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Anybody owning a gun will most likely consider buying a good Biometric gun safe. Safety is absolutely necessary and should be considered by anyone who has firearms in their homes. It is completely necessary that firearms should be kept properly in a home that has children. Also, it should never be kept open for anyone to get access to, since an intruder might steal your firearms and commit a crime with it and you might be held responsible.  This is because when people know where you keep your gun, they might take or steal it without your knowledge. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a safe by anyone in keeping of a gun. With the safe you can keep your gun loaded and ready for use in case of emergency and you are not disturbed that somebody might get hold of it. When we use physical or behavioral characteristics to identify a human it is known as biometric identification. Most of the biometric security systems use facial recognition, eye retinal or iris structure, fingerprint and hand geometry to identify you. Some of these systems go as far as using the blood vessels under your skin to identify humans. For most people who are familiar with spy movies, must have noticed that biometric which uses the eye retinal structure have the highest theoretical security. The biometric security system mostly use for gun safes is the fingerprint. Image sensor and capacitive sensor are the two biometric technology used in most fingerprint biometric unlock systems. With the image sensor systems, a picture of your fingerprint is being taken by a specialized camera while for the capacitive sensor systems the ridges of your finger is detected by an electronic sensor. When thinking of the difference in quality of the grades of fingerprint sensors, you can imagine it just like digital cameras. That is, the digital cameras have sensitivity and specifications for resolution just like the fingerprint biometric sensors. The idea behind this is that somebody might know your gun safe combination or have the key but to imitate your finger print will be impossible. With the safe’s biometric technology, you have the ability to quickly and with ease access your guns in the time of an emergency.

What is really a biometric wall gun safe?

It is a type of safe created based on advanced biometrics. Since each person carries a unique fingerprint identification pattern, this safe was built using this pattern. The biometric wall safe is a more advanced gun safe that reads, measures and scans the hand physiological characteristics with emphasis to the fingerprint. Fingerprint gun safe is the name used most often to refer to a biometric gun safe. This is because the safe is a secure storage unit that is equipped with biometric fingerprint readers. These readers engage and disengage the locking mechanism in order to allow or prevent an individual from getting into the safe. The true owner of the safe is the one that can open the safe or permit others to use the safe since it uses our unique fingerprint. During purchase, you will receive the wall safe, a set of back-up keys for emergency, a floor mat protection, and a mounting hardware. The factory pre-drilled anchor points help in securing the safe permanently to the wall or floor with the included mounting hardware. When people do not have idea about where you keep your safe, they cannot easily break into it. Biometric wall safe can be used at home or in business since it can easily be hidden behind mirrors, pictures or furniture and it is very secure. The door allows the safe to flush against the wall, with main body being inside the wall providing ultimate cover up. Even without entering the combination, you can use the emergency override key to open the safe. The removable shelves in most of the biometric safe help you to organize valuable items in the safe. Because wall safes are much harder to steal than other safes most gun owners go for it. Safes that are small and bolted down can be stolen while bigger ones have weight and are heavy and awkward in size makes stealing difficult. A good biometric wall safe solves the problem of theft and takes a little space in the house. The possibilities of hiding wall safes are endless and the flexibility is rather hard to beat. With the introduction of the biometric lock system in wall safes it makes a biometric wall safe irresistible.

Advantages of a biometric wall gun safe

Trying to get a biometric safe should not be a difficult decision for you to make. Compared to traditional gun safe, in the past, biometric safe was very expensive. It is no longer the case today. The advantages of owning a biometric safe to store your gun are far greater compared to owning a traditional safe. The storage technique of a gun depends on the motives why an individual is keeping a gun. The reason why you own a gun will determine the kind of storage device that you will need. A gun meant for personal and home protection requires easy and quick access to it. Should in case you are faced with a situation that somebody breaks into your house, the last thing you will want to be thinking of is where you kept the key to your gun safe. Biometric wall safe has the following advantages:


Compared to other safes, biometric safes can be opened in about 1 or 2 seconds. What you need to do with a biometric gun safe to open it, is to swipe your fingers over the scanner. It is one of the safes that you can access your content very easily. That is, you just need to insert your finger after pressing the wake up button and the lock will open. This is very good because in times of danger, you will not be looking for a key or going to lock in numbers but only your fingerprint will do.

Limit accessibility:

Another biometric safe’s advantage is that the number of people with access to the items inside the safe can be limited by you, since you grant access based on your desires. This is because there is no combination or key that you can be afraid that someone will steal and get into the safe without your knowledge. With this limitation you can grant access to the safe only to people that you trust. You can as well discontinue access of someone you granted access to the safe.

Easy to use:

With biometric technology safes there is no need for you to try to keep track of where you kept the key thereby making them very easy to use. Biometric safes also have the ability to store many fingerprints. The storing capacity depends on the model. That is, low quality model stores between 10 to 30 fingerprints while high quality model stores over 100.

High resistance:

Compared to other safes, biometric gun safes can be more tamper resistant making it safer. It is a strong competitor when looking for the perfect safe to buy.


Disadvantages of a biometric wall gun safe

Some of the disadvantages associated with biometric safes include:

Need a power source:

The main drawback of biometric safes is that it requires power to operate. You either rely on a battery source of power or you plug into the wall to get an AC source. You can have a little inconvenience because you always have to keep the batteries topped up. If the battery runs out you just need to replace and all your information that you have stored inside will not be affected. However, it is always good to register your data if you are using the old model because you might lose them if you do not replace the batteries on time.

Might reject fingerprint:

Depending on the model that you purchased, some inconsistencies like false rejection might still occur. That is, the safe rejecting a valid finger that you have always been using on it. So, it is always advisable to get a model that has a good reputation and it is known for its high fingerprint accuracy.  In a case where you have injury on your finger like wounds or cuts the system might reject your fingerprint.

High and varying cost for the same model:

Compared to other types of safes, biometric safes are known to be very costly. However, the cost is not exaggerated when compared to the same model that uses digital lock. That is, the electronic lock model will cost about 60% to 100% less than the version of a biometric safe.

Batteries need to be replaced:

Most of the biometric safes are operated with batteries. This implies that from time to time the batteries need to be replaced with a new one. It will be good if the batteries are changed anytime the clock is being replaced.

Review of the Best Biometric Wall Gun Safe Models

Reviews of the best biometric wall gun safes give us a better clue on the various biometric safes that we have in the market and their level of functionality. Biometric wall safe has one of the best security systems when you want to secure something very valuable to you. The recent in security advancement are biometrics and they offer the best user-friendly silicon sensor protection. Because everyone has a unique finger print, biometric wall safes are one of the best protective system on earth. When it comes to protecting our valuable things or things that we cherish so much, it is not always easy. However, wall safes can be hidden from views since they fit between two wall studs neatly. You might be asking yourself which biometric safe is the best? The following biometric wall safes, which are good in biometric security and with special features, have been chosen here to be reviewed:

Barska Biometric Wall Safe

There are a variety of features found in this in-wall gun safe that are not found in other safes of this same category. Barska Biometric Wall Safe is one of the best biometric wall gun safes

you can ever think of when it comes to safes. This biometric safe which is 3 ½” deep, fits neatly between 13 3/4″ wall studs. In order to carry out the installation faster and easier, it is good to make pre-drilled anchor points. The wall safes come with a floor mat included in side and you can hide the safe easily using a mirror, picture, or furniture. Up to 120 different fingerprints can be recorded by a biometric system and access can be allowed just to a particular people that you want to activate the safe. Behind the Barska logo is the over ridding lock manual in case you have battery failure. The Barska Biometric Wall Safe has four AA batteries that can stay for about two years and it also possesses a deadbolt locking system in order to protect all of your important things inside the safe. In need of space, two removable interior shelves allowing for better organization can be found in the safe. Once the fingerprint has been recorded, the access and the set-up are very easy to handle. In situations where the process has been accepted, you are being alerted by beeps. But in case of quiet access, you can turn the beeps off. The maintenance and care for this biometric system is easy. Just like every scanner, it should be cleaned of smudges and fingerprint just after every usage. It is good that registered fingerprint be tested after every six months. Whenever a red light is seen and three beeps heard each time when closing the door of the biometric wall safe, it implies the batteries are low and needs to be replaced. When it comes to the product features and specifications of Barska biometric wall gun safe, it has a removable shelf, an extra compartment inside with locks, an interior light feature that ease the assessment of contents in the dark and an incorporated foldout tray.

Best biometric wall gun safes: Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe (FW-18142)

In case you want to store your money, jewelry or a small hand gun, then Protex safe fingerprint wall safe (fw-18142) is just the perfect biometric safe to use. It is has a break-in resistance because of its fingerprint locking system. This biometric system permits the scanning of many fingerprints and poses an override key for back-up. The security of this safe is ensured by two heavy duty motorized chrome deadbolts. To use the biometric wall safe, you have to simply press the scan button after which you are going to hear a beep sound along with a red light, signifying that you should swipe your finger through the silicon sensor. As soon as you have a green light then the safe door will open, in case you wish to have a silent access to your safe, you can turn the beeps off. Four AAA batteries are included in the safe and the safe is small and easy to install. It fits between 16″ wall studs and has a metal flange for the hole covering, thereby preventing the extra work of trimming and spackling the edges of the hole. In order to protect any valuable thing that you put in the safe, the interior is lined with high quality velvet. Although the ideal place to keep your valuable is the bank’s safety deposit box, but for easy access, a biometric wall safe is the next best option.

Best biometric wall gun safes: Viking Security Safe VS-12BL Biometric Fingerprint Wall Safe

The safe has a door that is 5 mm thick which is made from a heavy steal with a coated scratch resistant powder. The bells and whistles of security come with this biometric wall safe. In order for the safe to lock tightly there is a two motorized 20 millimeter deadbolts found in the safe for this purpose. The safe is resistance and 32 fingerprints can be stored in the biometric reader. In case where batteries are removed or fail, all the fingerprints stored in the system remains there. The biometric system meets the terms of the FBI requirements. The biometric safe, which is a heavy duty steel wall safe, uses a biometric system and a 4-digit pin code with cross-cut keys. For additional space, the safe has a removable shelf and the interior of the safe is fully carpeted. The safety of the spare key depends on the key hooks on the inside. There is a belt-in interior LED light in the safe to see the content of the safe during the dark. The battery status and the operations mode are displayed by the digital LED keypad. With this keypad, a 4-digit pin code can be put in. The biometric wall safe has a false entry protection and also silent access. The sounds can be turn off. In case the safe is not locked, the warning beeps will alert you. For real security purposes, the Viking Security Safe VS-12BL Biometric Fingerprint Wall Safe is a force to recon with. This model has structured padded shelves and walls, and is suitable for storing more than one handgun, other small valuables and important documents. That is, it can be used to store home defense pistol, spare cash, jewelry, silver bullion, gold, crucial documents and many more. It is a perfect biometric safe for gun and valuable storage needs. Since the unit of the safe is not flush fitting to the wall, it is not suitable for prepared concealment behind a picture, and discrete storage.


Best biometric wall gun safes: Gunvault Speed Vault

Another biometric wall safe is the Gunvault Speed Vault. Just like the name, it gives you the ability to access your firearm speedily and everyone else is kept away from it. Like other biometric wall safes, this safe fits most common revolvers and semi autos. Compared to other biometric wall safe, the Speed Vault has a distinctive wall mounted design that speedily makes your firearm available to you at all times that you want to use. It is a perfect safe to be used by Security Companies or other companies that share the same firearms to multiple persons who are authorized. This is because the Gunvault Speed Vault safe can be used by multiple authorized persons or for institutions. It has the ability for 120 different fingerprints to be stored in it, thereby saving the stress of companies having to install many safes in the different units. It can be mounted in a place where a fast access is required.

The safe is also a good one that can be used in homes even with children, since they will never have access to it. The Speed Vault is truly a wonderful biometric safe that you might want to consider buying. The safe can carry revolvers and pistols but it is not suitable for discrete mounting, automotive use and oversized handguns. If you own a company with multiple authorized users and prefer a wall mounted safe, then you will love this biometric wall safe.

How to choose a biometric wall safe?

What you need to consider first when choosing a biometric wall safe is what you plan to do with it and the number of guns or things you intend to store. The next thing to ask yourself is if you want fast access to a firearm or you just want to use the functionality of biometric safe? The ability of a biometric safe is that it stores a functional, loaded and ready to use gun in a secured locked container which greatly restrict others from gaining access to it. It is very important to carry out some research on the type of biometric wall safes available in the market whenever you have decided to buy one. This is in order for you to be able to decide the best safe that will suit the purpose why you intend to buy. The first thing you might want to actually consider is to look for a biometric wall safe with accurate and reliable fingerprints reader or scanner. The most important reason for buying a biometric wall safe is to have reliable and quick access to your guns and your valuables. To be able to determine if the product is capable of operating quickly and repeatedly then it is better to read reviews or watch videos of how the safe is being used.

If the fingerprints reader or scanner is unreliable or takes time to recognize your print, then the safe is not a good one that you can count on to protect your life. If the safe is recently launched, then it is an indicator it might not be reliable. The biometric technology has been improved dramatically over the few years though it is a technology that has been existing for several decades. The biometric technology was just recently introduced as an unlock security unit in most wall gun safes thereby making most biometric wall safes reliable.

The second thing you might want to consider is the ease with which you will setup the safe after purchasing. When a biometric wall safe is easy to setup, you can use it to its full potential. Therefore, the setup and the programming of the safe must be taken into consideration. To ensure that the safety of you and your family is guaranteed, then you need to go for a biometric wall safe that can easily store the fingerprint of many people and the program access limitation of the safe is provided with ease. A safe that comes with instructions that are detailed and with helping videos provide you the full confidence in the use of the safe and the features that comes with it. A biometric wall safe that quickly recognize your print will save you some time and headaches.

Thirdly, you need to look for a biometric wall safe that you can install easily. Where and how the safe that you intend to buy will be installed in your home or company is also a very important thing to consider. Your ideal biometric wall safe must give you the liberty to quickly access your guns or your valuables while also being secured. A big safe is not too convenient when you need to get your gun quickly in case of emergency. Since most biometric wall safe are to be installed mostly on the wall, it is important that you check if the installation will cause extensive or permanent damage. Check for all the special equipment or power tools needed to install the safe since some biometric wall safes require a hole to be drilled or bolted into the walls. It is good to look for safes that can be installed using a tether cable or other ways that are less destructive in order not to destroy your walls.

Fourthly, it is advisable to buy a safe that is meant to carry handgun. The integration of biometric technology to different types of products is because of its reliability and easy usage. If you have a handgun and you are looking for a particular place to secure it, it will be better to buy a biometric wall safe designed specifically for handguns. Safes specifically designed for handguns can be drawn quickly when faced with danger because the guns are held in a special way in the safe.

Finally, you need to purchase a biometric wall safe that you will actually use. Purchasing a biometric wall safe that turns out to be complicated to use or having problems regularly makes your buying in vain and it would have been better if you had none. A safe that cannot secure your guns makes your home or company vulnerable to harm because statistic has shown that people or children have harmed themselves with guns that were not well protected.

The working principle of biometric wall safe

The safe have in common solid steel construction, hinges and with the interior being the same as a mechanical or electronic lock device. With biometric safes, the manufacturer has installed programmable computer system in the unit and what can be seen is a fingerprint reader or scanner. To know which fingerprint to accept, you have to start by programing the unit; so if any finger apart from the ones that you have registered it will reject it. After registering in the system’s memory, all you need to do when you want to open the door lock of the safe is to insert your finger in the fingerprint reader. The safe is better since it lacks combination codes or keys and you are sure that no one can have access to your guns or important valuables unless you want them to.

How to use a biometric wall safe?

There are two steps needed to save your unique access data and later open the unit.

Recording your Fingerprints:

Batteries need to be inserted in the safe to power it before use. To be able to perform this task you have to use the backup or emergency key that was supplied to you in order to open the safe because to get to the battery compartment you have to get inside the device. Usually the battery compartment is found beside the fingerprint reader or scanner, located behind the door. After loading the battery, you can then program your fingerprint into the safe’s system.  A reset or record button is pressed at the starting of the programming. The reset or record button is also usually located in the safe’s unit beside the door hinge. When you do this, it gets the safe’s system ready to accept new fingerprint storage. To achieve this, you will be guided by certain colored LED or flashing LEDs. To know if the fingerprint has been successfully saved or if it has failed, you need to swipe your finger into the finger print reader or scanner when the LEDs light and wait for another light or beep. If the recording fails, you try again but if successful, you can now access the safe using that finger. You can then use the steps to register another finger or another person.


Accessing the Safe

After registering your finger into the system, allow the safe door open for some time because you have to test if the registering was successful before closing it. That is, if you close the door immediately and later finds out that the registering was not successful, then you have to use the backup key again to unlock the safe unit. Except with the door being opened, the process of testing the fingerprint is the same as you would when you will be accessing the biometric wall safe. Usually on the outside of the door is a standby or wake up button somewhere in the unit’s control panel that needs to be pressed to wake the safe’s system up. The essence of this wake up button is to save power by going into a sleep state when the safe unit is not being used. The safe’s system is activated anytime this wake up button is pressed to be ready for use. As soon as the safe system is ready, insert the finger that you want to register in the fingerprint reader or scanner and wait for the safe system to give a usual green light or to beep. In order for the safe system to quickly recognize your finger, ensure that pressure, angle and position as to the time of registering are the same. Should in case the finger is accepted, in some biometric wall gun models the door automatically opens while in other models you have to turn a knob in order to unlock the door’s bolts so that you can pull the door open.


Care and Maintenance of biometric wall safe

Since finger print is very unique to each individual and no two persons can have one fingerprint, it is enough to say your fingerprint is your unique passkey when using a biometric wall safe. With a high quality model safe, unlocking it is a matter of few seconds but there are a few things and tricks you need to make sure of.

The first thing is that, a biometric wall safe is meaningless without its power source. Therefore, it is very important to use fresh batteries that are good to keep it running. In a situation where you hear three repetitive beeps and indicator red lights flash, upon closing the door, it points out that the batteries are low and needs to be replaced.

The next care tip is serious but often overlooked by biometric wall safe users; keep your fingerprint reader clean at all times. When the fingerprint reader is covered with grime or dust or oils or some unholy combination of the three, it cannot function as it was supposed to be functioning. That is, it will take a longer time to recognize the finger or it might not even recognize the finger at all. To ensure high security and performance, it is always good to keep the fingerprint reader or scanner clean. A dry cloth is to be used to remove any smudges or prints from the fingerprint reader or scanner.

Every six months, ensure to test registered fingerprint. Although biometric wall safes do not need maintenance all the time, you do not just have to install and forget them there, especially if you do not use your firearm all the times. The safe is supposed to be cleaned and new batteries kept in it and the functionalities tested regularly.

One of the reasons why people prefer the biometric wall safe is because it is rapid in accessing compared to other more conventional methods. This implies that, time should be taken to care for and maintain the safe on a regular basis.


Challenges facing fingerprint of biometric wall safes

Low quality biometric fingerprint locks found on rapid access gun biometric wall safes have a lot of challenges. Safes with fingerprint reader that have tighter identification tolerances are sensitive to the position of your finger, and the cuts or dirt on it. It is therefore recommended in the usual manner that imprint of multiple fingers should be taken in order to solve this kind of problems. You are limited about how secured your biometric lock is even if it is functioning very well. That is, you might have full access to your biometric wall safe and thinking that you are the only person with such access but you can be surprised to find out that you are not the only person having access to it.


The main reason why you need a biometric wall safe?

In as much as quality and cost are the things that you consider before buying a biometric Wall gun safe for your gun, the most important is how quick you can open the safe in order to get your gun. This is because, the gun was meant for protection in case you are in danger and in such situations every second matters. How the safe is being locked determine the speed at which it can be opened. The biometric wall safe can be unlocked and open either by using the biometric technology or by a combination code for some that incorporates the two. With a biometric wall safe one assumes that it is easier to unlock and open the door since it requires just a swipe of your fingerprint which is faster than you dangling with the key or trying to enter the combination code. Also, with the other traditional safes, you might even forget the combination code or lose your key. You have a good feeling when you know that just touching the gun safe with one fingerprint will pop open and display your handgun ready for use. The technology of biometric is the perfect solution for you gain quick access to your handgun at any time without any time wastage.

Unsecured firearms are highly vulnerable to misuse and theft. It is important that guns be secured in a special way. By using a biometric wall safe you can be sure that your gun is accessible only to those that you want to have access to. This is because everyone’s fingerprints are unique, so you are certain that your safe can not be opened by anyone unless by those whom you have given access to. Although biometric technology is something new to the world of wall gun safes, it has become the favorite luxury good due to its speed, reliability, and simplicity to its users.

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