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Gun Safe Review – Exclusive Selection

There are many reasons to get a gun safe. From legal requirements to the safety of your family, it is a must if you are armed. To store your armors properly is the best way to enjoy the best of weapons. If a burglar gets in, you don’t want them to get your armors to menace you or your family. To prevent accidents, particularly if you have naughty children, is another strong reason. It is best if you get a safe place to store them.

We chose an exclusive selection of gun safes and did a review to help you pick the best for your specific needs. You’ll find a suitable option for a single gun or a complete arsenal.

GV1000C-DLX Mini Deluxe Pistol Gun Safe

You can keep any valuable item inside this small box. The best highlights are:

  • An interior light to let you see inside while you take in or out your valuables and guns.
  • The alarm can be programmed with the motion detector to warn you if somebody found your safe box.
  • The alarm will let you know when the battery is low to prevent power loss.
  • It has an external power supply so that you don’t have to rely on the 9 V battery.
  • Programmable with up to 3 access codes for different users.

All users have enjoyed their experience with the GV1000C-DLX Mini Deluxe Pistol Gun Safe, and the ergonomic access code buttons design is perhaps the best of this safe. You don’t need any light or to see the numbers on the buttons, just place your fingers, and they’ll know your access code. The price is affordable, making it one of the best choices on the market.

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RFID Biometric Gun Safe Box from The Gun Box

The Gun Box created a stylized biometric gun safe. It doesn’t look like a safe at all, and the conveniently located biometric and RFID scanners make it seem like a sophisticated gadget. The safe is built out of the kind of alloy used for airplanes with aluminum, which makes it light and durable.
The GunBox 2.0 - Biometric, RFiD and Bluetooth Enabled Gun Safe (Carbon Black (Matte))Amazon Current Price

Monster Vault under the Bed Gun Safe

To keep your guns under your bed, we recommend the Monster Vault under the Bed Safe. It is heavy, so you can’t carry it away, and it will fit most under bed drawers. You’ll need to check the battery often. It is not the best gun safe, but it will fulfill its purpose, except in the case of a fire or flooding. There is enough space to fit other valuables, and you don’t need to get an additional safe.

Winchester Legacy Premier 53-7-E Gun Safe

Winchester is by far one of the traditionally best guns safe manufacturers. The Winchester Legacy Premier 53-7-E Gun Safe is perfect to store a complete arsenal. It can store up to 52 guns in distinct compartments. The main features of this product are:

  • Up to 2.5 hours of protection against fire at 1400° F.
  • Built up of solid steel of ¼”.
  • Titanium disk on the door
  • 18 x 2” steel locking bolts.

It is constructed in such a way it will be practically impenetrable. A Winchester gun safe is synonymous with quality and safety, and they take it very seriously. The Legacy line is one of the most secure safes ever built.

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SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe

The fingerprint gun safe from SentrySafe is one of the most popular picks for a drawer gun safe. Some of the best features of this product are:

  • Small enough to fit inside a drawer, and big enough to hold a semi-automatic handgun.
  • Quiet opening system.
  • Designed to open it with one hand only.
  • Two fingerprint options.
  • Additional keypad and key to access to your safe.

It requires 4 AA batteries, and some users have reported they die too often. You should check your batteries often if you get this safe. You can open it with the key in case batteries die. However, if you have an emergency, you’d prefer to use your fingerprint for convenience and speed. The best of the SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe is that it is quieter than a whisper. Nobody will notice you have opened the gun safe.

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Barska AX11898 Biometric Rifle Gun Safe

The Barska AX11898 Biometric Rifle Gun Safe is an affordable option to store large guns and rifles. This fingerprint gun safe is reported to be very easy to program. It has an internal memory to hold up to 120 fingerprints, so you can grant access to a fair amount of people.

This gun safe is big enough to store your important stuff along with your rifle. It has a convenient set of removable shelves inside to help you keep everything organized and under control. You will find it an excellent choice for your home or office. It fits inside a standard closet so that you can keep it away from prying eyes.

Winchester Bandit 9 Gun Safe

The smallest Winchester gun safe is the Bandit 9 model. It can hold up to 10 long guns. It is perfect for a limited space, and you get all Winchester’s features.

  • Up to 45 minutes of fire protection at 1400° F.
  • Built up of solid 14-gauge steel.
  • 8 x 1” steel locking bolts.

It is also the most affordable option from Winchester who delivers only the best gun safe.

Titan under Bed Gun Safe

The Titan under Bed Gun Safe has many advantages you might want to use:

  • It is portable (like a small briefcase), so you can take it with you anytime.
  • It doesn’t need a battery, so it is maintenance free.
  • The system is designed with a system to swing out the gun when you open the door. This is an advantage to retrieve your weapon

There is no extra space inside, so you won’t be able to fit many things inside. The push button combination lock is not the best, and if somebody takes your safe gun, they might be able to open it. However, it is not a straightforward task, and it will require some time.

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