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Portable gun safes: 

A gun safe is a protective storage and secure container which is designed for one or more firearms. Generally, gun safes are primarily aimed at preventing access to unauthorised as well as unqualified persons. Gun safes are also aimed at protecting the content from damage by fire, flood and any kind of natural disaster. In most of the countries access prevention is obligatory thereby necessitating a metal gun cabinet, gun lock or a gun safe. Moving around the world it is noticed that gun safes have greatly replaced metal gun cabinets which are made of fined stained wood etched glass front which were used for display in the past.Nevertheless, some gun safes are made to resemble these gun cabinets.  

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Above is an example of a gun safe (open and close).

Portable gun safes are secured and protective storage for guns which can be easily carried from one place to another with relative ease. These portable gun safes differ from each other in terms of the gun size and their security system. Over time the best portable gun safes have been put in place for use by authorised and qualified persons. These portable gun safes are of great importance as they permeate any authorised person to carry alongside with them their gun as a means of protection. Most of the best portable gun safes are designed in such a way that only the owner has access to the gun thereby preventing unauthorised persons from getting in touch with these guns. In addition, these gun safes are very useful for parents who are taking their children out for a pilgrimage and find it necessary to hold with them their gun for protection. This is important because the best portable gun safes are designed in way as to prevent children from opening it should in case they come across it. With an increase in the level of crime, many people have seen the need of possessing a gun for their personal as well as family safety; a reason why the demand for portable gun safes keep increasing daily.

Portable car gun safes

Gun security as well as firearm security lies in the hands of the firearm owner who has the complete responsibility over it. A lot of law enforcement officers around the world rely on vehicle gun safes to make sure that any gun left in the car does not finally end up in the hands of the undesired person. So it is of great importance seeing unto it that anyone with a gun has a portable car gun safe as this will obviously lead to an increased level of security in the country. Being a citizen with a gun, it is of great importance that you are in agreement with most of the state laws. Generally, being a victim of a car break-in is quiet an unpleasant experience for all. All Burglars are aware of the fact that people allow items of great value in their vehicles. And with the ease to break into cars, there is a high probability of a Burglar to find a pistol in a vehicle. It is true that there have been sophisticated security systems developed against car break-in. But it should be noted that it takes just few seconds to find a pistol in a car and flee without being caught when the gun is not well protected. In order to act responsibly car owners who possess a gun and often allows it in the vehicle should strongly consider using a vehicle gun safe or even a portable car gun safe as a powerful measure of security. Should in case you do not want to carry on you a gun, see on storing it securely whether at home, in your car or at your office. This storage should be done in a proper gun safe if possible in one of the best gun safes. Should in case you are in possession of a trunk, consider using a particular style of safe which is designed so that it fits completely in your console. These types of safes which are not very difficult to install are done by simply bolting them to the console cavity. The safe is actually out of sight whenever you lower the lid of the console. At this point in time, no one is aware it is there apart from you. You can actually have access to the USB port while using the style of car gun safes to hold other items you are carrying in your console. You should move up to the transportation management to check for rules as well as regulations concerning moving with guns.

Some examples of car gun safes

Your valuables can as well be secured in a car gun safe should in case you are allowed to travel with your gun through any means of public transportation. As compared to travelling with a gun in a baggage or brief case, the only safe method remains the portable gun safe.

vehicle security lock box

With a portable gun safe made up of steel, the vehicles security lock box stays in place and remains locked and possesses a sleeve that mounts anywhere. With this you can actually carry along your gun as well as other items of great importance safely without fear. This is one of the best portable gun safes.

Vehicle console vault

The vehicle console vault remains one of the best portable gun safes as it turns your centre console into steel safe which is actually hidden from view by the closed arm rest. This is a suitable place where you can preserve your gun during the journey.

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In car safe

This is a smaller discrete portable safe which you can actually secure under your vehicle’s seat as well as in the trunk depending on your desire. It remains one of the outstanding best portable gun safes as it is quiet discrete and out of view.

Transporter portable safe

The transporter portable safe as shown below includes retractable 24 steel which is capable to tether safe. It is one of the portable gun safes mostly used by law enforcement officers and is quiet suitable for moving around with any gun fit its size.  It is designed in such a way as to easily carry around comfortably because it is less cumbersome.


Gun bunker portable car safe

The gun bunker portable car safe is a high quality steel safe which secures the vehicle. It protects any kind of hand gun as well as small items of great value. This safe should be considered by anyone who wishes to have one inside the car for security measures.

Sentry safe portable pistol safe

The Sentry portable pistol safe is not only a strong portable safe for guns but for other valuables. So should in case you purchase it, you can as well store your valuables in it for transportation as well as reservation.

Besides all the above, there still exist so many portable gun safes which are suitable for most life situations and needs.

Nano Vault

From the portable gun safe reviews that where recently carried out, it was noticed that an extra measure of security as well as safety is attained with the Nano Vault (NV 100, NV 200 as well as NV 300). The Nano Vault is made up of two lock sections and it is available in two sizes. It is quiet perfect for home, travel as well as concealed weapon permit holders. The Nano Vault cases meet the TSA airline firearm guidelines as well as fit in a discreet manner even in bags, briefcases and under the seats of vehicles.

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Above is the Nano Vault 100, it is sold for 36.99 dollars. And as seen it can as well store a gun and other valuable items.

Above is the Nano Vault 200, it is sold for 41.99 dollars. And can as well be used for other purposes than storing a gun.

Above is the Nano Vault 200, it is sold for 46.99 dollars and can store apart from a gun, passport, wallet as well as money or some other valuable item.

Recent reviews of portable gun safes still show the following best portable gun safes which can be taken by anyone who is in search of a portable gun safe.

Sentry safe PP1 portable pistol safe

All round the world, sentry is a well reputed company known for the quality of safe they produce. Because the PP1K only has key entry, so there is no need to worry about the battery in the keypad going dead when you actually need to enter the safe for accessing the box. This safe has the ability of holding one pistol as well as two pistols with and additional magazine. This safe does possess one-year manufacturer warranty. Some added advantages to this safe are as follows;

  • Depending on your desire, this safe can as well be used in and out of the vehicle.
  • The safe possess a pry-resistant door and hinge.
  • The inside of the safe is well lined with foam so as to keep your gun and other valuables from being damaged.
  • California’s department of justice has actually approved this safe good for use.

Below are additional points to be noted about the sentry safe PP1 portable pistol safe;

  • It does not possess keyless entry. It actually possesses extra keys which are made so that you will not have to worry about accessing your safe should in case your key is missed.
  • The safe will not be able to hold any magazines after you have stored up to two guns.
  • Because the safe can easily be opened whenever there is success in cutting the tether cable, you should actually keep it away from sight. If possible, keep it under the seat if you are travelling.

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Gun vault mv500-std micro vault pistol gun safe

The NV-500 is a lightweight safe actually weighing only five pounds and made up of twenty-gauge steel. The Gun vault mv500-std micro vault pistol gun safe is made up of cotton lining from the inside so as to prevent even little scratches on your objects. The safe possesses a keyless entry. Nevertheless, the safe also has two override keys. The safe comes with one year limited warranty. Below are some advantages of the safe;


  • It has a foam lining which keeps your guns from being damaged or scratched.
  • The keypad is designed so that you can unlock the safe even in complete darkness.
  • The lock is quiet impossible to prey open with hand tools.
  • Should in case you can not actually access the safe using the keypad, there still exist two override keys which it comes with.


Below are some inconveniences likely to be encountered;

    • Because the battery is eternal, you can not enter the safe using the key pad should in case the battery is dead. Whether you are at home or travelling, see on keeping the override key close by, this is done so as to always have a way to open the safe whenever needed.


  • It is wise to practice opening the safe several times with the keypad. This is to ensure that during emergency situations the safe can be quickly opened.

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Fort Knox FTK-PB pistol box hand gun safe

The FTK-PB is being manufactured by Fort Knox gun safes. Reviews of portable gun safes did indicate that this particular safe exceeds the CA firearms safety device requirements. The safe is equipped with just a simple mechanical lock which is actually user friendly with 1081 user combinations. The lock of the safe does possess a one-year warranty. It can actually hold two large pistols or hold just one gun with a magazine. Some advantages associated to this safe;

  • The door is held opened by gas struts.
  • With this safe you do not need batteries.
  • The safe can be bolted down thanks to the holes below it.

Some inconveniences associated with the safe are as follows;

  • because resetting the combination is confusing, it is wise to write down the combination and store it in a secret location.
  • Because the sides of the safe aren’t padded, there is the possibility of applying some cheap adhesive foam to the sides of the safe.
  • Because Fort Knox information on how to use is difficult to understand, see on watching videos on how it functions.

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The three best portable gun safe reviews for 2017

After going through the following, you should be able to make a choice which actually suits you. But before that it is essential to know the characteristics of a good portable gun safe which are as follows;

  • it should be easy to conceal.
  • it should be light weighted.
  • it should be very easy and convenient to carry around.

The best portable gun safes under 100 dollars

After a lot of serious extensive research as well as comparisons, the First Alert 5200 DF handgun/pistol safe is the most desired, outstanding as well as renowned portable gun safe in the market all round the world. This gun which is less than 100 dollars in price is actually the best of all in its category. Nevertheless, there exist some portable gun safes you would even find for as cheap as 20 dollars, but it will be of no sense calling them safe be it in any aspect. This First Alert portable gun safe remains the best bet for your money since it is the best portable gun safe in its category. Some additional reasons for it being the best bet for your money are;

  • The First Alert portable gun safe weighs just as little as 4 pounds.
  • The safe is made from a good material; an 18-gauge steel together with black powder to coat finish.
  • The safe is well secured as it contains 3 to 8-digit programmable pass code.
  • The safe possess a foam padded interior which actually protects your firearms even from scratch.
  • The safe has a good capacity as it can contain one large hand gun or two small hand guns.

Best portable gun safe reviews under 200 dollars

It is clear with gun safes that as the price increase so does the quality of the gun safe increase and vice versa. Reviews of portable gun safes under 200 dollars did revealed the best portable gun safe in this category is the Sentry Safe Bio-metric quick access pistol safe which is shown below.

On the amazon store as well as the market, this gun safe remains one of the most purchased gun safes. This is a wonderful portable gun safe which not only protects your gun from any scratch but does protect it from theft as well; there by reducing the level of gun drop-outs along the line in to the hands of unauthorised persons. This safe has the following properties;

  • This safe does weigh 12 pounds.
  • It is made up of 12-gauge solid steel. The truth is that this portable pistol safe is quiet hard to break in forcefully. To be noted here is the fact that the safe is as well pry proof.
  • This safe is quiet secured and actually uses bio-metric as well as an electronic keypad lock so as to keep your entire content safe.
  • You need not to be afraid of your gun being destroyed once in the safe because the inside of the safe is actually foam padded.
  • The safe has a suitable carrying activity, whereby it can carry a small hand gun as well a couple of magazines depending on your creativity.
  • An instant response is given by this gun safe making it easier to use. Without making any noise, the finger print reader can read your finger prints and open the safe within seconds.
  • This portable safe can actually be bolted down when not in use.

Gun Vault SV500 Quick Access bio-metric gun safe

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Reviews of portable gun safes have actually shown that this is the most loved product in the whole history of online gun safes. This wonderful hand gun safe has actually taken the market by storm. Below is an image of the safe;

This amazing safe is not just easy to conceal but also to open. The main outstanding feature of this safe is its quick access capability as well as the bio-metric lock which provides additional protection. On Amazon, this safe is trusted by more than 1500 positive customer reviews. Most hand gun owners in the world often get this safe due to the following reasons;

  • It is easy to carry as well as conceal, the safe weighs 8.2 pounds.
  • The safe is made from 18-gauge steel with a quiet strong casing.
  • The safe is internally padded with foam in order to prevent your gun from getting rattled neither being scratched.
  • It can actually accommodate one full hand gun. The safe has an inbuilt light which actually glows when you open the safe so as to help should in case the light around is not sufficient enough.
  • The safe possesses good security and contains a quick access bio-metric lock which reads your finger print within a few seconds collecting all necessary information.

Top portable gun safe reviews for the recent years

There exists a significant difference to be considered between cheap and affordable gun safes. Nevertheless, the ones that are reviewed here are the best hand gun safes that exist.

BARSKA biometric safe

Most home as well as car gun portable safes do have some limited functionalities but such is not the case of the BARSKA. The BARSKA company world-wide is actually known for manufacturing safes. The BARSKA which has a diameter of 14.5 inches, height of 7.75 inches and width of 16.5 inches is quite long enough to store small portable hand guns, jewelleries as well as other valuable items. The compact dimension of this safe actually means that the safe can be concealed in a spot where it is difficult for visitors as well as intruders to find or drop their eyes on. The BARSKA has actually been built in such a way that it contains several security measures including keys and finger print scanning. These security features are quiet easy to configure and once configured, you have complete security on who to access the unit’s content. The finger print scanner possesses an extensive memory which can actually accommodate as many as 30 users. This safe runs on 4 AA batteries which can actually last for about two years under regular use. The box does not only possess the safe but it does possess an instructional manual with a couple of backup keys as well as the mounting hardware. The safe is not only portable but it does possess anchor points which were pre-drilled so if you wish, you can actually secure this on a wall. The BARSKA safe uses the latest biometric technology to ensure total security of your firearms as well as any valuable item you have decided to store in it. Thanks to its wonderful and superior construction using advanced technology, there is just no need to recall complicated combination of numbers. The BARSKA actually uses finger print scanning so as to safe guard its content in whole. With the BARSKA, you only need to register your fingerprint and follow with those of the people you want to give access to. Once this is done, only you and the people are able to have access to the BARSKA.

In order to ensure further security, the BARSKA possesses backup keys. Even though a lot of digital gun safes no longer feature keys, the BARSKA does provides it for your contingency. This affordable gun safe is actually made from solid steel thus it will not be easy breaking in to the safe. This is an indication that this safe is made for long term use without any failure following it. Cleaning the BARSKA is something very easy to do as you just need a piece of dry cloth to wipe the fingerprint scanner. It should be noted that only a dry cloth should be used to wipe the fingerprint scanner each time after use so as to remove the prints for security reasons.

VERIFI S6000 Smart

The VERIFI S600 Smart has the following peculiar features;

  • All tempering attempts are recorded in a log for security measures.
  • The VERIFI S6000 Smart is made up of a solid steel construction.
  • It can actually register as many as 40 finger prints.
  • It has two lock bolts included to it.
  • It possesses 2 high security keys included to it so as to keep all your items safe and free from thieves.

The S6000 can as well act as a small fire gun safe, but still remains one of the most practical to use. The S6000 has a diameter of 11.8 inches, a height of 7.3 inches and a width of 17.1 inches. The S6000 contains more than enough space for small guns and other important items. It is very easy to use. Set up for this particular safe takes not more than 5 minutes. The instructions for the finger print scanner are quiet easy to understand by anyone. Once you have your gun in the S6000 safe which has already been set up, you can actually rest knowing that your gun is out of reach of children but remains accessible to you at any time you need it. Generally, one of the main difficulties with gun safes has to do with setting them up, but with the S6000 even for the first time it should not be a problem. This is so because the LCD screen does provide clear instructions on how to proceed with no difficulties and the menu style actually makes it easy to navigate and change options as desired. A thorough self-diagnosis is being made by the S6000 following each use thereby displaying its results on the LCD. The battery status is as well displayed and should in case there is any problem, you are being notified. The S6000 possesses smart safe sensor for finger print scanning with 3D imaging technology to produce its finger prints. The smart safe sensors which are being used by several US government agencies have been certified by the FBI. The S6000 possesses a smart safe Auto lock for added security which is a proprietary feature that detects on its own if the safe door has been closed. Whenever it detects it open, it closes it automatically and you would not have to worry should in case you have forgotten it opened. Whenever you open the S6000 safe its LED Nitelite is activated on its own. So you need not fear even if light is switched off around you. So thanks to this light even in darkness, you can still see the contents of the safe. You can actually decide to turn on the light as well as turn it off. The setting is quiet flexible, so you can add as well as remove users as you wish.

Hornady security rapid gun safe

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The Hornady security rapid gun safe, has the following highlighted features;

  • It is difficult to pry.
  • It possesses 16-gauge steel housing.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is of high quality.

The Hornady rapid pistol safe is more than a match for all the other gun safe products existing in the market today. The measures of the hornady rapid gun safe are 15.5 x 9 x 3,5 inches, which is actually the right size for storing in your room. Meanwhile most of the safes possess the same features and actually work pretty much in the same way, the Hornady rapid safe does takes it to the next level. This is done by using a state of the art radio frequency identification technology which was developed not long ago. The radio frequency identification actually leads to quick and easy access to your gun. There exist very few gun safes which possess such a security system and even those that possess are difficult to manipulate. The hornady is quiet resistant to tampering and actually exceeds even the standards set by the ASTM international. So with proper use of the hornady, you can be certain that children as well as youths will not have access to it without proper permission or authorisation

Portable mobi safe

The FJM security’s durable portable mobi safe is actually constructed with heavy gauge steel and the inside is fully padded with foam to ensure the safety of your gun as well as other valuable items you drop inside. You can actually feel safe either at the go or at home since the safe easily fits under your car sit as well as secure spots at home. This is actually great as a portable gun safe due to its important properties. The portable mobi safe is actually available with three different lock options; Combi-Cam-E, Combi-Cam and Keyed all providing different options when it comes to security so that you can decide on what works best for you. The portable mobi safe comes with a removable metal cord which actually permeates you to secure to a car seat or something else. The large compartment of a portable mobi safe can fit anything from a pistol, little electronics to a wallet. The portable travel safe has the following features;

  • It possesses up to three lock options which are all aimed at fitting each and everyone’s security preference.
  • Being a portable travel safe, it can actually fit under the seat of any car.
  • It is made up of 16-gauge steel walls.
  • Its interior is actually lined with removable foam which is aimed at preventing items from sliding around as well as getting scratched even in the least way. So you can actually be assured that your items are well protected and secured.

Homak Electronic High-Security Quick Access Steel Constructed Pistol Box Black

This is another wonderful portable gun safe which can help keep your gun in a safe way. After keeping it, you can access it whenever you wish as need arises. It prevents children from getting in touch with your gun as well as other unauthorised persons. It cost 37.58 dollars.

Gun Vault GV1000S Mini Vault Standard Gun Safe

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Outstanding in its milieu, this safe remains one of the most purchased worldwide due to its durability as well as resistance to unauthorised break-in. In this safe you can actually store your gun as well as some other little items of great worth to you. This portable gun safe is quiet easy to use, presenting no complications in its installation. This gun does cost 84.99 dollars. Nevertheless, the gun is worth it price.

Hand Gun Pistol Handgun Safe Cable Lock Box Cash Security Lock Box Travel Car

This is a portable gun safe which cost 29,33 dollars. It is appreciated worldwide for its ease of transportation as well as its durability. It is a portable gun safe which is difficult to break-in by anyone trying to get into contact with your gun.

New Hornady Tripoint Portable Lock Box Gun Safe TSA-98152

This is another portable gun safe highly demanded in the world due to its resistance as well as durability. It is not quite difficult to use for by just following simple instructions on how it functions, you can make it. It cost 41.95 dollars a price worth its quality as well as resistance.

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Gun Safe Nightstand Drawer Desk Combo Combination Micro Vault Pistol Lock Vault

This is one of the best portable gun safes which cost 97.95 dollars actually meriting the price due to following factors;

  • It is easily transported from one place to the other.
  • It is difficult to break-in to by intruders.
  • It keeps your gun safe from even little scratches.

Reasons why you should own a gun safe

Gun safety

One of the fundamentals to gun safety is controlling who has access to your gun. You should as well think of your children, visitors, babysitters and housekeepers. For keeping your gun out of their reach is a great safety measure you are taking. As children can play around and finally hurt themselves or others should in case they get in touch with the gun. For there have been so many registered incidences in the world where children got in touch with the guns of their parents thereby producing unfavourable outcomes. So as a parent this is one of the more reasons you should purchase a gun safe so as to protect your children from unnecessary accidents.

Protection from Burglars

Should in case your firearm gets in to the hands of unauthorised persons such as Burglars then the level of insecurity shall obviously increase. So people in possession of a gun should see on keeping it in not just a safe but a good safe which is difficult to break through.

Protect other valuable items

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Some portable gun safes are made in such a way as to store valuable items. So getting a safe can as well permeate you to store your valuable items thus keeping them from being stolen.

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