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Best Drawer Gun Safes: The essence of owning a handgun (or any other gun for that matter), is to protect yourself and your loved ones. It would be an irony for the gun bought to protect you being used against you. This aspect has led to the need for drawers which would allow both safety and the quickness of access. Most of the best drawer gun safes are specifically for small firearms which make it easy to take care of an emergency in the home or office. While there are many drawer gun safes, only the best are handled here.

Best Gun Safe

For many people, any secure gun safe will be sufficient to handle the occasional keeping and drawing of the gun. However, finding the best gun safe entails balancing the safety, portability and the price. Among the best handgun safes are;

  • Biometric Pistol Safe by Sentry; the best part about this safe is that it is the most stealth of them all. When opening the lid, there is no feedback from the safe making it a good choice for emergency moments where silence is of paramount importance.

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Quick Access Gun Safes

Most people will agree with the fact that having a gun in the home is not enough to provide security. One also has to have quick access to the gun without compromising on its security. The use of a nightstand gun safe has gained popularity owing to the ease with which the user can access and use the gun. A gun safe nightstand is also important in concealing the gun in the home as bedrooms are rarely visited.

  • GunVaault Nano Vault: this safe has a minimalist shape and can hold a handgun and a round of ammunition while not raising any concern as far as the look is concerned.
  • Hornady RAPiD safe: this one works by using a RFID (radio-frequency identification) system to quickly open when the accompanying card is waved close to the safe.

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Drawer Gun Safes with Biometrics

Biometrics is the best measures of security anywhere. Its use in the provision of security for safes and vaults has greatly advanced the field of security. For the safes that use this technology, the security level is arguably the best.

  • GunVault SpeedVault; this is basically a small pistol-shaped gun safe which easily comes apart with the use of a finger to read the fingerprint.

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Integrated Gun Safes

By now it is known that a gun only cannot save your life when burglars have surrounded the home. For this aspect, firms have come up with neat tricks to ensure that your gun does not just help you defend yourself, but also notify the authorities and neighbors.

  • Pistol Pad; the pistol pad is integrated into the home alarm system. Rather than fully conceal the gun, it works by having a wire looped through the trigger of the gun. In the case of an emergency, one quickly pulls out the gun. In the process, the wire comes off and sets off the alarm system of the building.

Concealable Drawer Gun safes

There is a class of drawer gun safes that can be placed in any part of the room without drawing the attention of thieves or other parties.

  • V-Line Industries Hide-Away Safe: this drawer can be attached to any surface in the home no matter the degree of inclination. Be it under a desk, on the wall, inside other drawers or any other place, this one will come out with a clean look that can be easily confused for an old radio transmitter.

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Digitally Lockable Drawer Gun Safes

While some people prefer fingerprints and iris scanning locks to secure such sensitive items as guns and jewelry, the good old digital lock never loses its shine. There are a lot of combinations that one can create from the first ten numerals.

  • Stack-On Drawer Safe PDS-500: this minimalistic drawer safe opens at the top rather than on the side like others. For more security, the drawer safe is made of strong steel materials which ensure that no amount of hacking and prying will bring it apart. The section with the lock has been slightly depressed inwards to give as little space to hackers as possible. If the area is significantly raised, it will be easier to pry it open.

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Conclusions (Best Drawer Gun Safes)

Drawer gun safes have always found their way into the home owing to their low price and ease of concealment. One can have whatever type of materials they need for their gun safe as long as it can secure the gun well. As seen above, many manufacturers think outside the box to include designs that not only secure the gun but also allow easy access and even sound the alarm whenever the gun is taken out for an emergency situation.

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