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A gun safe built in a rectangular manner has as main function to protect firearms and other accessories that are put into them. Gun safes permit you to protect access of your guns to people you do not authorize such as children in the house or burglary. Certain gun safes are built in a way that they can prevent the gun in them from destruction by fires and floods.

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Cheap gun safes

In the United States there was an Act passed in 2013 called the Secure Firearm Act of 2013 which stipulates that every gun owner that acquires a gun safe, will have a deduction of $ 1,200 from any of his taxable year. This Act applies to the International Revenue code. This act encouraged owners of firearms to go in for gun safes of all qualities, even those that are considered as cheap gun safes. While others might want to acquire gun safes with multiple options, others might just require a safe that will be able to prevent their children from reaching their firearms. This can come in the form of cheap gun safes that are new but can easily be opened by a burglar with an axe or a sledge hammer and an alternative is to purchase a used gun safe.

The problem with some cheap gun safes

The maximum security offered by gun safes is nowadays altered because many manufacturers are out today to maximize profit and therefore alter the standard of their gun safes to make them cheap gun safes. One component that is usually altered in a cheap gun safe is the steel that is used to build the safe. In most cheap gun safes, the steel is bent to make the safe look like it is very solid whereas its content can be easily accessed by anybody who can give a solid hit on it with an axe or a harmer.

Steel thickness and strength

The kind of steel used in the manufacturing of gun safes is vital in evaluating the level at which they will protect the firearm that they will carry. The strength of the gun safe increases with the thickness of the steel. When the thickness of steel is doubled its strength is multiplied by 8. Most cheap gun safes that are sold brand new are made of steel that is very thin and makes the protection it offers low.

The steel thickness and gun safe doors

The first point on a gun safe that is attacked by most burglars is the door of the gun safe and on most good gun safes in the market, the inner door steel is added to increase its strength. It is crucial when going for a cheap gun safe to verify that the door is not only made of a layer of thin metal usually 12 gauge or less that is bend in order for it to appear thick. When a gun safe is made up of thin steel it means it is less in weight and can obviously be easily carried by thieves.

Other problems that can be faced when purchasing a cheap gun safe

Cheap gun safes can only provide security against children that are in the house with no bad intensions. Many crimes that involved the mass killing of people during the last years resulted from stolen weapons. Therefore, in certain states a gun owner if forced by law to own a gun safe might go shopping for a cheap gun safe. The problem is that some of these cheap gun safes do not really define the purpose for which they are made:

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  • Cheap gun safes of electronic functioning mechanism can have their lock keypad that are poorly made such that a burglar can easily remove the keypad and use the wires to bypass the opening system and get the content of the safe. In other electronic cheap gun safes, the electronic combination plate is not hard enough and can be easily drilled through to get access to the solenoid that will ease access into the safe. Such cheap gun safes are said to have non-rated or unrated locks and the number of weak points in such safes are numerous. Even if the safe is not tempered with the locking system is cheap quality that will obviously easily fail with time. This is the origin of the significant amount of safe repair works brought to safe technicians.
  • A customer might be purchasing a gun safe cheap thinking he is having a good deal on a well-known brand of gun safes like Sargent and Greenleaf whose logo can be imitated to put on the lock of the cheap gun safe to deceive the buyer.
  • Rather than shopping a cheap electronic gun safe that will not play the safety role it is designed for, it is better to go in for mechanical lock systems which are less expensive with proper thickness that will protect your firearms.
  • Cheap gun safes will hardly have fireproof and waterproof protection to the gun and therefore will not protect your weapon in an accident.

It is possible to change the lock of a cheap gun safe with an anticipated lock system with a better one so that its quality in terms of safety is upgraded. This procedure will help you have protection of your firearm while spending less.

Used commercial safes

In many situations, the advice you will get from experts in gun safes is that if you are looking for a cheap gun safe which you will want to protect your firearm you should first check on used commercial gun safes. A company dealing with used commercial safes such as the “The Safe Keepers” of Las Vegas, Nevada USA they acquire commercial gun safes on which they do maintenance and can re-sale them to individuals as cheap gun safes while others sell them in the state they found it for the purchaser to personalize it to their taste. Among the used commercial safes that are used as cheap gun safes we have safes that are picked-up from places like a jewelry store, store owned by retailers, from casinos, places that also uses safes like night clubs and restaurants just to name a few. They usually turn to give away their old safes in the situation of an upgrade in security or some do close the business activity and the safe is sold out.

Since these kind of safes where designed for commercial purposes, they have a high security rating and have a 2 hours fire resistance and are rated TL-15 or TL-30. They obviously vary in space of accommodation and vary from those that can be used to store handguns and others that can be used to store long guns too. They are considered as cheap gun safes as they are able to provide the security a gun safe should provide like fireproof, thick enough such that they not easily broken into with an axe or easily drilled to get access to its content. So used commercial gun safes can be seen as one way to get the best cheap gun safes one with low income can offer, the only problem with such safes is that they are not built in a way that seeks to beautify a house or an office.

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Used gun safes

Another option to get cheap gun safes is to look for used gun safes. These kind of gun safes are available in several prices, it could be that a person who owned a gun safe, moved or transferred from his apartment and did not have the patience to remove the gun safe, the new tenant having no use of the gun safe can remove it to sell. Another way in which a gun safe can be available and considered as a cheap gun safe is when an individual inherits a gun safe from his parent and already has one, he will turn to sell the safe cheaper; another gun safe user might just want to upgrade before selling the safe.

The advantage here is that you can obtain a good cheap gun safe that will do the job of protecting you from burglars and other agents of destruction like fire and flooding. The problem in waiting for a used gun safe to purchase it cheap is that the safe of your choice might take some time before it becomes available.

Some companies that deal with cheap gun safes

When it is your first time to purchase a gun get advice or look for gun safe dealers around you who will help you chose a proper cheap gun safe or you might also decide to shop online.

Cheap gun safe dealers

Champion Safe Co.

The Champion Safe Co. is a company that deals primarily with gun safes in the U.S and have covered most of the territory with dealers operating in 45 states. Their goal is to facilitate the purchase of cheap gun safes in the U.S. It is simple to get access to them just by getting to their website and you provide your zip code and the list of all the Champion Safe Co. dealers in your area will pop out. This dealer will help you purchase a quality cheap gun safe by providing you information on the steel strength, the fireproof options, warranty, and security. If you have any worries the specifications will help the dealer get what you need in a shorter time.

The Champion Safe Co. dealer have a stock of gun safes from which you can obtain a cheap gun safe. A cheap gun safe purchased can have its lock replaced by a Champion Safe Co, dealer and the operation is authorized by the company. The company has standards and values that it respects and so its dealers offer superior quality services, they are friendly and are ready to go and help you with little issues like installing the gun safe in the house.

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Other local gun safe dealers

When looking for cheap gun safe dealers around you, you can as well look into safe stores, gun shops that are found around you, safe and vault dealers and sporting goods stores. Cheap gun safes are usually available in such stores but most of the safes found on such surfaces are mostly made with options only to protect the firearms from the kids in the house. Most of the safes found with this kind of gun safe dealers are cheap gun safes and you will find there that if it is a fire resistant gun safe, such information  could have been written  by anybody who has steel knowledge to modify some features to make some of the safes look good.

Online dealers

Online dealers like eBay also offer a wide variety of used gun safes that can be put to the disposal of its purchaser just in a matter of days. The procedure is quite simple, there are a wide variety of gun safes on their website and when you login you are put in contact with the owner of the safe to directly bit on the price that is initially attached to the gun safe. Once you reach a conclusion, your location details are asked and you pay for the goods either with your credit card or through PayPal.

Customize gun safe manufacturer

Another option for a person that needs a highly performant cheap gun safe and needs it to meet up with certain specifications of his own taste like the color of the safe, the kind of paint that will be used to pain the safe, you can also choose the level of fire protection you need so that you pay for a cheap gun safe that resist fire. The steel quality and thickness can also be specified and such customizing gun safe manufacturers are found across the nation of America and other countries like Australia, France, Germany and Japan.

Best cheap gun safes review

It is generally said that what you get is what you pay for, and this applies to many product sectors in business. In the domain of gun safes most especially there is an exception as you can pay much money on a safe and at the end what you pay for is just it’s interior features, the nice paint and decorative items found on the door of the safe that makes it look like it will protect you that much. The point am trying to make here is if we look into the market of gun safes there are those that are expensive while what they sell is just the appearance of security because those gun safes need just some few minutes to open them with tools like a pry bras, a sledge hammer and an axe.

The purchasing power of each and every one differs and therefore the kind of gun safes in the market also do differ. The best cheap gun safes review here is to categorize the best gun safes into 3 protection efficiency categories.

  • The best cheap gun safes review (RSC)
  • The best cheap gun safes for the money also considered to be exceptional (RSC)
  • Best cheap safes (true safes).

The objective of this best cheap gun safe review is to guide the buyer such that every dollar he spends goes to give more protection to his firearm and not spending more dollars just for an additional one minute to get into the safe.

– Best cheap gun safes review (RSC)

When looking at a cheap gun safe you are to verify if the model is with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 1037 Residential Security Container (RSC) or it is without the rating. When a gun safe has the rating of RSC this means that the gun safe has been tested at the UL and has demonstrated to take a minimum of 5 minutes for one individual to force open the safe with local tools in the house. And then with power tools it will take less than a few minutes to get the box open. This means that if a cheap gun safe does not carry the rating of RSC this will mean that such a safe can easily be opened and it will be like you just bought an expensive gym locker that is obviously easily opened.  

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One of the best cheap gun safe you can find is a toolbox, a new toolbox cost about $ 250 and has the same features as most gun safes and will do the job of protecting firearms from children and also from burglars.

Best value gun safes (RSC)

The best cheap gun safe reviews classify the group called Liberty, as the largest manufacturers of gun safes, they have a strong customer service and are very good marketers. The company uses robots for the welding of their safes which enables them to have a reduction in the cost of production and hence they have the best cheap gun safes and the quality of their safes are of good quality.

The Liberty’s Revere RV23 and RV30

This is a gun safe made in the USA and it is a 12 gauge steel gun safe. In the best cheap gun safe review this models are very reliable when it comes to the security they offer and the Revere RV 23 cost $ 1,200 and the RV 30 cost $ 1,350. Best gun safe review show the advantage of the RV 30 over other gun safes that have only one layer of fireproof protection. Revere safes in general have fireproof layers as follows 2 layers which are found in the door jambs and also the walls. There are 3 layers of fireproof fireboard that make up the ceiling of each Revere safe which increases the fire protection ability to up to 71,000 BTU heat resistance.

Security that the Revere safes offer

The Revere safes have gain an award of UL’s RSC burglary classification, the lock of the Revere safes are made up of triple case steel that are hardened plates. This protects the locks from burglars with drills making it difficult to penetrate the safe. The safes have seven (RV20) to eight (RV23 and RV30) 1” of diameter bolts used for the closing of the safe that increases its defensive barrier together with the 11 gauge steel around the body of the safe that makes it difficult to force open.

– The best cheap gun safes for the money- exceptional gun safe

In reality there is no big difference between the security offered by RSCs and that offered by true safes but there exists points that makes them different from one another which you might want to consider. Here are the few gun safes that are resistant to burglary and fire and still have the weight of a true gun safe;

Sturdy Models of gun safes

Sturdy is a manufacturing company and their safes are considered as one of the best featuring on the best gun safe reviews. They do not base their manufacturing on the beauty of the safe but rather on making its steel thick and resistant. As a result the safes manufactured by Sturdy are stronger as compared to a vast range of other RSC safes.

One of the things that make the Sturdy safes cheap is that they are sold directly by the factory that helps them reduce the cost of owning stores for distribution and hence they are classified as good gun safes in best cheap gun safes reviews.

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The Sturdy company produces nine different sizes of gun safes, among them are safes that are fireproof and others that are not fireproof. This possibility makes the options they have broad because the safe without fireproof is a cheap gun safe and it is well known that though the Sturdy safes are not fireproof, they are burglary resistant as it is the main focus of the company to make thick steel safes. It is possible for you to self-fireproof the safe or prevent fire from reaching the safe in the case of a fire accident.

Fireproofing the gun safe by yourself

In the review of gun safes there are cheap gun safes like the Sturdy gun safes that offer high burglary protection and no fireproof protection and you might want to add a fireproof by yourself. One very cheap way of doing this is getting a gypsum dry wall that can serve for fireproof and this will provide a minimum standard for fire protection for the gun safe yet at a cheaper price. Fire is a less issue of concern as a danger to the gun safe than is the risk of a burglar which is estimated in most best cheap gun safes review to be 5 times more than the risk of fire. Most gun safes get expensive because of the addition of the fireproof lining. You can therefore follow the procedure of getting a non-fireproof safe and then later fireproof it by yourself to make it a cheap gun safe.

If one of the things that make you need a gun safe with fireproof is the need to keep your documents safe, then, than to go for an expensive gun safe with fireproof that will cost much of your budget. You can get a burglary resistant gun safe that is with no fireproof and cheap and then get another small fireproof safe for your documents. Doing this will help you safe a lot of money.

Ways to prevent fire from reaching your safe

In cheap gun safes review there is a possibility to get a cheap gun safe such as the Sturdy gun safe which offers much more burglary protection than many cheap fireproof safes of the same price and then come up with measures that will prevent fire from reaching the safe. This will be far less expensive than getting a true safe that really provides burglary protection and fireproofing. Other measures that will prevent fire from reaching the safe are:

Using fire extinguishers

The locations in the house that are more prone for a fire to begin are the kitchen, bedroom, garage and the laundry room. It will be more economical to get a fire extinguisher at each of these locations in the house where you know there can easily be a fire burst rather than going in for an expensive gun safe. You could go for the best cheap gun safe and get the extinguishers in the house.

Fire sprinkler

Some reviews of cheap gun safes explain that rather than buying an expensive fireproof gun safe, it is better to get a cheap gun safe with the necessary burglary protection and then put a fire sprinkler over the safe and the job of protection against fire is obtained at a minimal cost.

Zanotti armor Modular gun safe

This is a gun safe producing company that has been classified as best cheap gun safe manufacturer in the review of cheap gun safes when it comes to the manufacture of modular or take away gun safes. Zanotti Armor which is a modular gun safe can easily be transported as it is easily disassemble and can also be easily assembled. Cheap gun safes review see them as the best gun safes that will help those that have the habit of constantly relocating to protect their guns as they can move with the safe to their new location easily and there will be no need getting new safes in every new location. This attribute makes the Zanotti Amor popular among those in the military.

Cheap gun safe reviews explain that the Zanotti Amor safes are made into six different and separate compartments. It can be assembled by a single person in a situation of their smaller models and at list two persons for the bigger onces. For the assemblage you will surely find useful the following instruments; a pray bar, a block of wood and a rubber mallet.

– Best cheap safes

The best cheap safes can be considered here to be used commercial safes and used safes that want to be sold for one reason or another by its owner. They will offer the same protection as the new safes but they are cheaper because they have been used.

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Used commercial safes

Used commercial safes offered by the Safe Keepers

In this cheap safe review, the company “The Safe Keepers” offer used commercial safes that can be used at home like gun safes and they offer full burglary and fireproof potential. Here are some of the safes, their original prices and the prices at which they are sold as used commercial safes.

A commercial safe in this cheap gun safe review called the TL 30 Diebold was used by a retail store in a mall. The specifications tells you that you will be making a great deal and saving money while purchasing this safe. It is a 2575 lbs weighted safe with 44” in height, 46” in width and 30” in diameter. This is a Class 350-2HR fire rating safe from the Diebold Manufacturers. This is a safe that is sold brand new at $ 9000 but in this review of cheap gun safes you will see that it is possible to get the same safe in good state for only $ 2,900. The reason for the original price being that high is because the safe is made up of a 5.8” thick steel at the door and an inner thick layer as well as the outer layer. It has an electronic lock that uses a combination to open and an auto lock system in case of a punching or when someone tries to force his way into the safe. The dual auxiliary spring will lock and the locking system is made of 1” locking bolds made from chrome steel. Looking for safe that will resist burglary? this used commercial safe will provide you with such an option at a considerable price.

The used commercial TL 30 safe

The used commercial safes offered by the Prelove website

This is a website that provides those who looking for cheap gun safes around the UK and Ireland. This review of cheap gun safes show some of their stocks, specifications of the commercial gun safes that can be used at home to store firearms.

Chatwood milner

This safe is available on the webpage of Prelove and it is a heavy gauge thick steel safe that is made up of a 24” in length, 19” in width and 19” in diameter. This safe cost only 150 Pounds as a used commercial safe and it is efficient in protecting against burglary.


The Chatwood Milner safe

Used gun safes

The review of cheap gun safes show that when you have low income and want to purchase a safe, it is good to go in for used and solid gun safes rather than getting new cheap gun safes which do not perform their functions. This kind of safe can be available in retail shops but it is more time saving to look for the online dealers around your area to get a good already used gun safe. There are many dealers of used gun safes in the USA who can permit you to make economy of 50% and above on gun safes. This means that dealers like the DeanSafes of Los Angeles have cheap gun safes.

Sun Fire & Burglary Safe, Home and Office Safe SB-02C 

The DeanSafe company deals with used safes. The model called the Sun fire and Burglary safe is special as it has two fire ratings (UL and KS). It is also an RSC safe for the label of burglary and is integrated in it a Re-locking system made of glass. The safe has two locks an outside lock and an inside lock. The lock found outside has the following specifications 27″H X 20″W X 20.5″D, add 2″ for while the lock found inside is 21.25″H X 14.2″W X 12.85″D and the safe has a net weight of 370 lbs. It is possible to save up to 35% on the purchase of this fairly used gun safe which is normally sold for $ 1700.

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Sun Fire & Burglary Safe, Home and Office Safe SB-02C

Adesco CMP4290 Fire and “C” rated Burgalry safe Used

This is another beautiful safe offered by the DeanSafe as a seconsafe hand safe that will permit you to save up to 57% of the conventional price of the same safe when it is new. The safe cost $ 899.0 at Deansafe rather than the $ 2100.0 if you were to make a purchase of the same safe new. In the review for cheap gun safes, this version of the Adesco’s safe was the most popular and most used. This safe is burglary resistant and has such features to show its strength such as the handles that makes up the doors, the outside made of 26″ height by 17″ width by 22″ diameter, with an additional inner 2″ for handle inside with the dimensions 22″ height by 13″ width by 15.5 in diameter and the safe is made of high strength steel that gives it a total weight of 500 lbs. The available space to keep weapons is 4290 In3 or 4.28 Ft3. The fire rating of this safe is not well known but there are two copies of this safe in reviews of cheap gun safes that went through hash fire undestroyed.

Adesco CMP4290 Fire and “C” rated Burgalry safe Used


Factors to consider before purchasing a cheap gun safe


After listing possible gun safes that can be obtained in this review for cheap gun safes, here are some factors that can guide us when going in for cheap gun safes.

  • The kind of gun safe you plan getting to protect your firearm first of all depends on the nature of the firearm. There exists guns that can enter the palm of the hands to large guns, so your gun is the beginning of the kind of safe you want to purchase.
  • To avoid going for more than one safe it is good to figure out the number of firearms you think you will have in total and then go for a cheap safe that will carry all the firearms.
  • There are several manufacturers of gun safes and knowing the brand of gun safe you will like to purchase goes a long way helping you to make a decision to purchase a cheap gun safe of that brand with the desired features.
  • The space where the gun will be placed is also important in the decision making process of purchasing a cheap gun safe.
  • Knowing the number of persons that are to use the safe like in the case of biometric gun safes, there are those that can permit 5 users and others that have the potential to accept 20 users and more , so knowing the exact range will help you do the economic choice and get a cheap desired gun safe.

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