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In our modern society of today, it really takes a well-informed gun safe owner to search and find the most suitable corner gun safe for their needs. That is one which assures the safety of their guns as it keeps the guns from the reach of their children and other unauthorised persons. The challenging debate on firearm and criminal laws keeps on getting hotter as days pass by. In this light gun safes have become even more important than ever. Corner gun safes have a technical aspect being the fact that they can be placed discretely at corners. That is particularly at the point where two walls meet together. The safes are designed and constructed with aim of being concealed to corners so nobody easily notices its presence; whether they are curious relatives or burglars trying to get in touch with your valuables. They do not only keep the guns safe but also allows for some free space at home. Whatever the case, the logical aspect of such safes remain the fact that it should be hidden enough so as not to get the attention of anyone and also save some extra space. Corner gun safes are of various sizes, a reason why it is advisable to look at corner gun safes from all possible angles.

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Tips to consider when looking for a suitable corner gun safe

Because finding a suitable corner gun safe is quite challenging, it is advisable to take on a good number of factors to carry out the task successfully. Below is a list of factors which any gun owner aspiring to get a corner gun safe for the top safety of their guns should take serious.

The dimensions of your corner

For anyone who is aiming at purchasing a corner gun safe, the first thing to consider is the dimension of their walls. This step is very important in order to make sure the unit you are interested in fits your corner without posing any problems during installation. This is a solid reason why it is of great importance to decide in advance which of the corners in the house you will use for installing the corner gun safe. If this is not done, you might face difficulties at the end in case the corner gun safe does not fit the corner. Basing yourself on the chosen corner in advance, you will better know whether to go in for a particular corner gun safe which you find interesting or not. Nevertheless, if you find a corner gun safe which fits just perfectly in your previously chosen preferred corner, the limited space at your home should not be a problem at all.

Carrying capacity of your corner gun safe

After you must have decided on the dimension of your corner gun safe and its corresponding angle of installation at home, the next step is deciding how much storage space you need to get an appropriate unit that meets your needs. For instance, if you are out for a corner safe to keep about 10 rifles, then it is wise to take on one with enough space for the task otherwise you will be disappointed. It is even of an added advantage to take on a model which can meet more than your present needs because you can find more interesting firearms in future and decide to increase your collection, then you need not worry. This ensures you need not purchase another gun safe in future if you decide to purchase more firearms.

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Weighing your budget against the features on offer

Most of the corner gun safes in the world today are priced from 150 dollars to 1 000 dollars anywhere depending on its dimension and quality of construction. It is of great importance to weigh your budget against the features offered before purchasing any model. Nevertheless, it has been observed that having to spend a little more than your pre-determined budget could eventually provide you a superior significant safe with top security and enough storage space.

Locking mechanism of the corner gun safe

No matter the style, the locking mechanism should always be top notch since a corner gun cabinet is still a security safe. It is advisable for anyone who is about to purchase a corner gun safe to verify in a detail manner if the locking mechanism is easy to program and if it can withstand different break-in methods. For those who are choosing a corner gun safe which functions with a mechanical lock, it is of primary importance to find out if it can resist force-entry.

Construction of the corner gun safe

When purchasing a corner gun safe it is advisable to take on one which is manufactured from solid steel. Extra security features such as steel hinges, anti-prying steel hard plates and steel locking bolts should be looked for by anyone who is aiming at purchasing a corner gun safe. With such outstanding features present in a corner gun safe, your firearms are given the necessary protection they need as they also prevent any unauthorised user from having access while you are away.

After the above tips have been taken into consideration by anyone wishing to purchase a corner gun safe, they are better placed to select a model of their choice amongst the great variety which exist.

The Best Choice 5 Rifle Gun Safe Electronic Lock Storage Steel gun Cabinet

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Any rifle owner in search  of best corner gun safes can take on the best choice 5 rifle which is an outstanding corner rifle safe capable of storing up to 5 rifles at home and assuring their security. The small foot print of this safe have deceived many, so do not allow it so same to you too; for this safe has been constructed in an exceptional way to assure the safety of your weapons. From the reviews of corner gun safes it was noticed that this safe is one of the best corner gun safes. It comes alongside a powerful electronic lock which you can easily program with your personal code of preference, thus restricting access to any undesired persons trying to forcefully get access to it. This safe provides top secured storage against all intrusions from curious children and burglars who might possibly get into your home in your absence. This particular safe is constructed from heavy-duty solid steel which is capable of holding it against major methods of break-ins. Reviews of corner gun safe did reveal that this safe is extremely durable and has been designed in such a way to withstand the test of time.

This safe in addition to the 5 rifle space comes alongside with an interior lockbox which is quite suitable for storing ammo and so many other valuables of great importance. These valuables could be important documents or jewelries. With this safe there is the possibility of locking it manually should in case you do not appreciate using the electronic lock. The safe comes together with 4 manual keys. Corner gun safe reviews did reveal that the 89safe has the following advantages;

  • In order to keep your guns from intruders, the safe is well constructed with heavy-duty steel which can resist several prying attempts.
  • The safe comes alongside an internal lock which is aimed at storing ammo and jewellery.
  • It has been constructed in a way that it can easily be mounted at any corner in your house.

The safe’s drawback remains the fact that it is not certified by the California DOJ.

The V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long gun safe

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Corner gun safe reviews did reveal that the V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long gun safe remains the number choice for the best corner gun safes. So many people believe no other unit in the market is better equipped to assure the safety of your guns than this particular safe with a superiority of its build to its well-crafted features and dimension. The keyless high grade lock has been constructed in a way to keep your content firmly locked and out of reach of curious children and burglars.

During the construction of this safe, different methods of break-ins used by burglars where taken in to consideration in order to make it quite resistant to any form of attack. Further security in this unit is being provided by 2 padded locks thus maintaining top security for your guns, ammo and other items which you value very much. One of the outstanding features offered by this safe is the ease it offers when it comes to mounting it at a particular corner of the house. In addition the safe comes alongside with pre-drilled holes to ease mounting. The safe presents the following advantages;

  • It possesses a top security mechanical locking mechanism to deter all thieves.
  • The safe is reputed for long lasting, so you need not fear after purchasing this safe.
  • This safe comes alongside an external steel construction making it resist a lot of physical attacks aiming at forcefully having access into it.

Nevertheless, this safe also comes alongside with some drawbacks being;

  • The safe is very small for storing large firearms.
  • The safe truly looks flimsy.

Stack-on GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet


Corner gun safe reviews have revealed that Stack-on GCB-908 remain an outstanding entry point option for all gun owners who just want to store a few rifles, pistols and shotguns. This particular safe was designed to accommodate 8 long guns. It is a safe which was designed to take even on small corners and can be of good use to you at home if you are in possession of just little space.

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it well defined dimensions present no difficulties fitting it at any corner in the house. The safe also comes alongside extra space which can allow you keep your important items such as  passports, jewellery and cash. The top shelf of this safe is removable, and once removed extra space is created in the safe. The shelf was deliberately located at the very front area, reason being that rifles have to be stored at the back wall of the safe. During storage of your guns, you need not fear for the bottom of the safe has highly been padded with foam to guarantee your guns do not get scratched in any way. This safe has been designed in a special way to allow easy mounting at every corner of your house. In addition it comes alongside a mounting hardware which is sailed free of charge. This safe has the following advantages;

  • The safe has the capacity of carrying up to 8-long guns.
  • The safe does minimize footprint in your home.
  • This safe has an outstanding locking system being a 3-point locking system which integrates a key coded, double bitted lock to ensure complete safety of your weapons.
  • The safe does possess a signature non-marring barrel rests which ensures the easy storage of scoped rifles.

The drawback with this corner gun safe is that it takes not more than 8 long guns, so if you are in search of a safe to collect more than 8 guns, this is not for you.

Amsec TF 5517D 30 Minutes Fire Gun Safe


The reviews of corner gun safes have confirmed the fact that the Amsec TF 5517D is one of the best corner gun safes. It possesses everything it takes to eventually become your go-to corner safe for guns. In terms of storage, this model could be just what you need should in case you own around 10 rifles and a little number of handguns.  In its domain, this safe is outstanding by the way it is constructed using strong metal together with special reinforced steel brackets on the door. This construction does gives the safe a strong base for withstanding prying together with the different forms of force entry often applied by burglars.

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This safe is very easy to mount because it always come with 4 pre-drilled holes for your personal comfort during the mounting process. This safe comes with a full bolt-down kit so that you will not have to spend any single penny apart from the price of the safe itself. The safe takes almost all angles at home for installation. You need not fear of missing your valuables as they are all highly protected by a 3-wheel combination lock. This safe falls amongst the few which are truly fire resistant up to a reasonable temperature of 1200F for up to 30 minutes. The safe has the following advantages;

  • The safe is in possession of fire rating of 1200F for 30 minutes.
  • The safe comes with 4 pre-drilled holes to ease mounting.
  • It is a top security corner safe which is made from strong steel and in possession of some additional features.
  • The safe possesses minimal foot print to occupy very little space.

The drawback with this safe is the fact that its price is a little steep for those with a low budget.

The Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX 11652

It was revealed from corner gun safe reviews that this safe is the most popular and best-selling rifle corner gun safe ever on the amazon online store. The safe has a small but optimum capacity thus it has won the heart of most gun owners as one of the best corner gun safes.  This is one of the safes which fits the demands of all types of users since it is small, convenient and sturdy together with a strong biometric lock. The lock has been constructed to withstand different types of burglary attacks. The safe has been designed to hold about 4 rifles together with some ammo which is generally a decent number for most gun owners in the world. With this particular safe, you can be sure it will keep its content out of the reach of unauthorised hands. It keeps all unauthorised hands off your guns. This safe has the capability of allowing you to program up to 120 fingerprints thereby allowing you to program your finger at different angles for convenient access. The safe also allows you to program the fingerprints of desired family members in case they need it for defence in your absence. This particular safe also consumes the least space for a gun safe at your house, so you need not worry of it saturating your house. This safe functions on a AA batteries. The safe comes with an emergency conventional lock which can be accessed after removing the face plate.

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The Stack-on SS- 16-MB-C 16-Gun Security safe with strong combination lock

This gun safe has a considerable storage capacity and less space occupancy. The gun safe is quite suitable for use at corners. It has the ability of holding and keeping safe 16 full seize rifles alongside some ammo and items of great value. This gun safe operates on a combination lock which is designed to restrict unauthorised access to the safe’s content. The safe can withstand forced entry for a good number of times since it is very hard to pried open by even a determined and experienced burglar.  For added protection, this safe can be drilled to the wall or floor depending on the owner’s desire. This safe is not too expensive but can assure the safety of your firearms in such a way that you no longer need to worry when you are away from home.

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The Homak HS30136010 Security Corner Steel 10-Gun, Black Corner Gun Safe.


The homak is one of the best corner gun safes which really looks like a corner gun safe. If you look kinly then you will notice the sides which are directed at angle from the safe. This particular safe comes along with a simple lock possessing 100 key combinations which are aimed at eliminating the risk of forceful entry. The safe is made from a 1.5mm cold steel aiming at making it resistant to resist all physical attacks coming from burglars. The safe weighs just as little as 100 pounds so it is not very cumbersome for transportation. If you are in search of a nice and durable corner gun safe to assure the security of your firearms and other valuable items, then you should consider getting this one.

Home Defence Centre-HDC11E


If you are a gun owner who is searching for a corner gun safe which offers quick retrieval of your firearms whenever need arises, then consider taking this one. Reviews of corner gun safe revealed this safe to be one of the best corner gun safes which is used by many around the world. The safe has a unique corner design together with whisper quiet entry. It empowers customers to assure the defence of their home and family in emergency situations. The safe is one of the few safes which comes along with a bolt-down kit together with a quick and reliable electronic lock. The lock is designed and constructed to offer top security to your belongings, so once you have purchased this safe, you need not worry. In addition this safe is quiet easy to install.

The premier 24-Gun safe with combination lock

All round the world, users of this safe have appreciated it for so many different reasons amongst which are its large storage capacity, resistance to theft and the reliability it offers. Reviews of corner gun safe revealed that this safe is one of the best corner gun safes highly used worldwide. This safe can hold up to 24 guns or could be modified to hold up to 24 guns and still allow space for ammo and other valuables of great importance which you do not want them to get into the hands of unauthorised persons. Reviews of corner gun safe indicates the safe is one of the highly rated safes against burglary. This safe has a strong locking mechanism which operates on combinations.

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The 32-Gun Safe with combination Lock

This is a one of the best corner gun safes which can hold up to 32 guns and assure their safety for very long times. In addition the safe can be adjusted to take 16 guns thereby providing additional space for ammo and some of your other valuables of great importance. This particular safe is a featured approved California firearm safety device which completely meets all the requirements of California Penal Code section 1208 together with all the regulations which were offered. This gun safe operates on a powerful combination locking mechanism which has been designed to meet the top security of your firearms.

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The 28-Gun Safe with Strong Electronic Lock

This corner gun safe is one which can hold up to 28 guns or could possibly be adjusted to hold 14 guns and allow enough space for ammo and other valuable items that require protection. This is one of the safes which meets the California penal code section 12088 requirements thus you need not worry after purchasing this safe even if you are out of home. This safe is highly appreciated by all those who have previously used and are presently using it because of its durability and reliability. This safe uses a powerful locking mechanism operating on a keypad.

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The Pistol Locker –PV-1-PL

This gun safe can be conveniently carried wherever you wish to through the handle on the side. Nevertheless this pistol safe is quite suitable for installing at home corners too, where it is quite discrete and allows for quick access whenever need arises. This safe is padded internally with sufficient foam to prevent your firearms from being scratched even a little. This pistol locker is made in the USA and has a powerful locking system designed to resist brutal action.

The Heirloom Large corner 14 Gun cabinet with carousel

This special corner gun cabinet is one of the best in its domain, highly rated for its top security level and durability. The corner gun cabinet is one of the most popular gun cabinets which is handcrafted by the best talented Amish woodworkers. They spend their whole lives mastering the arts of gun cabinet carpentry. The most unique and best features of this American corner gun cabinet is the rotating gun carousel which it possesses that can hold safely up to 12 rifles and still rotate smoothly over an angle of 360 degrees in order to permeate you get hold of the exact rifle you are looking for. It does not really matter what you are hunting that day since a light flick of the risk will bring unto you access of your hunting rifles and shotguns.

On either side of the gun carousel there is an additional two double muzzle gun props aimed at holding an extra two single or double barrel rifle. This gives it a total gun carrying capacity of 14 rifles together with shotguns. This corner gun cabinet is designed to fit perfectly at any desired free space in any corner of your house. The corner gun cabinet is quite perfect for displaying all your firearms in small rooms like a foyer, office and man cave which has limited floor space. This solid corner gun cabinet comes alongside with lightning options together with a conventional touch switch all aiming at offering a beautiful presentation of your treasured gun collections. In addition they are also aimed at showing off the stunning features which come along with this handcrafted piece of Amish craftsmanship. This safe is made from carefully selected woods like oak wood, cherry wood and Brown maple wood. The woods are all reputed for their durability and strength when it comes to breakage. This corner gun cabinet comes alongside with the following standard features;

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  • The safe is in possession of a 12 gun carousel.
  • The safe has a 14 gun carrying capacity.
  • The safe possesses a double muzzle prop on both left and right.
  • The safe can take guns with maximum a length of 52.
  • The safe comes with a halogen cabinet light.
  • It is made from solid wood construction.
  • It is in possession of security locks on doors.
  • This safe is made from standard glass of high quality and resistance to destruction.

This safe also possesses a good number of optional features such as;

  • The touch light.
  • The hardware selection.
  • The mission style or the strong traditional contemporary style.
  • The pistol display plaque which eases the collection of your pistol whenever need arises.
  • The safe is also in possession of a tempered glass.


Amish Blue Ridge Gun Cabinet -8 or 10 guns

This special corner gun cabinet is American made which is of high standard and often comes with top security locks on all the doors so that you can safely secure all your firearms. Firearm responsibility is of great importance and the first step in this challenging task is properly storing this arms at your house. This corner gun cabinet which is a handcrafted gun cabinet does offers great peace of mind as it will permit you sleep at night knowing  that none of your guns can be accessed by any unauthorised persons for whatsoever reason. For keeping your family safe should be the first priority of each and every family head. The size of your corner gun cabinet should be chosen based on the capacity of your firearms. This wonderful solid corner gun cabinet can be built in either an 8 or 10 gun capacity thus it shall be an heirloom quality which you shall be proud having it at the end of the day as a display and storage of your firearm collection. This safe is handcrafted from quality North American Hardwoods by experts and professional Amish carpenters. In each and every one of their handcrafted works, their so many years of experience is reflected on it. The safe is made from shown wood, cherry wood and brown maple wood which are all reputed for their resistivity to destruction and their durability. This corner gun cabinet has the following standard features;

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  • It has a carrying capacity of up to 8 guns.
  • The safe is made from a framework of solid wood construction to ensure top security.
  • The safe comes with top security locks on all its surrounding doors.
  • The safe possesses glass of high quality which is quite resistant too.  

The safe also comes alongside with extra different optional features, most of which are as follows;

  • The safe comes with touch lighting.
  • The safe is in possession of tempered glass.
  • The safe comes alongside with halogen light.

The Amish Mt. Eaton Bunker Hill 10 Gun Cabinet

If you are in search of a perfect and well secured place where you will use to store all your hunting guns together with other accessories then you should consider taking this Amish handcrafted gun cabinet. For a serious hunter this is a dream cabinet. This outstanding solid wood gun cabinet has the following standard features; glass doors for enhanced viewing, a mirror back, lighting together with highly secured locks on all the doors of the safe. The safe is in possession of door knobs which are all solid wood painted with black color. A very beautiful touch of brilliant craftsmanship to this corner gun cabinet is being given by the detailed rope molding. The safe also comes with adjustable wood shelf in the bottom together with three dovetailed drawers and full extension drawer slides which are all touch system activated. The safe demonstrates superior functionality and durability over other corner gun safes. This wonderful Amish made gun cabinet is designed in your choice of oak, hickory, cherry, maple and quarter sawn white oak.

The American Bow Hunter Single Door Gun Cabinet

For all gun owners, when their guns are not in use, it is of primary importance they are stored in a safe place. The handcrafted wooden gun cabinet is a suitable safe place for this storage as it ensures safe storage of not only your firearms but also displays all your collection of firearms. It takes and displays a good number of weapons like the hunting rifles, hand guns, bow and ammo. The safe also comes alongside with a well secured lock which is aimed at keeping the safe’s content from the reach of unauthorised persons. In addition it allows for easy access of your firearms whenever you need to use them. Hunters can choose the safe to hold up to 5 rifles together with a bow and for those who aim just to store their firearms, the safe can take up to 8 rifles with no bow. The American Bow Hunter Single Door Gun Cabinet safe is made from the following different woods;

  • Oak wood which is used for its durability.
  • Cherry wood.
  • The walnut wood.
  • The quarter sawn oak wood.
  • The regular hictory wood.
  • Rustic cherry wood in possession of open knots was also used in the construction of the safe.

This particular corner gun cabinet presents the following standard features;

  • It possesses solid locks on all doors.
  • The back of the safe is made up of plywood.
  • In making the safe, a plain glass was used without design.

The safe also possesses the following optional features;

  • This safe has been designed in a way as to hold 5 rifles and 1 bow or 8 rifles with no bow at all.
  • This safe is in possession of a mirror back.

The Amish Gun Cabinet with 12 Gun Carousel

The Amish Gun Cabinet with 12 Gun Carousel is outstanding in its domain for durability and safety. It brings upon a good number of your firearms. This particular corner gun cabinet comes alongside with a 12 gun carousel and a 1000 pound capacity. In addition to this the 12 gun carousel turns to easily retrieve the gun you need in lesser time. It is a gun cabinet which is Amish handcrafted from solid hardwood and more to that it is beautifully hand finished. With such a beautiful safe in your house, you together with your guests will be greatly impressed with the quality construction offered by the Amish furniture. This safe is made from the following wood types;

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  • The safe is made from oak wood;
  • Cherry wood;
  • Brown maple wood;
  • Rustic cherry wood; and
  • Rustic quarter sawn white oak wood.

The safe possesses the following standard features;

  • The safe has 2 drawers which can all be used for safe storage;
  • Antique English hardware;
  • The safe possesses locks on drawers and doors to ensure the security of your weapons; and
  • Beveled glass.

The safe is also in possession of some optional features;

  • The safe is in possession of touch lighting.
  • It possesses a solid wood tongue and
  • a hardware.

The American Whitetail Gun Cabinet with Optional Deer Design

This handcrafted gun cabinet is just so finely crafted. It often gives a very good presentation of the treasure that it hides. It not only stores your guns but also displays them in such a way that you and your guest are amassed looking at it. It is a wonderful safe which is designed and constructed with 100% different solid hardwood in the United States of America. The safe is made from the following wood types;

  • Brown maple wood.
  • Cherry wood.
  • Rustic quarter sawn white oak wood; and
  • Rustic cherry wood.

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The American Whitetail Gun Cabinet with Optional Deer Design also possesses the following standard features;

  • The safe has a light on the cabinet top area.
  • It has 2 drawers which can both be used if desired to do so by the owner.
  • The safe has an edged glass on sides.
  • All doors and drawers are in possession of a top security lock.

The safe also possesses the following optional features;

  • It has a touch lighting.
  • You have the choice on the carrying capacity of the safe.

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