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Best gun safes for home:

It is said that owning a gun for self-defence is like owning a health insurance or fire insurance. For you do not really believe your house will burn down but it might possibly burn down. You do not really believe you are going to have a very dangerous car accident remaining badly wounded with huge hospital bills to take care of but it might possibly happen. It is true your hope is never to need your insurance but you just have it should in case things turn the other way round. Such is same with owning a gun for self-defence. Any one will be ok with the fact that it is preferable to have a gun for self-defence and not use it, than to need it for use, and not have it with you. It is of course important to have in your possession a gun aimed at preserving your rights as a citizen because we are living in a world different from that in old times; with the advent of international extremist terrorism different from any which was ever experienced in the past times. With guns lawful men and women are able to retain their constitutional rights thereby maintaining their liberty when it is threatened. In fact not only their liberty but even that of their children. But having a gun means great responsibility on your behalf as you not only have to handle them as a patriotic citizen but also have to keep it away from the reach of your children at home and other non-authorised persons. And this is where a home gun safe shows it importance.

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Solid reasons why one should possess a gun

  • Your right to bear and keep firearms arms is completely guaranteed in the constitution.
  • George Washington once said, standing next in importance to the constitution itself are firearms. Meaning firearms are keystones under independence.
  • Jesus said, should in case you do not have a sword, you better sell your cloak to buy one. So bearing arms is the Christian thing to do. (Luke 22:36)
  • After all enjoying guns is not a strange thing in today’s society for shooting is an internationally recognised Olympic sport. It’s been centuries now that people have been using long guns for hunting.
  • In today’s society lots of people without guns are not just assaulted but are murdered daily by criminals who have guns in their possessions . Having a gun makes you better place to defend your family when need arises.
  • Remember if gun ownership is made illegal, no criminal would turn in their guns. Nevertheless, gun control often makes easy prey out of all law abiding-citizens.
  • It is true we are all grateful to the police officers who are taking care of our various communities. After all it should be noted that the police will not come at that moment you cry for help but as usual can come to help after the crime has been committed. So having a gun might possibly enable you defend self long while you call the police for assistance.
  • It should be noted that most of the courts around the world often return violent criminals on the streets to take back on their crimes.
  • When gun owners keep guns responsibly at home then they are safe. It should be noted that more children die every year in swimming pool accidents that those who die through gun accidents.
  • It is a fact that armed citizens of each country prevent about two million crimes every year with their guns.
  • It is up to all to act responsibly for their safety and that of their family. Than being a victim, self-defence is more honourable in the society of today.
  • It is a true fact that cities around the world which impose strict gun control are the same with the highest assaults and murders.
  • The truth is that most gun crimes around the world are most often between gangsters who are shooting against other gangsters. The average gun owner never uses their gun to commit even the least crime.
  • Issued permits to carry concealed hand guns are being offered in most states. Gun safety classes are being offered to men and women who have been offered this permit after a thorough criminal background check. The truth is that these people wherever they are, make everyone in the surrounding a little safer.
  • People having in their possessions guns and have been trained to use these guns responsibly are better placed to serve their country than those with no know-how on gun usage. This is because the terrorism war seems to be a long one.

Excuses which many base self for not having a gun

  • I am just too busy to give myself some little time to learn how to handle a gun safely.
  • Even in the hands of police and soldiers I believe all guns are evil.
  • Rather than stopping a criminal from killing I or any member of my family by using a gun I better allow him kill me.
  • I believe the police is constantly watching over me and my family so I shall never need to use a gun.
  • I put all my trust in our courts to put all criminals off the streets.
  • I don’t care if my children will grow up as free citizens or not as long as things are moving for me I’m ok.

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Whatever your reason for not having a gun, you are responsible for keeping yourself and your family safe at the primary level before the police steps in to assist. As mentioned before keeping a gun is also a challenging task to take on for you are to make sure it never gets into the hands of children or thieves. And the best way which has been found up to date is by keeping your gun whenever at home in a gun safe. It should be noted that not any kind of gun safe will assure the safety of your gun as there exists gun safes which can be broken into by burglars.

The five best guns of time for home defence

The following 5 firearms are not just outstanding but are the best which can keep your family alive should in case you experience a home invasion.


Mossberg 500/590

The Mossberg 500/590 is a reliable firearm which is quiet suitable for short rages whenever it is well loaded with buckshot or slugs. The sound of the gun alone is capable of scaring the intruder away. Whenever it comes to specific high quality pump shotguns Mossberg 500/590 remains the best from an economical stand point. Below are some images of this gun;



Glock 17/19

This is a gun which is very simple to use and less cumbersome, quiet suitable for home use. The glock even if you like it or not, remains the standard used to judge modern firearms. They are not just economical as guns you can suitably use for your protection at home, they have a proven record which you can rely on for its resistance and high performance. Below is an image of the gun.



In today’s society there is an increasing number of break-in as there are home invasions. This is because the number of intruders are increasing daily leading to multiple intruders. Should in case you have two or more bad intentioned people trying to break into your house or breaking in to your property, you might wish you had something more than a handgun. That is you will want at that point a semi-automatic rifle because for such cases short guns have low capacities thus a short gun in this kind of situation means you shall properly be gunned or passed over the knife if the numerous thieves are well armed. At this point what you need is a good semi-automatic cabin like the AR-15 which provides you with a greater capacity, more velocity and longer range more than that of a small handgun. Below are some images of this gun which is quiet suitable to have at home for protection against intruders.

Ruger GP100/Smith &Wesson 686

It is true revolvers lack the capacity of semi-auto pistol and the time to reload them are longer. These are the disadvantages you need to take into account when purchasing a revolver. Nevertheless a good number of advantages still make them classic .357 double action revolver which has a 4inch barrel is an outstanding firearm which is considered a relevant home defence choice today. Revolvers are not just relatively simpler but those who use them testify they are more reliable than semi-auto pistols. This means that should in case any of your family members is inexperienced with firearms or who does not appreciate the increased complexity of semi-automatic guns, the revolver is a better choice to purchase. This has been  the case in the past where the revolver was not only outstanding but remained the best handgun and less complex to carry along or  kept at home. Below are some images showing the wonderful firearm.

Taurus Judge/Smith & Wessen Governor

The imagination of people for many years have been triggered by the idea of a shotgun pistol. But Taurus Company took on the idea to convert it into realistic effective home defence option as they introduced their economical and popular judge revolver, Chambered in . 45 long colt and .410 Bore. Smith & Wesson later came up with their governor model. The advantage with the governor is that it holds one more round than the judge, but for home defence both will do the work in an effective way. Below are some images of the gun.

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One of the most important investments is to choose the right gun safe and this should not be taken lightly. With today’s variety of safes and lots of locking mechanisms, sizes and steel gauge it really becomes challenging to know what to look for in a gun safe. But remember getting home gun safes depend on the type of gun you have at home and the kind of accessibility you want as the owner of the safe.

Types of locks for home gun safes

When purchasng gun safes the quality of the material should be taken into consideration as well as the lock mechanism. The only direct thing which separates other people and your gun is the locking mechanism on your safe. It should not be forgotten that even an overcomplicated locking mechanism can also create accessibility difficulties even to the owner of the safe.


Biometric lock gun safes

The more truly unique thing about you might possibly be your finger print. Biometric lock gun safes work by using fingerprint recognition technology to provide you quick and easy access to your firearm whenever need arises. The outstanding advantage with biometric lock gun safes is that you need not remember a combination or even fumble around with keys. They are safes which allow the quickest access to your firearms whenever you need to use them in an emergency situation. Theoretically this sounds as the best gun safes for home, nevertheless, some inconveniences pop up. Biometrics are aimed at allowing access to your gun as fast as possible whenever need arises but what so many people do not take in to consideration is that during emergency situations, your blood pressure increases with adrenaline taking over and allowing your hands sweaty. It was noticed with the GunVault Speedvault Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500 that it takes several repetitions for it to identify the fingerprint of its owner who is under the action of adrenaline with sweat on the finger. However, there exists other biometric gun safes which use RFID or what is known as radio frequency identification. Due to the so many issues which have risen because of the malfunctioning of radio frequency identification, we cannot truly feel safe at home with our guns in such a safe. Even though it is quiet quick to access, it is preferable to take on a more secure digital pattern keypad for quick access best gun safes for home.

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Electronic keypad and manual gun safes

Throughout the industry, manual locks and electronic keypads are very common to find. Although these types of safes are not as quick in accessing as biometric safes they remain more popular because they are not just less expensive but are more secure in the opinion of many. The three main types of key locks for the best gun safes for home here are;

  • Number combinations.
  • Pattern combinations.
  • Manual locks.

Number keypad combination gun safes

Many people are more familiar with a numeric keypad. This kind of safe is unlocked by entering a previous prepared numeric code into the digital keypad. With this kind of safe, only those in possession of the code can access the safe. Even though this type of safe is not as fast in accessing your arm as a biometric safe, it still gives you a quick access to your safe. Many companies today possess the ability to program as many as 12 million user-selected codes thereby making it very difficult to succeed in cracking. For quick access safes, the numbered keypad combination comes just second after the pattern keypad combination.

Pattern Keypad combination gun safes

The number one quick access lock choice which is suitable for best gun safes for home is the pattern keypad combination which is similar to the numeric keypad. For they are designed with digital buttons which can obviously unlock your safe by pressing these buttons sequentially in a previous chosen pattern of your choice. This combination can just include pushing individual buttons or include pushing multiple buttons simultaneously at the same time.

Manual lock gun safes

There are two types of manual lock for gun safes;


Key locks:

Very straight forward they are the old school type of locks which uses a key to open your safe. The threat to lose your key remains together with you fumbling around with keys are the major disavantages associated with its use. And what happens if someone who was not supposed to get in touch with the keys finally finds the key? Nevertheless opening such is quiet slow.

Dial locks:

A more traditional style of locking mechanism is the dial lock. They are very slow to access even though they provide top security for home gun safes.

It is not because your home gun safe is big, heavy and plated with steel that you should consider it a good safe. There are a good number of safes in the market made with just a light steel-gauge that can be penetrated with just a simple fire axe. So it is advisable to check the steel gauge on any safe before buying it. The stronger the steel the more expensive and resistant to break-in your safe. So it is recommended to buy a safe with at least 10-gauge steel.

valuables must be protected because replacing them is not only difficult but quiet expensive if not impossible. safes are really not fireproof as manufacturers do indicate. Although there exists no complete fireproof safe, there are quality safes which are fire resistant up to a certain high temperature. A fire resistant safe means the safe can eventually keep its content safe up to a certain degree of temperature and after a particular length of time without destruction. But if the temperature keeps increasing it is destroyed like any other thing. A good example of a fire resistant home gun safe is the Browning medallion series long gun safe which can withstand high temperatures of up to 1700 degrees when exposed to such temperatures for 110 minutes. Should in case there is a fire which is burning more than this safe’s specifications, the safe will eventually be destroyed. Even though fire rating is of remarkable importance, it is recommended to have as your primary focus quality and effectiveness of the steel-gauge and locking mechanism whenever you are in search of the best gun safes for home. Once you have found home gun safes with these qualities, then you can look on fire resistant one within your potential options.

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Swift access best gun safes for home

A swift access gun safe is referred to as a smaller type of safe which has as primary aim to store your home-defence weapons thereby allowing swift access to your firearm in an emergency situation should in case it pops up. They are also aimed at keeping your gun safe from unwanted hands. Generally they are located in a bedroom, or some other area of your home where you spend a good number of time. In general all swift access gun safes are always small enough to be carried around easily and are designed  to be mounted easily to large structures say bed, desk or nightstand. This mounting is to prevent the burglars from simply carrying the safe along with them. It is recommended not to keep cash, jewelleries and other valuables in a swift access gun safe as they might stand your way when ever need arises to get your gun. These valuable items could be kept in a more larger and permanent safe which would not interfere with the process of getting your firearm whenever needed.

Things to be considered about swift access best gun safes for home   

  • Before going shopping for your home gun safes, have a place picked up so you can get something that fits with ease there.
  • It is recommended to get a home gun safe with a minimum of 4 locking bolts so as to make sure the door possesses lots of difficulties to anyone trying to pried open it.
  • Of course protecting your safe from intruders and children is paramount but you do not want a safe that will bring you difficulties in accessing. For this reason a safe with a pattern combination lock is considered best.
  • Check on the warranty of the safe, for if the safe is truly a good product, the company will have no problem backing it up with a good warranty.
  • It is advisable to get a safe with a thick steel lining and which is fire resistant to a good degree of heat.


Some best gun safes for home

Fort Knox – Personal Pistol Box Handgun safe

Amongst the reviews of home gun safes, the Fort Knox – Personal Pistol Box Handgun safe is an outstanding one as it does not only possess a reliable pattern combination lock, it also possesses a mechanical locking system. This means no more worries of battery or power failure whenever you need to use your gun in an emergency situation. Can you imagine how you will feel when you move to get your hand gun at home when you feel your family is threatened just to notice that you cannot win access in to the safe due to battery failure? But such a disappointment is eliminated with the Fort Knox-Personal Pistol Box Handgun safe. According to home gun safe reviews, this safe takes the top spot for quick access safes. Nevertheless, this safe keeps on receiving consistently high user reviews on amazon. The only outstanding drawback with this safe is the fact that it has a limited number of combinations (1081). Below are some images presenting this wonderful safe.

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GunVault-SpeedVault Handgun safe

So many people appreciate this safe because it is easy to mount almost everywhere. During the reviews of best gun safes for homes, this was found to be quiet efficient for home use not just because of its ease to mount everywhere but its top security level. The safe possesses a good dimension. The drawback with this particular safe is that it can only hold one gun and does uses a battery or an AC power. Below are some images of the safe


GunVault –Vault standard Gun safe

For a couple of reasons so many people like the GV1000s. It has the capacity to hold more than one gun and can also be mounted everywhere without blocking the way. It is quiet secured and was found to be a suitable home gun safe after the reviews of best gun safes for home were conducted. Below are some images presenting this gun safe

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GunBox Biometric Hand Gun safe

It is a little beautiful gun safe in possession of a magnitude of features on offer to anyone who purchases it. Smart biometric technology can be observed from this gun safe in so many different ways. This gun safe is constructed and designed in a way that it can be programmed to transfer a message to the user should in case there are any malicious attempts to open the safe. After reviews of best gun safes for home based on modern technology, it was noticed the hand gun safe is vital to keep your gun under total security. The gun safe does provides two USB ports which can be used to charge your phone. The gun safe is quiet suitable for keeping your gun at home and whenever need arises, you can get it without any time wastage. Any intruder who makes an attempt to get away with the box is going to be tracked through newly developed and smart GPS technology. So with this modern gun safe which is outstanding amongst home gun safe reviews, you need not fear losing your gun. This hand gun safe not only offers you the ability to defend yourself when need arises but helps you keep your gun well secured. This safe is in possession of the latest locking technology which you can find ease in using.  Its small size allows it to fit neatly at all canners where many other gun safes are unable to. Below is are images showing this gun safe which is highly rated by those using it.

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GunVault NV200 NanoVault 200

Being a small safe, the NanoVault 200 is quiet portable and very convenient to use. Reviews of best gun safes for home show that this particular safe is very convenient to store home security hand guns thereby keeping it free from the reach of children and intruders. It still remains readily accessible by you for use as need arises.  Reviews of home gun safes indiccates that this gun is highly rated and can serve as a secured store for valuable items like passports, cards, keys, and handy firearms. It does not only serve at home but can serve as a useful travelling companion, thus helping you keep yourself and your firearm protected at the same time. The gun safe comes along with a 1500Ib security cable which is designed so you can fasten your safe on any hard object where you can easily access it. The utmost safety of this gun safe is ensured by an 18-gauge steel construction. So you need not worry about a burglar forcefully breaking into your safe.

A much bigger and more secure type of safe which is referred to as a long gun safe was proposed in reviews of best gun safes for home. This is a safe in which you can keep all your firearms together with valuables that you really do not need to access quickly. They are sometimes referred to as long riffle safes, stack-on-safes and are constructed with a primary aim to safeguard all your guns in one location. These gun safes are always heavy, generally from 750+ Ibs. Even though long gun safes are heavy and cumbersome to move with, they should still be greatly bolted to the floor for security reasons as a determined burglar might make away with it. Should in case you are in possession of several guns, it is recommended you get a long gun safe where you can keep them all while having a swift access gun safe apart where you keep the main gun destined for primary protection of your home. This you can access at any moment as need arises. Even though these safes are quiet expensive, they are recommended as a form of investment for anyone with one or more long guns. Long gun safes have been proven to be the most secured through home gun safe reviews. From the reviews of best gun safes for home, long gun safes have been found to be those with the highest fire ratings thereby assuring protection of large amounts of firearms together with ammunitions and other personal items of great value.

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Pinnacle safe

It is very difficult to find a gun safe for home use which matches the pinnacle. The pinnacle is an outstanding gun safe with great strength. After reviews of best gun safes for home, the pinnacle was found to be reputed for its unmatched combination of security, interior versatility and fire resistant together with its elegance to install at your home. For exceptional strength and rigidity, the safe is made from a sheet of thick 3/16 steel. Once you purchase this solid safe, you will appreciate the beauty of fragrant cedar and simulated leather. To perfectly complement your home the pinnacle is available in seven different colours. Home gun safe reviews did revealed that for the ultimate in beauty and security, you need not look further than the pinnacle. Below are some images reflecting the pinnacle.


Prestige safe

Prestige has a unique design which was made so as to permeate you give some honour to your firearms and valuable items. The prestige safe is aimed at giving the maximum protection your firearms and valuables need. And for this challenging task prestige is designed with a steel body which is continously welded. So it possesses no points of weakness. The prestige safe has an outstanding rigidity and a faultless appearance. During the home gun safe reviews it was noticed that so many who have used this excellent gun safe are all satisfied to the fullest. Should in case you possess extra guns apart from the primary one needed for your defence, see on purchasing the prestige gun safe. With this safe at home you can take off from home while being assured that none of your children or intruder can get access to it. Below are some images presenting the prestige safe in its different sizes.


Winchester R19 Ranger Deluxe

This is another gun safe of very high resistivity to destruction be it by human or natural forces. From home gun safe reviews this gun safe was highly rated for its top security it does offers to all those in possession of long guns and those with more than one gun seeking to save all of them in a single place. This is a safe which offers a lot of beneficial features to its owners.  Below is an image of this safe

Barska AX11898 Biometric Rifle Safe

Should in case you are not in possession of many firearms to store and seeking to spend less for a good choice, then think of getting the Barska AX11898 gun safe. This is a safe which is in possession of an attractive and high quality modern design. This particular rifle safe uses the latest reliable biometric technology. Reviews of best gun safes for home show that this gun safe is highly rated and loved by those using it. It is a safe which is resistant to fire incidents and shows lots of difficulties to any intruder who is trying to break in to the safe. With your firearm in this safe, you can be rest assured knowing well that your rifle is well secured. It is out of the reach of children at home and any other intruder. This particular safe is reputed for long lasting.  

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