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A gun safe stands for a protective and secure storage container which can receive one or more firearms together with the different ammunitions for different guns. All gun safes are made with the primary aim of restricting access to unqualified and unauthorised persons, burglary actions. Secondarily a safe is intended to keep its content safe from fire, flood and other natural disasters. In many places around the world, access prevention is obligatory by law thus necessitating a gun lock, gun safe or metal cabinet.

Over time, gun safes have largely replaced gun cabinets which are designed and made from fined stained wood together with an etched glass front. This was mainly to display the collection of one’s guns so many decades ago. Nevertheless, some recently made gun safes are designed to resemble this gun cabinets. In addition many people in the society of today prefer to use the gun cabinets over gun safes.

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The Benefits of having a gun safe

If you are a gun owner and still wondering if you should purchase a gun safe or not, then be rest assured that it is the best idea purchasing it. Below are the different advantages of you having a Gun safe;

Legal Requirement   

In the world today, there are so many states which require firearms to be stored in safes and failure to do so will lead to spending a good time in jail or having to pay fines. It is therefore wise for all gun owners to start by verifying the sanctions reserved for those who do not store their firearms in gun safes.

Protection from children

This is of absolute necessity if you are living with children at home. This means even in the presence of your children you need to be clever enough to keep all your guns safely from their reach. Failure to do this might be severely dangerous in case you just keep your guns around as if they were normal objects. There have been registered cases of deaths caused by children who had access to guns.

Target for theft

For any skilled thieves, unprotected weapons could be a primary target as they might be out to get your gun for sell or even use it to threaten your own family.

In general, guns are often used for self-defence and so should not be dropped around like other house hold objects which children can get in touch with them without hurting themselves. Even if you are living alone, the consequences of mishandling your personal gun can be very severe and at times even fatal. There are so many reports on accidentally fired loaded guns. So if you are in possession of a firearm at home, it is very important that you put it in a very secure position free from the reach of children and other unauthorised persons. You should be very careful with your firearm. Nobody in your family except those who really need to, should know where you have hidden your firearms. If you are clever enough then your gun should be stored in places where it will not be accessed by others, but can be easily accessed by you whenever need arises to do so. In general the most secured place approved for storing firearms is a safe.

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Brief history of the gun safe showing its evolution with time

Gun safes are not just a relatively new topic or strange one for they all existed since the days of Julius Cesar. The first safes appeared and were used several centuries ago by different nations and cultures of the world. Examples of these safes are the Egyptian vaults and the treasure temples which were all aimed at keeping their treasures free from the hands of thieves. An example was also observed from the Greeks who stored their valuables in safes that were made from bronze. In addition, the famous leaders of the ancient Roman Empire did created iron and wooden chests aimed at storing their valuables. As time went by safes became more and more complicated and modern. It was for the reason that safes were no longer practical and became cumbersome and quite difficult to operate efficiently.

The first ever made safe with a swinging door was made by the 1700s in England. Charles Chubb who was an English Locksmith in the year 1835 patented the first ever made burglar proof safe. This inspired him to was to establish a very safe-factory in London.

Charles after making a success in his factory died at the age of 1845 and was succeeded in the business by his son John. John Chubb did not only patent various improvements in the products but did grow the company in a significant way. Today in the US as any other history buff of the mid-1800s together with the turn of centuries all safes have played a significant role.

Gold as known by every one was king in the development of businesses, outlaw gangs and commerce. The history behind safes go as far beyond Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Iron chest as they were initially called where designed and constructed to protect against burglars. This kind of safes were not fit to protect against fires and other natural disasters. Jesse Delano in the 1920s started manufacturing safes in the New York City. He was the first to create a new way of manufacturing fire resistant safes. He did this by coating the wood foundation with clay and lime. This was to render it incombustible. Jesse was then credited with the first US patent for a fireproof safe design.

The first gun safes to come into existence

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The modern gun safe can be traced or rooted back in the 1950s. It was designed by Silas Herring. He was the first to use a thick and resistant outer steel, plaster together with a thin inner steel to bring forth a fire resistant gun storage safe. In most of the fire safes found today, it is noticed that it is his basic design which is used. However, some of the materials might have evolved to meet standard and modern demand. When it comes to the ultimate in fire protection, double walled steel filled with cement or plaster is still king. Unfortunately, modern gun safes no longer use this construction method. By the 1980s the gun safe industry did split from the rest of the safe industry thereby taking its own path. The truth is that most of the gun safes today are no longer built to Herring’s 1850 standards, reason being that each manufacturer keeps on cutting corners in order to reduce the cost of production. This is why most of the gun safes today cannot highly resist fires as those before.

As days pass by there is an increase in technology and one will obviously think that gun safe fire ratings will improve with time. On the contrary, it is not as one will predict. The quality reduces wth time. This is because most of the industries have completely moved away from producing highly fire resistant safes. Nevertheless, there still exist some modern safes which are outstanding when it comes to offering fire resistance. Thus, they can keep not only your firearms from being destroyed but can also keep other valuable items within it from fire destruction.

Different types of Gun Safes

Some of the different types of gun safes are presented below;

The Fort Knox-Personal Pistol Box Handgun Safe

Best gun safe reviews have revealed that this is one of the best gun safes for the money. This is a good option to be taken by any gun owner who has the money and is in search of a safe amongst the best gun safes. The safe comes along with a mechanical locking mechanism and also a pattern combination lock. This is a guarantee that you need not worry about battery or power failure whenever you intend to consult your safe. Gun safe reviews also reveal that the Fort knox takes the top spot when it comes to quick access safes in the world. In addition Fort Knox always receieves consistently high user reviews on Amazon. The drawback with this wonderful safe is the fact that it has a limitted number of combination possibilities that is 1081.

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The BARSKA book safe

Reviews on the best gun safes have shown that the BARSKA book safe is the best hidden gun safe of modern times. Because this safe really looks like a book, its nature makes it very discrete and with it at home children are less likely to be attracted to it. In addition, its nature does not attrack the attention of any burglar when it is classed with other books of same kind. With such a safe you are highly protected and the risk of an intruder making away with it is minimal. This is an easily portable safe which is less cumbersomme to carry around. With this safe you are free to move around with your gun discretely without even attracting the least attention of anyone besides you. Even though this safe is made with durable and resistant steel to ensure top security, it is also pretty lightweight. Thus, very easy to move with around as it ensures the securitgy of your weapon or some other very important items. This safe is one of the cheapest which was reviewed in the list of best gun safes, so you could even purchase more than one of its kind. Even though this safe is very small, it offers top security to your property.

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The speed Vault Hand Gun Safe

Still from best gun safe reviews, it was revealed that the speed vault hand gun safe is also considered one of the best gun safes for the money. It is highly recommended for anyone in search of a safe which can be installed discretly and offers easy access. This safe can be easily mounted almost everywhere as desired by the user. The safe falls as one of the best gun safes in its domain and  offers quick accessibility and protection to your firearms and other valuables. The drawback with this safe is that it can only hold one gun at a time and does operates on an AC or Battery for powering.

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The Vault Standard Gun Safe

It was emitted from the best gun safe reiews that the Vault Standard Gun Safe is one of the best gun safe for the money and is worth giving it a try. The safe is quite small thus can be easily mounted almost everywhere as desired by its owner. It is a safe that can hold upto two hand guns or hold one together with extra magazine or some other important items like money and jewelries. This is a safe which most people often keep their personal home defence weapons because it is quick to access, safe and is sold at a price worth its high quality. The drawback with this safe is that it operates on a battery only.

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The First Alert 5200DF gun safe

This is one of the highest rated portable gun safes in the world. The safe is designed and made in America. The First Alert 5200DF gun safe comes with a fingerprint feature which can be accessed very quickly as deemed necessary. This safe is rebuted for its quietness; it does not alert any intruder in your home when you are accessing it to get out your gun. In order to make sure you are never locked out of your personal safe, it comes with a bypass key should in case you face difficulties trying to access it through the biometric technology. This safe is one of the cheapest safes which possesses top security features for absolute gun protection.

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The GunBox

By defying the norm, the gunbox has successfully convinced us that biometrics and RFID is a suitable and viable option to take on. Instead of steel as most of the other gun safes, it is made from an aircraft strength alluminium alloy and is constructed in a way as to mount on any structure. The drawback with this safe is the fact it has to mounted horrizontally. Gun safe reviews revealed that this gun safe is one of the best gun safe for the money with the latest safe technology. Many who have used this safe have appreciated its reliability upto a certain degree. The safe can be mounted everywhere and it is quite suitable to carry along with you without being noticed by others. Even if you allow this safe at home unmounted, you need not fear if a burglar makes a way with the safe for it can be retraced thanks to the satellite technology. It  allows you to get access to your gun in just less than no time as it uses the latest biometrics technology based on unique features of each individual. With this safe in your possession, it’s a matter of seconds getting your firearm when ever need arises or emergency situations show up.

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The Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access safe for pistol  

The Sentry is one of the best gun safes for gun owners who are looking for a safe to secure their guns since it is a more affordabe and portable gun safe. It operates on biometric technology reputed for its quick response when it comes to opening the safe. If you desire, you can eventually add a pin combination in addition to the biometrics in order to increase its level of security. By so doing more security is achieved and the risk of your firearm getting into the hands of burglars is almost completely eradicated. The safe is quite silent during opening, a necessity whenever emergency situations show up, to prevent exposing the whole family to danger. But with this safe, you can be rest assured that this scene will never take place in your house since the door is whisper-quiet and the keypad makes just no noise. In addition it possesses pneumatique door hinges which hold and keep the door open. The sentry gun safe is quite easily portable than the gunvault thus an added advantage and reason why so many people go in for it as revealed by the best gun safe reviews.

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The BARSKA Biometric Safe

All over the world the BARSKA is the ultimate solution for storing multiple firearms. The BARSKA biometric gun safe is capable of storing a good number of pistols. This safe works well at ahome and in offices as it is not very cumbersome and will not stand your way after installation is complete. The BARSKA gun safe comes alongside a mounting hardware which makes mounting very easy, about installation issues. This safe is reputed for its quick access provision to its content whenever the owner wishes. It possesses most of the features which people often appreciate on very expensive models like its well constructed interior which prevents all your firearms from being scratched. It also possesses enough space to take on a few number of pistols and still allow space for other important or expensive items of great value. This is one of the best gun safes which is relatively heavier than the other gun safes of the same kind. Its weight assures for some added security as this would poss lots of difficulties for a thieve to make away with the safe. Thus, after trial the thieve would be discouraged on taking it along if it was not previously mounted on a large and cumbersome object. If you accidentally allow the safe unlocked, it starts beeping to get your attention. This is an added advantage which reduces the risk of unauthorised persons getting in touch with your safe. The timer has been programmed to start after 5 minutes of opened door. In general, the gun safe reviews have revealed the barska to be a place for people who want to store a few number of firearms and are not willing to take on the time and expenditures required by the gun cabinet.

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Nevertheless, if you are looking to lock up multiple weapons or larger rifles together with some other valuable items, then it is high time you consider taking traditional standup versions for they are perfect for you. It is true most of them can get a little pricey, but if you are in search of the best gun safe for the money then it is wise purchasing them. They are often pricey high because of the extra features some of them come with like fire resistance, water proof and resistance to other natural disasters. Thus, keeping your belongings highly safe and free from the hands of unauthorised persons. They are designed in ways to overcome all known burglary break in actions.

The 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe with a Strong Digital Lock

For so many reasons, this particular safe with a strong digital lock remains the favorite for so many people when it comes to stack-on cabinets. This is beacuase of so many reasons. One of these reasons being the fact that the safe provides top security and extra room for your weapons and other valuables that require protection. The safe costs 1,500 dollars, a price worth its features and top security offered to your weapons and valuables. Thus, it is one of the best gun safe for the money for those who are willing and are able to purchase it. Gun safe reviews have revealed that this gun safe is highly rated by its past and present users for all its top features are well designed to protect and keep all your weapons in safety. This safe comes along with extra free space which can accommodate all your pistols, rifles, ammo and items which you value very much and wish to keep away from burglars. This wonderful safe is completely constructed with steel which totals about 650 pounds and it is built in the form of a tank. The safe cannot be carried anywhere without a team of movers.  The 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe with a Strong Digital Lockheless, comes with pre-drilled holes which you can bolt to the floor or wall for complete assurance so that even a team of burglars who are all determined cannot make away with it. Best gun safe reviews have concluded the safe is one of the best secured gun safes in the market today. You can rest assured that even the most determined burglar will not have access to your safe as the lock system is completely protected by an undrillable plate to completely hinder all burglary actions. The safe is highly rated for fire resistance thus capable of withstanding very high temperatures than the cheaper ones. The safe is rated for 1 hour at up to 1750 degrees. It is thus admired by so many because it comes as the best from the old world and the complete new on one hulking package. The safe comes with a strong digital locking system with a programmable comination pad. You need not worry even if a determined and well experienced burglar succeeds in damaging the digital lock for a manual re-locker will kick in immediately to ensure that the system is not breached. For anyone who is looking for the absolute best safe amongst the best gun safes, then look no further. This special safe is rugged, roomy and backed with an unbeatable lifetime warranty. Nevertheless, even if the safe possesses some little drawbacks do not bother because it is covered by the lifetime warranty.

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The Stack-On Total Defence 28 top security saf

The best gun safe reviews also mentions this safe as one of the best gun safes for the money which should be considered by anyone who is in search of a gun safe amongst the best gun safes. Its price ranges from 900 dollars to 1,050 dollars. The safe is an ultimate alternative for anyone who is in search of a secure storage while saving a few bucks. One of the favorite features with this safe is the fact that it provides much room for your rifles and pistols, and so one safe could be all you shall ever need for your gun safety a life time on Earth. If you are in search of a mid-range stack-on safe, then this is perfect. For this total defence option should be right up your alley. So many people love this safe because it is almost as roomy as the Mesa but cost a little lower than the Mesa in terms of its price. This safe has the capacity of carrying up to 28 guns and also possesses customizable storage shelves togther with dividers just as those found in the highly rated Mesa. The wonderful safe is designed and constucted in a way as to highly resist fire. In addition the safe is waterprof and can resist so many different natural disasters which under normal circumstances will destroy a safe. It has been highly rated to withstand high temperatures of upto 1400 degrees for more than an hour. In addition, the Stack-On Total Defence 28 top security safe can handle upto 2 feets of standing water for up to 3 days without showing any signs of weakness. This makes the safe an excellent choice for people who are in possession of valuable heirloom weapons or are leaving or are moving in to an area which is vulnerable to water damage. The safe comes with a door storage rack that is designed for handgun storage together with other small items. By so doing it does not take up any shelf space.

The Stack-on 14-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with a combination Lock

 The Stack-on 14-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with a combination Lock which provides enough space for the accommodation of a good number of weapons is priced at 500 dollars. Not very expensive the safe is one of the best gun safes which can assure the security of your weapons even out of your presence. The safe is affordable by many and because it is resistant to burglary action, reviews of the best gun safes emitted that this safe is highly rated. The safe has a well carpeted interior so as to preserve your weapons free from even the least scratches. It has a very simple and an effective design which meets modern standards of gun safes. This safe is one which is very budget friendly without interfering with its high quality features. Even though the safe is about half the price of the Mesa, it still offers you much room for your firearms and other valuables. The safe is well designed to customize your storage space and can accommodate upto 14 rifles assuring their safety. Even though this safe comes with a simple lock system, the system is very effective for it has been tasted and proven to withstand most of the burglary attempts of modern times. This safe uses a combination lock to grant access to the owner. The safe does not depend on any biometric features or electronic sytems for operation. The safe is an ideal safe for most traditional users who do not want any complications and further explanations with gun safes.

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The Steelwater 20 Long Gun Safe 

This is one of the best long gun safes highly used worldwide for its efficient features to provide top security to all your firearms and other valuables. This safe can resist fire destruction for a very long time without showing any signs of weakness. The door of this wonderful safe was designed and constructed in a way that it immediately expands when it senses smoke and water. This expansion is intended to prevent destruction of its content. This particular safe weights just too much for thieves to make away with it since it requires a moving team for simple displacements. It is in possessesion of much free room to accommodate upto 20 long rifles and assure their safety, not even allowing one to get scratched. The inside of this safe comes with adjustable shelves which you can adjust to optimize for your specific needs as they arise with time.

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The Blue Dot Second Amendment gun safe


The Blue Dot Second Amendment gun safe is one of the best best gun safes when it comes to fire resistance. Reviews show that this safe has been highly rated for fire safety. Nevertheless, the safe is not only designed and constucted to withstand fire for very long times without showing any signs of weakness, it is also designed in a way to overcome so many natural disasters which might possibly show up with time. For up to one complete full hour, this safe can withstand temperatures of 1700 degrees fahrenheit without showing even the least signs of failure. It is also highly appreciated by many of its users because of the enormous amount of space it comes alongside with. This wonderful safe can hold as many as 30 guns while keeping them all in safe conditions  without any being scratched in the least way. The safe is very heavy in such a way that for it to be displaced, a team of movers is required, so you need not fear even if you are away from home.

It is very popular in the world for people to store their gun safes in the garage for several reasons like too small room in the house and an increased security level in the garage. Nevertheless, for anyone who is in search of a gun safe which is intended to be stored in the garage, then this one should be one which can easily be bolted to the floor or some other heavy to move object.

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The following safes are the best gun safes appropriate garage placements as revealed by the best gun safe reviews.

The Stack-On Double Door Safe

This safe has an interesting design for a gun cabinet. It is in possession of a unique design which does fits in greatly with the look and style of a traditional garage. To a locker, this particular safe looks more akin than a gun safe. This means that it looks more like something designed and constructed to store garage tools and not guns a reason why it will not easily attract the attention of those visiting your garage. The little deception which the safe comes with can be of great value if someone does breaks into your garage in your absence. The two doors which are observed on the safe act by dividing the safe into a gun side and a valuable side. The gun side is roomy enough to hold up to 10 traditional long guns. This wonderful safe is 54 inches tall and its bottom is well padded with foam so as to prevent even the least scratches on your guns. In addition, the foam protects your firearms from slipping and getting damaged at the end of the day. The valuable side always comes with just a smaller locker door together with four padded steel shelves which can be removed whenever desired so as to hold additional firearms. Nevertheless, even the valuable side can also hold different hand guns on the shelves, ammunition together with other valuables of great importance you desire to protect. The unique look of this well designed safe acts as an effective camouflage in the garage. The Stack-On Double Door Safe is designed and constructed with long lasting materials, so you can be assured after the possession of this spacious safe you might not possibly be getting another again in future.

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The Stack-On Tactical

The Stack-On Tactical is the best safe for those who have just small space in their garage and need a well secured gun safe to assure the safety of their guns. This wonderful safe is 55 inches tall, 18 inches wide with a deepness of 22 inches. It is well planned and designed to receive your guns and give them top security. This safe just like the one previously seen looks more like a locker than a safe and is thus a very important feature in camouflage, as its design would not get the attention of any burglar easily. The safe has been approved by the California DOJ and does meets all their standards for storing firearms in complete safety.

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It has been designed and constructed to hold up to 5 traditional long guns together with 2 tactical rifles. With the shelves in place, they can accommodate a dozen or even more hand guns together with ammunitions and other valuables which you desire to keep safe and out of the reach of unauthorised persons.

The Steel Water Heavy Duty 

This is an outstanding safe in its domain which fits the bills of all with enough space for your valued gun collection. The Steel Water Heavy Duty safe is one of the best gun safes for the money. The safe being very massive is not just attractive but can hold up to 20 different guns and assure their complete safety. With such a gun safe in your garage, you need not worry about the security of your fire arms. The safe is reputed for its resistivity to theft and durable nature. Once the safe installed in your garage, you need not fear anyone can make a way with it because it is very heavy and requires a moving team to displace it. This safe was designed and constructed with fire resistant materials and it can resist very high temperatures without showing signs of weakness for a reasonable amount of time during which the safe can be rescued.

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