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champion-gun-safesChampion Gun Safes happen to be an authority In the market of high-end gun safes that offers both excellent quality and reliability. Are you willing to spend an extra buck to ensure the complete safety of your firearms and other prized assets? If your answer is yes, then look no further, Champion Gun Safes are well able to meet and even exceed your expectations.

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Champion Gun Safes have made an excellent name for themselves among gun collectors who prefer topmost quality over every other thing. Their weapons safes offer high-quality construction along with diverse storage choices depending on your specific requirements. Their gun safes are distributed only by authorized dealers, and since their higher end models are constructed with lots of steel along with other top notch features, you should expect them to be a bit pricier than other gun safes on the market.

Champion gun safes also come with a lifetime warranty that covers you in a case of any unforeseen circumstances such as fire outbreak or damage inflicted on the safe by burglars. They will repair or replace the damaged safe, and they will also take care of all the necessary shipping costs. Just like every other customer conscious brands, Champion gun safes are all fireproof having the ability to protect your firearms from temperature as high 1400-2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Champion Gun Safes for sale comes in four major series that also features a variety of models, listed below are the most popular gun safe series from Champion:

Models of Champion Gun Safes

  • Crown Series Gun Safe
  • Medalist Series Gun Safe
  • Triumph Series Gun Safe
  • Trophy Series Gun Safe

Champion Crown Series Safes

The Crown series is the leader of the pack of Champion gun safes. This series offers the perfect combination of all the essentials of an impenetrable safe such as; strength, superior lock mechanism, fire protection, and unmatched elegance. If you are looking for a gun safe that is capable of safeguarding your weapons all around the clock, the crown gun series from Champion is sure to be your Best Buy.

For maximum security, the Crown gun safe features a robust steel body combined with a massive Double-step door that works in tandem with the Glass-Guard Relock system. It also comes with a four-way active bolt lock sequence which has up to 26, 1¹/² inches active bolts. The Crown gun safe series also boast of the tested ability to withstand temperature as high as 1750 degrees for two hours in the event of a fire outbreak. Finally, The interior of the Crown features a plush velour finish coupled with LED light making this series answer to its Kingly name indeed.

Models in the Crown Series for Champion Gun Safes

  • Crown 35 Gun Safe; 36 Guns
  • Crown 45 Gun Safe; 49 Guns
  • Crown 55 Gun Safe; 55 Guns
  • Crown 65 Gun safe; 64 Guns

Champion Medalist Series Gun Safe

The Medalist series offers gun safes that are constructed with 12-guage of thick American steel combined with the Sargent and Greenleaf dial lock making the safe to be robust enough to withstand all forms of brazen burglary attacks. It also comes with four-sided active bolts which have up to 14, 1″ active bolts. Regarding fire protection, Medalist fireproof safes can protect your safe from temperature as high as 1350 degrees for one hour, giving you enough time to call the fire department to put out the fire before it caused any severe damage. Just like the Crown Series, the Medalist gun safes also has a plush velour interior that portrays unmatched elegance.

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Models in the Medalist Series for Champion Gun Safes

  • Medalist 45 Gun Safe; 52 Guns
  • Medalist 41 Gun Safe; 52 Guns
  • Medalist 31 Gun Safe; 39 Guns
  • Medalist 22 Gun Safe; 24 Guns
  • Medalist 17 Gun Safe; 12 Guns

Champion Triumph Series Gun Safe

The Triumph gun safe series features a heavy-duty 10-guage steel body construction coupled with 5 inches thick Double Step door which provide maximum security from all forms of unauthorized access. The door also boasts of up to 20, 1¹/² inch sturdy, active bolts for maximum safety. The Triumph gun safe series also has a Sargent and Greenleaf lock system combined with the great Champion’s Auto-Relocker that reinforces its security when it detects any form of unauthorized intrusion.

Just like the previous series, the Triumph gun safe series also protects your firearms from the damaging effects of fire for 90 minutes even from temperature as high as 1650 degrees.

Models in the Triumph Series of Champion Gun safes

  • Triumph 25 Gun Safe; 30 Guns
  • Triumph 30 Gun Safe; 30 Guns
  • Triumph 40 Gun Safe; 49 Guns
  • Triumph 50 Gun Safe; 58 Guns
  • Triumph 60 Gun Safe; 64 Guns
  • Triumph 75 Gun Safe; 102 Guns

Champion Trophy Series Gun Safe

Coming at an affordable price, the Trophy series is also constructed with the same quality as other top-notch models in the Champion family. Constructed with 11-guage of American steel, it also comes with a thick heavily reinforced door that makes use of 1¹/4 inch four-way active door bolts for maximum security. It also boasts of an outstanding 1500 degree fire rating.

Models in the Champion Trophy Series Safe

  • Trophy 19
  • Trophy 25
  • Trophy 35
  • Trophy 42
  • Trophy 50
  • Trophy 60

Conclusion (Champion Model Gun Safe)

All in all, we can see that Champion gun safes offer exceptional gun safes for sale, their product line is so broad giving you the opportunity to freely select the gun safe that is sure to meet your needs. However, one thing is sure; this company offers the best safe for the money.

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