot 14 Rifle Gun Safe with a Strong Digital Lock

Reviews of gun safes have revealed that the Mesa gun safe cabinet is a beast which is compared with gun safe cabinets of over 1,000 dollars. This safe does weighs 500 pounds, so after purchase even without bolting it to the floor or wall you can still be fully assured that this gun safe cabinet would not be taken away by the strongest burglar. For this safe can only be shifted for little displacements with the help of a group of people. But for complete and ultimate security, it is wise to bolt it on to the floor or wall, after which your safe even after so many years of absence from home will still remain waiting for your return. This safe was designed and constructed with the incorporations of great security features. In addition, this safe is fire resistant and can resist fires of temperature up to 350 degrees for up to an hour, the time for it to be rescued. So once you have purchased this safe, you can be sure your firearms, cash, ammo and other important items of great value in the safe are secured from most natural disasters. It has also been tested to withstand a 2-story drop without the least scratch on it due to the resistant materials which were used for its construction.

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This safe is one of the best when it comes to gun safe cabinets and it operates on an electronic combination lock which is immediately backed-up by a manual spring re-locker which takes over in case success has be obtained in destroying the combination lock. So you need not worry at all or even doubt the security offered by this safe.  

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