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Fingerprint Gun Safes: Guns are the instrument of death! However, at the same time, they’re the blessings from the heavens when it comes to protection. If you’ve a gun, you perhaps already perceive that they aren’t just for the men in uniform; they’re in fact produced for everyone, as we’re residing in the modern times, and today, if you don’t have a gun, you’re signing the death warrants of you and your family lives. For that reason, this instrument of death – and protection as well – is quite popular, but one can’t just purchase a gun a keep it like some plaything. It’s essential to have a gun safe. And, the fingerprint gun safe is perhaps the best option, as you don’t want your kids or enemy to get a hold on them, when you’re out of town or doing serious business.

We aren’t the dinosaurs anymore; it’s the 21st century, and in a way it’s indispensable to have a gun for defense. But, before you get a gun or if you already have a gun, it’s pertinent to have a gun safe – especially fingerprint gun safe. Unfortunately, when we read the normal gun safe reviews, we come to apprehend that mostly they sell according to their fake appearance of protection which can be broken into pieces in a few seconds with just an axe. On the other hand, the fingerprint gun safe reviews reveal an utterly different story. Almost all of them have a bank-quality vault, which is almost impossible to break. They’re top-rated when it comes to gun safe, and they can be unlocked only by the real owner.

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Before we move further, it’s important to reveal that, in a way, fingerprint guns safes and the biometric gun safes are almost like the same. Fingerprints are the fingerprint, but the biometrics – especially Vascular Biometric – also identifies the vein pattern inside one’s fingers or palms. In some cases, fingerprint gun safes are better and in other cases biometric gun safes transcend the expertise of fingerprint. But, on the whole, both are equal when it comes to technology. And, when they’re presented in a gun safe, they’re the best.

There are numerous models of gun safe today, however, we’ll solely talk about “Stack On Gun Safe”, as they’re the red-hot in the market, & experts prefer them over other models.

Stack On Gun Safe Review

Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet, Gray/BlackThe Stack-On company has an immensely firm grip on the market, when it comes to the best gun safes. The experts of this professional company specifically designed this million-dollar product with the usability and comfort of all gun enthusiasts. They comprehend that when it comes to the gun safe, they can’t compromise on the quality and it’s imperative to transcend the expectations of the buyers. Furthermore, the best thing about Stack-On Company is that, they aren’t only professional; the stack-on cabinet is also approved by the California Department of Justice as it meets all their standards for safely storing firearms.

Now, let’s reveal some pros and cons of this stack-on gun cabinet, and see how they’re dominating the market as the best-sellers. Are you ready to pull your socks up? Let’s begin

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Stack On Gun Safe Pros & Cons

1 – The first, and the most important, pro is that this safe can accept up to 28 different fingerprints, with backup trouble key. Once you program them, not just you, but also your wife, or senior loved ones can open the gun cabinet instantly if they sense some threat.

2 – Unlike other cabinets and safe, the scanner quality of stack-on is rather great. Once you program your fingers well, the safe will open immediately every single time. Besides, there won’t be any false opens at all, in case someone tries or your kid attempts to open it.

3 – Is it just a showpiece? Well, no! It isn’t. The construction of it is quite safe, sturdy, and durable. One can’t just break it with some solid piece and have his hands on the weapon. In fact, once you touch it, you know that it is of high-quality, and can’t be wrecked effortlessly.>

4 – Believe it or not, it’s not just for hiding it in your closet. It has pre-drilled holes so that you can secure it in floor, or on all. It can easily be hidden behind some photo frame too. Since, the creators of it knew that the gun cabinets are usually hidden from the strangers.

5 – It can comfortably hold two standard sizes of pistols and ammunition. Though, bear in mind that you’re buying that cabinet of stack-on which has a shelf, as their gun cabinets are in various forms to meet the requirements of the buyers. So, buy what you need – exactly.

6 – Is it fireproof? This question revolves around the mind of gun owners all the time, as they know that a better gun safe is that safe which is not fireproof but also waterproof. Well, yes! It’s fireproof & waterproof. However, ask this before, as it depends on model too.

7 – The only con is, it’s pertinent to keep your hands/fingers clean when you’re attempting to open a fingerprint gun safe. It’s not a con per se, but a protection you’ve to tae as moistures, dirt, oils, and etc. can affect its programming and won’t open it that easily.

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Concluding Thoughts

All in all, the stack-on fingerprint gun safe is one of the best safes in the world. The professional gun owners already own them, as they know it won’t just protect their family, but also allow them to get a hold on their guns without a moment’s delay. If you’re also planning to shoot for the highest standard, opt for the professional Stack-On Company, as their fingerprint gun safe reviews are enough to confirm that people who have bought the safes are rather satisfied and happy. Don’t believe that? Check one of their safes right now and you’ll know how they’re dominating the guns market with an iron fist. Besides, once you’ve stack-on safes, you pull all the right levers of protection.

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