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Best gun safes for the money

One of the oldest golden saying to be remembered at all times goes thus, you simply get what you pay for. This saying also applies for gun safes but not in a way you might think it does. What so many people pay for today in gun safes are chrome, nice paint, nice interior futures and decorative items. That is to say most gun safes simply sell the appearance of protection in a nice security container. Unfortunately, such safes  can be broken-into by any determined burglar in possession of an axe in a couple of minutes. The truth from top rated gun safe reviews show that the best gun safes are divided into different protection categories as shown below;

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  • The best cheap gun safe
  • The best gun safe for the money which are exceptional gun safes
  • The AMSEC gun safe review
  • The Sturdy gun safe review
  • The Zanotti Armor Modula gun safe review
  • The best gun safes which are true safes of all times

All of their prices do range from inexpensive gun safes up to high security expensive safes. Nevertheless, they all maximise the actual protection per dollar with no extra dollar wasted. You must not purchase a new gun safe, for you can still find an already used true gun safe for a price truly less than the cost of new cheap safe. However, in case you are seeking to buy a new safe, check on the different models below;

The best cheap gun safe

Should it be that you have decided to get for yourself a traditional-style cheap gun safe, then focus your search on models which possess underwritten laboratories 1037 Residential Security Container ratings abbreviated RSC. By residential security container, we mean that the gun safe was independently tested at UL and was found that it basically takes just 5minutes for one person to break into it using simple and basic hand tools. With power tools, two guys will break into most residential security containers in just a couple of minutes. With no minimum UL residential security container, a cheap gun safe is not very different from an overpriced gym locker. Most of the times even non-residential security container cheap gun safes come along with an unreliable lock just as those of the residential security lock. 99% of gun safes meet only the RSC as highest rating they can have. Even though gun safe prices range from hundreds to the tens of thousands of dollars they still have the same exact RSC security rating. All safe technicians who are specialised in drill opening lock safes to earn a living agree that no matter the premium price tags of high-end RSCs, there is really just no difference in security between them and the relatively cheap RSC. In this cheap gun safe class, most of the added features can be ignored. For the fire rating to be accepted, it also has to be tested independently on its own in order to determine how the safe can resist fire. With the exception of the Exceptional gun safes in the next category, all the expensive residential security rating containers just add features which cost a lot should in case you consider the additional protection they give. In case you are looking for the best cheap gun safe, simply buy the cheapest RSC which possesses the features you desire.

Features to look for in the best cheap gun safes

  • Not all RSCs come alongside with a continuously welded body, but if you are looking for one it is preferable you go for a RSC which is continuously welded all round. Remember that one which is welded in a spotted manner or non-continuous way can be broken into by simply using a hammer.  
  • When it comes to country of origin, it is preferable to purchase gun safes which were made from the United States of America.  

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Liberty remains the largest manufacturer of gun safes. They are quiet pretty good at customer services and often stand behind their products. They are different from other competitors as the respond very fast and often they give you less aggravation. Reasons why they are classed as best gun safes from recent gun safe reviews.

Another advantage with the liberty is the size of their best gun safes. Liberty is the largest manufacturer of the best gun safes intended for domestic use.  

If you are in search of the best gun safes for the money, you can get it from Sturdy safe, AMSEC safe or the Zanotti safe model. These gun safes cost as much as the other units which offer less protection. Sturdy aims at producing high quality gun safes. Sturdy being a family business is well managed in the United States and focused on the provision of high quality safes. The American Security is a larger company with so many employees. They are also specialised in bringing forth high quality gun safes.

If you are looking for the best modular gun safe, take on the Zanotti Armor Modular gun safes. They are designed in such a way that they can be dissembled and reassembled there by making it very easy for transportation.

Manufacturers of commercial safes like American security, Brown and Graffunder design true safes are aimed at storing guns. These gun safes are expensive but they also provide you with the highest level of security you can ever have with your guns. They not only keep your guns out of reach of children but also prevent even the most determined burglar who is well armed from getting in touch with your weapons. Below are some images of a quality gun safe;

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Top features you are to look for in a gun safe

So many have made the mistake of purchasing gun safes without knowing what they are looking for, because they do not know the features to look for in a gun safe. The list below consists of the features you need to look for in a gun safe to better choose the best amongst the best gun safes.

  • In case you wish to purchase a gun safe, see on purchasing a gun safe you find bigger than your gun. This is going to be of good use to you in future if it happens you purchase another gun. Nevertheless, if you should purchase a gun safe which fits your present gun exactly, in future if you purchase another gun, you will have to obtain another gun safe.
  • A fire incident can do away with your firearm and you shall have to spend much more than you would have spent by purchasing a fire resistant gun safe. Although a gun safe that is fire resistant costs far much than one which is not, it is wise to get the best gun safe for the money. By so doing you pay an extra protection with the money.
  • Not all gun safes are solid enough to keep a determined intruder out of its content’s reach. There exists so many gun safes which are made from steel that can only be drilled into or reached by splitting. Before purchasing any safe, kindly look at its specifications. From the reviews of gun safes it is recommended to purchase a gun safe for the money which is made from 8-gauge steel and above. Such a safe is very difficult to break into such a thickness.
  • Another thing to consider in buyng a safe is its resistance to water, but extra money will stop this from happening. So whenever you decide to buy a gun safe for the money, make sure it is one which will not even allow the least amount of water get into it.
  • With respect to what you will be using the safe for, a type of lock is then chosen. If the safe is intended for security purposes then get something that can be accessed quickly without any time wastage. Most of the times quick to access safes are electronic, having a fingerprint scanner or a keypad lock. If you are using your gun not for personal or family protection but simply to keep the gun itself well protected then consider a safe with a key lock or even a combination since it can conveniently do the work.
  • You should take note it is not because you are in possession of a safe that your firearms and other items of great value are safe. A determined burglar can simply make away with a light safe so as to have enough time to later access it forcefully in all security. When purchasing a safe, get one which has holes that can help anchor the safe to the floor or any other solid and difficult to move object. In case the safe you have chosen is not in possession of pre-drilled holes for anchor, seek the opinion of the manufacturer on whether you can make adaptations to the safe. Because modification of any product can void the warranty coming with it, you should always seek the opinion of the manufacturer before carrying out any modifications.
  • There exists some modern safes in the market with alarms, so check if the one you are interested in is in possession of an alarm. This will be helpful should in case someone tries to access the safe while you are at home. This is more important in cases where you have curious children who are aiming at getting in touch with what is so important that you have hidden in the safe.
  • Any determined burglar who tries enough can finally open up a safe with a keypad. So it is recommended that whenever you want to purchase a gun safe with a keypad, get one which will lock after a good number of wrong entries of the combination. As this eventually prevents them from putting in trials as the pin is required.
  • Most of the electronic safes often take batteries. Batteries can fail at any time. This may cause panic when required in an emergcy situation. Should in case you get a gun safe which is electronic make sure it has a backup key or an AC-adapter otherwise consider changing your choice.
  • Check for a BF rating or a higher rating in the gun safe you choose to purchase because many safes out there can be drilled into with bare hands. A safe of this kind is not worth it. So make sure you get the best gun safes for the money.

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Keeping your combination confidential

Keeping the combination to your safe confidential is not just critical but quiet a challenging thing to do. Now our days, it is no longer advisable to trust many people even your own family members. If you are not certain that no one shall ever get in touch with it, then do not try to put down the combination on a piece of paper. This is because if someone comes across the paper and knows it is the combination to your safe, they will be tempted to try it and have a view of what is so important that you keep away from every one especially kids, for they are often more curious and smarter than we give them credit for. Some little kids are in possession of very good memory to remember the entry code if they see you enter it several times. In just a matter of seconds when you are not attentive your kids can access the safe if they aware of its position and entry code.

Even if you truly trust your friends, never trust them enough to open the safe in their presence. Should in case they see a pistol or some other valuable items in your safe, they might be tempted the next minutes to get into your home and make a way with your gun or some other valuable items when you are absent. Remember an adult can take hold of the entry code when seen just once. For fear of forgetting the entry code, simply put it stored in a device which requires a password before accessing say your phone. You can also store it at some other hidden place you are certain no one will get in touch with. But in case you have the entry code stored in a phone which requires a password for accessing, it is nearly impossible for someone to get in touch with your safe’s entry code.

The Sentry safe quick access safe

Equipped with a push button combination lock the sentry safe is a quick access pistol safe for the money.

It is very easy to open the safe even in complete darkness since the buttons are backlit. Different from other combination locks, this particular gun safe for the money does not require battery for its operations. Even though before entering your combination, you are required to first of all press a button to activate the keypad. It still remains pretty quick to access than most of the safes in possession of a traditional lock. Although the safe is small, it does possess plenty of rooms with which it can house a hand gun as well as magazines. You can consider this safe for your car’s use. The safe is in possession of one year limited warranty. This particular gun safe remains outstanding in the reviews of gun safes because of its advantages;

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  • This safe does not depend on a battery as many others do. So you need not worry about getting your gun just to notice you can’t because the battery is dead.
  • In many gun safes, the locking mechanism can be seen inside the safe once it is opened but such is not the case with this particular gun safe. So you need not fear a thief popping the lock with a paperclip.
  • When it is on silent mode, it does not beep when you press the buttons there by providing total action in complete silence should in case an intruder enters your home. So you need not fear it shall alarm the intruder of your presence thereby putting you in danger or any of your family members.
  • So many gun safes are having a reset button which is easy to get to by anyone thereby creating room for easy change of the access code. But such is not the case with this safe. It has to be opened before finding the hidden reset button behind the battery.

The safe presents the following inconveniences;

  • The safe is neither fireproof  or waterproof, so you are the one to take measures which are aimed at preventing the safe from getting in touch with water or fire. As this will likely destroy your valuable items found in the safe.
  • With the safe if you do not firmly press the buttons, you can enter the wrong code. This is because with this safe it is easy to make wrong combinations if each button is not pressed firmly.
  • When entering the code, the safe often reacts more slowly than other models of same nature. So it is recommended to press the keys a little slower in a firm manner than you would do in other models of same nature.
  • Before entering your code, you have to first press a button to activate the keypad which shall receive the code. This does slow the access process very much.

Fort Knox FTK-PN Personal pistol box handgun safe

Whether in your car or in your home, you need not fear for this highly rated gun safe from the gun safe reviews will give your gun top protection and also allow for quick access. This safe being one of the best gun safes possesses up to 1081 user combinations. Thus making it extremely difficult and nearly impossible to crack. The hinges of this safe are spring assisted; this was designed to make the doors to open quickly. When bolted to a strong surface the safe looks highly secured that a burglar looking at it is discouraged and decides not to waste time on trying what is impossible. This safe unlike most safes which come just with a few years of warranty, comes along with a lifetime warranty. Thus, was classed amongst the best gun safes in the world during the reviews of gun safes. The advantages that follow this safe are;

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  • Because this wonderful gun safe does not use batteries for functioning you will have easy access to your hand gun at all times. More to that you need not worry of experiencing the horrible disappointment of your safes battery going flat or death when you need to use your gun for an emergency.
  • You can open the safe in complete quietness as it makes no sound when opening. So you need not fear of the exposure a sound can put you in when you are accessing the gun safe.
  • The gun safe is large enough to hold two pistols together with extra magazines.
  • The door of this particular safe is very difficult to bust off as what is often done with other gun safes of same nature. This is because the hinges are made up of reliable heavy gauge steel.

The safe can also present the following difficulties or inconveniences in one way or the other.

  • Resetting the code of the safe is a very challenging task to carry out and needs you to contact the company or watch a step-by-step video before success can be obtained.
  • If you are not very familiar with the layout, it is impossible to access this safe in the dark.
  • You only have to reset the entry code should in case you forget it since the safe does not come along with a backup key to use should in case you miss the key.
  • The installation instructions of this safe are more confusing than the installation instructions of other safes. But still, there are several videos which break down the process into a step-by-step thereby enabling you to go through the installation successfully.

Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe

The Hornady security rapid gun safe is constructed with a child resistant designed and has a touch free entry. This safe is quiet, quick in its action thereby by keeping your hand gun ready for use without any time wastage. With the Hornady safe, you are in possession of multiple entry options. This safe uses new technology like the radio frequency identification bracelet which is relatively new in the gun industry. With this safe, you can register it online and are given a lifetime warranty. Reviews of gun safes did keep this particular safe outstanding for its ease in usage. The safe has the following advantages or conveniences;

  • You can use the RFID card or the RFID bracelet in accessing the safe. This safe comes alongside three RFID bracelets.
  • This model of gun safe is easier to access than the other types.
  • This safe comes with a security cable which is heavier than that which comes together with the other gun safes. Just looking at it a thief will not attempt wasting his time to cut it.
  • This safe is designed in such a way that it opens with your gun holstered thereby making you ready to fire within very few seconds.

This gun safe can present the following inconveniences;

  • A good number of people have mentioned that it does delay at times when opening. Nevertheless, the delay is only 2 seconds. So you can try helping the lid up with your hand.
  • This safe opens relatively slower than you would normally expect from a quick access safe. In order to speed up the opening process, you can decide to use your hand help the lid open.
  • The lid opens relatively louder than some of the other models. But there really exists nothing you can do about this. Nevertheless, do not over worry as the sound is not so loud to call the attention of the intruder if he is not in same room with you.

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Gun Vault Speedvault Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500

From the reviews of gun safes, this safe which is priced reasonably about 250 dollars is a great and outstanding option for pistol owners to take on. This safe as the gun safe reviews reported does provide quick and easy access to your firearm. For defence and protection, its small size and strong lock are quiet efficient and able to carry out the task without any failure along the way. This gun safe can be installed in your home to protect and store your gun which you can use at any time for the protection of your family. It can as well be installed efficiently at your business place where you can use it efficiently to protect your belongings should in case the need to do so arise.

This particular gun safe is quiet perfect for an under desk storage scenario. For under the desk it is very discrete and free from prying eyes, only you are aware of its placement and can immediately move to it when the time to use it pops up. This safe which functions just as any other gun safe is primarily aimed at keeping all unauthorised persons from having access to your guns. It is made with a 12-gauge steel aimed at making it extremely resistant to physical forces. Amongst the smart features of this gun safe is the fact that it can store as many as 120 individual fingerprints. This is necessary in case you wish to assign a few persons permission to get hold of the gun in the safe. This is absolutely important for family members of reasonable age and some trusted working associates and partners. You need not trouble yourself in case of any malfunction as there is a backup key to permit you get access to the safe for the main time. The inside of the safe is lined with foam to keep your firearms free from scratches or destruction in case the gun safe falls. The inside of the safe also has a light which turns on whenever the safe is opened to clear your vision. This particular safe is covered by a 5 year assurance warranty. So you can be assured it is a gun safe which you can rely on for long term use with no failure. This is one of the best gun safes with lots of positive feedbacks from its users. It is quite simple to use and effective even though it does not possess excess room for many guns.

The BARSKA Biometric gun safe

When it comes to storing multiple firearms, the BARSKA Biometric gun safe provides the solution with ease. Information from gun safe reviews reveals that this safe have proven to work efficiently in offices and at homes. So depending on where you which to have it installed, you shall obviously benefit from the advantages that follow the safe. With the included hardware it comes, the safe can practically be mounted anywhere you wish to have it mounted. You can be rest assured that whenever you need it most, the safe will eventually provide a quick or rapid response by allowing you get easy access to your gun. Although this safe is cheaper than the GunVault, it possesses some outstanding features which are found often on more expensive models. Should in case you have some trusted people you desire to give permission to access your safe, it is quite possible as this safe can register up to 30 fingerprints thereby giving access to all without any little restriction under normal circumstances.

This gun safe is heavier than most of the other hand gun safes. This increases its security as it is less likely for a thief to do away with the safe together with its content. The downside of this safe has to do with the fact that you will not be able to get your gun quietly as it makes some sound when opened. But the advantage with the beeping sound is that if it continues, you should check in case you left the gun safe open. The timer of this safe is activated in 5 minutes. To conclude, the BARSKA is a good storage for people who have a few number of hand firearms and are not willing to spend the time or storage space on a bigger cabinet.  

Traditional stand up versions are preferred in case you are looking for the best large gun safes so as to lock up multiple weapons, larger rifles or some items you value very much due to their worth. It is true some can be more expensive but as you are looking for the best gun safes for the money, it will be suitable getting them since they are reliable and long-lasting. The right one will worth your money with their large storage capabilities and a thick solid security steel  build to withstand and resist all break-ins.

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Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock

This true gun safe for the money costs about 1,500 dollars and delivers an extreme and top secure storage with a lot of free room for your pistols, rifles, ammo together with other valuable items. This safe which is built in the image of a tank is constructed completely with steel which totals about 650 pounds. With this safe in any desired storage position, you can relax knowing well that no thief will make away with your firearms or your gun safe as it requires team movers before it is displaced. Nevertheless, the safe comes with pre-drilled holes which you can use to bolt it to the floor. In the market of gun safes, this safe remains one of the most secured. Its lock system is well protected by an undrilled plate. This is done to keep away all intruders.

This particular gun safe is loved by many because it is fire resistant up to very high temperatures after a long period of time. The safe is rated to withstand temperatures of up to 1750 degrees for an hour. This gun safe is one which combines most of the old world with the new one in just one single hulking package which can be assessed by those with the necessary amount of money. The lock system of this wonderful safe is digital with a programmable combination pad. If someone succeeds to damage the digital lock, a powerful manual re-locker will kick in so as to prevent the system from being reached by any intruder. Look no further if you are looking for the absolute best large safe. This is because the Mesa is not only roomy but rugged and backed by a life time warranty which no other safe can beat. Nevertheless some previous users have often complained of issues concerning the glitch keypad. But this is no big problem as it is covered by the warranty.

Stack-on Total Defence 28 Gun Security Safe

This is another best gun safe for the money ranging from 900 dollars up to 1050 dollars. You should take on this total defence unit if you are in search of a mid-range stack-on option for use. So many people love this particular safe because it is almost roomy just as the Mesa but cost a few dollars less than the Mesa.  This particular safe has room for 28 guns together with many dividers just as the mesa. This safe is not just fire resistant as the Mesa, it is also waterproof. So you can preserve your documents in the safe together with guns without fear of them being destroyed by water or any fire which is not above its resistant level. This particular model is rated to withstand fire over a time length of an hour at a temperature of up to 1400 degrees. This safe can take care of up to 2 feet of water for three days without permitting it destroy your property in any way.

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This safe as other safes keeps your guns and valuables from the reach of intruders in a highly secured manner. Thus a good choice for all with valuable weapons especially for those living in flood prone areas. This safe is reputed for it long lasting capacity and resistance to break-in by intruders. So many who have used this particular safe testify of its effectiveness. This is a safe that is simple to use. It is can store many guns thereby keeping them not just from the hands of the children but from the hands of badly intentioned persons. This safe can also be bolted to the ground so as to ensure complete security. Nevertheless you need not fear for transporting the safe needs team work and a single burglar can not do anything.

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