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Biometric gun safe reviews: 

In today’s world which is a kind of crazy with all sort of behaviours from its inhabitants, each and every one finds the need to protect their family and their business against any treat. And for this protection people often rely on firearms to do so. A reason why safes come in so as to hide their weapons for defence, valuable items and can also serve for many other purposes. Due to the fact that people do appreciate technology very much and have been working so hard to take it to the top, technology has extended itself greatly even to the gun safes in the form of biometric sensors. These biometric sensors are all constructed in a way as to read fingerprints. This form of technology on the other hand might also seem ideal as it also does permeate you to skip combinations or having to keep with you a key at all times. This because you are always with your fingers so it is a kind of improved technology, but still people question themselves if it is a good idea or not.

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The word biometric stands for just anything that refers to personal identification to work. That is instead of using a key, it might scan your finger, face, eye or any other convenient and unique part of the body. The famous theory behind this is quite a great one since it uses features that are unique to each and every one thereby reserving access to content to no one but you and you alone. Because the technology behind it is still relatively new, there is a problem which is posed by some people, they fear it might not rely function the way they desire.

What you see above is an example of a biometric gun safe which help hide your guns thereby keeping them out of the reach of children and burglars.

The question most people shall be asking themselves is that are biometric gun safes really safe as they sound? The truth is that there are gun safes that always use it effectively, but in general, all the most reliable biometric gun safes are not affordable to the general public. This is a technology that is becoming cheaper for use, the technology still remains quite expensive as a result mostly reserved for commercial use. By this, it means should in case you finally decide to go with biometrics, you would not want to go the cheapest route possible. Paying from a couple of hundred dollars and above would obviously get you a fingerprint gun safe which is reliable to some extent. But should in case you want a fingerprint gun safe that shall never fail you, then you would have to pay something a little more expensive than that. This is due to the fact that the sensors are not really cheap at all should in case you want something very effective and reliable as well which shall not fail sooner. To be noted is the fact that when you wish to purchase a gun safe which relies on biometric technology for its functioning, you are not only purchasing the technology but also purchasing the sensors that are destined to make it function correctly. This means should in case you finally decide to go cheap then you shall be missing the quality which comes from those which are more expensive counterparts. Should in case you are privileged to the luxury of being able to afford military or commercial grade products that exist, then make sure you get the best safes and also get the best sensors which you can always rely on without fear of failure. The truth is, not everyone is willing to spend such an amount of money a reason why they possess less expensive ones which might later bring them disappointments by not functioning the way they were hoping it would.

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Another question people shall be asking self is why do cheap finger print gun safes fall short? This is due to the fact that all existing biometric sensors are designed in such a way as to recognise the things that are completely unique to you and you alone. But should in case you purchase a less cheap biometric gun safe which lacks in quality, then a little change might be causing it to misrecognise who you are thus bringing disappointments. As a simple example, some biometric gun safes might as well read the amount of pressure that you excess on your finger during the programming process. Should in case you come later to open it and add more pressure or give it a less pressure, it would give you a false read thereby denying your entry. Should in case after programing it, you wound your finger thereby changing the way the area of your finger print was initially looking, the safe would as well give you a false read whenever you try accessing it. Same kind of issues might also rise up from the other types of features the biometric gun safe takes in to consideration during its programming process. But because in most of the times only fingerprints are used for gun safes, it does possesses a problem thereby making them unreliable. Beside the risk of locking out someone who is authorise to open the safe, there also exist fingerprint readers which can open easily for the wrong person. This phenomenon occurs due to the fact that some sensors are made to be less sensitive thus making it hard for anybody to touch it wrong so as to end up locked out. This is quiet common with cheap safes which possess lesser sensitive sensors which are unreliable. Such a larger tolerance is probably not ok with the owner who is locked out due to tiny specks of dirt on the finger whenever he or she tries to access the safe together with the easy access granted to unauthorised persons. Should in case companies bring forth a tighter tolerance which rejects its workers for a change in finger pressure or some other little changes. This would make them angry as well for such an inconvenience. Due to all these, manufactures have come up with a happy medium in regard of price, sensitivity and top effectiveness.

Other people would pose the question if fingerprint gun safes are really worth owning? The truth is that not everyone shall eventually be happy with their purchases. Should in case you purchase a biometric gun safe that is made up of an average or below average sensor, you might finally be disappointed by the fact that it locks you out more often than it does works as being theoretically explained it should do. Should in case you decide to go for a cheaper biometric gun safe, you shall obviously have easy access but the downside remains the fact that others might as well have an easy access. Not meaning you should avoid them all together, this means if you desire quality, effective and a long lasting gun safe then you would have to spend a little more for it.

Another question people might be asking themselves is how to choose to best biometric gun safes? This product still remains appealing to many even with the potential issues that arise from purchasing it. For people who do fear that their home and their business might be broken in to by thieves, then the idea of a quick access firearm safe is a perfect one. For this is quiet easier than having to remember a combination which cannot be stumbled upon by the others. The biometric gun safe is quicker than having to keep a key hidden at a place where only you can find it, where you have to rush get the key before seeing on opening the safe to get the gun. In finding the best biometric gun safes, you have to start by considering all options that are available. By keeping in mind that cheap those not always mean reliable, read on all reviews others have made concerning the safes. It is wise in choosing the best biometric gun safes to consider taking a fingerprint gun safe with an alternative opening method.This really eliminates the possibility of you being denied access because of a cut on your fingertip which brought a different configuration of your finger tip. In addition, this would also eliminate the possibility of you being locked out due to a change in pressure under difficult moments as compared to the relaxed state you had when you were programing. There exist so many finger print gun safes which possess backup access and some of them are classes in the affordable category. These fingerprint gun safes might be a biometric lock and key or could be a biometric lock and a good combination keypad. There exist some best biometric gun safes which possess all three so as to make sure that you are never locked up no matter the situation you find yourself and need to open it. Should in case you are looking for a reliable gun safe fingerprint, consider getting one with all three options as you shall never remain locked out due to one or more reasons.

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The Top Rated Biometric Gun Safes

Looking at biometric gun safe reviews, the following are the top rated ones;


This gun safe finger print is one of the best biometric gun safes which is in possession of a fingerprint scanner. With this safe, you can decide to program as up to 120 different prints to the safe thereby permeating everyone in your home have access to the gun through the safe should in case an intruder enters the home.  With this safe you need not fear should in case your pistol slides as the inside of the safe is designed with foam so as to prevent even the least scratch on your gun. This safe is in possession of pockets inside should in case you have some important papers you wish to lock thereby securing them. With this safe, Gunvault offers up to a five years’ exclusive warranty, should in case you find yourself in the event where your possessions get stolen from the safe. This exclusive warranty also holds in the case were your possessions in the safe get burnt in the fire. The safe has the following added advantages;

  • The safe has been constructed in such a way that it is easy to open even in complete darkness.
  • The safe is able to carry several guns and some extra ammunitions.
  • All who are living in your home with your permission can program their fingerprints should in case an intruder enters the house and they need to get access to the pistol.
  • Because this gun safe fingerprint does not have any code, you need not fear your kids can get access to your gun.

The gun as well has the following inconveniences;

  • The gun safe fingerprint does not possess a handle for convenient carrying. So it is advisable not to put the safe in a place where you would have to move it all the time.
  • Even when closed the gun still has a small gap which is common to all Gunvault safes.
  • Because the fingerprint scanner is not sensitive as it is supposed to be, if you should wrongly place your fingers on it, it would read wrongly and deny access. So it is advisable to programme your finger at different angles. This is to avoid future inconveniences with these gun safe finger print.
  • Because the gun safe does not possess light inside or outside, it is advisable to always keep your gun loaded should in case you need to remove it in completely darkness.

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This gun safe fingerprint is one of the best biometric gun safes which is highly rated which is well equipped with a fingerprint scanner that is powered in its function by a 9-volt battery. This is one of the fingerprint gun safes which can accept programming of up to 10 prints. The safe comes with two backup keys, should in case the battery goes flat, you can use one of the two backup keys to access the safe whenever need arises. The gun safe fingerprint comes with four pre-drilled holes permeating you to mount it on any available hard surface of your wish. While you are moving the safe, you need not fear as the inside of the safe is made up of foam so as to prevent scratches on your gun should in case of a slide. This wonderful safe comes with a 30 days’ customer guarantee in order words a one year limited warranty. This safe has the following added advantages;

  • Since to safe can hold up to 10 prints, there is the possibility of more than one person programing their fingerprints.
  • As compared to other models, this safe opens quicker. So it will not waste your time if you are in need of your gun at a particular time.
  • As compared to other models, the fingerprint scanner is far more sensitive, as a result it shall have your fingerprint read in an easier and fast way. It is recommended you program you fingers at few different angles so as to eliminate or reduce risk of failure.
  • The safe being an electronic device, you might be worried about the memory of the device being wiped out. Should in case this happens you need not fear as there are two backup keys you can use to open the safe.

The safe as well might show up the following inconveniences;

  • There is no way to stop the beep which takes place when you are scanning your fingerprint.
  • After a few good number of years that you have used this safe, it will require you scan your finger several times before it opens, but remember if you should reprogram this safe it will open in an easier way.
  • A good number of people have found it difficult using this safe, so to avoid such inconveniences you need to make sure before programing the safe, your fingers are free from all scars and cuts.
  • The safe always gives out a clanking sound when the door is being opened, but you can slowly open it so as to reduce the clanking sound if you suspect an intruder in your house.

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As it is generally known by all that biometric gun safes all use a battery for empowerment. Many of these biometric gun safes have no way of informing you when the battery needs to be charged. But this model which is one of the best biometric gun safes possesses a LED light and a beep that will notify you when the battery is down and needs to be charged. There is an A/C adaptor which comes with the safe. So it is advisable that you power the safe with the A/C adaptor whenever an outlet is available, this is done so as to prolonged the life of the battery. Whenever you are carrying your hand gun from one place to the other, you need not fear as the inner side of the safe is lined with foam so as to prevent your firearms from being damaged or being scratched. With this safe, you would always receive the same warranty as you would receive from any other gun vault product that is five years exclusive full warranty for burglary and fire incidents. This gun safe presents the following added advantages;

  • With this safe, you have the possibility of programming up to 1o fingerprints in your house so that any one at your house is able to get access to the gun should in case an intruder forces a way in.
  • The inner part of the safe is equipped with a small LED light should in case need arises for you to use the safe even in darkness. So you need not worry about using this safe even in complete darkness.
  • With this safe, you can just mount it anywhere without having to worry much about the door staying open for it is equipped with springs which are destined to keep the door open until you manually close.
  • The one and only way you can open this safe is by using the key or scanning the finger prints which were previously programmed so you need not fear of anyone accessing the safe.

The safe might as well present the following inconveniences;

  • Because the safe is an electronic device, there exist the possibility of it losing memory. Should in case of memory loss, you just need to reprogram it again. But for the meantime it is advisable to always keep the key safely should in case in such situations you wish to get your gun, you should do so without facing lots of difficulties.
  • There is the possibility of the safe not reading your fingerprints when wrongly placed, so it is advisable to place them in a correct manner. If possible you should practice opening it several times so as to be use to the safe thereby preventing any disappointment.  
  • Because the battery life of the safe is quiet low, you have to often keep an extra battery handy so as to prevent disappointments.
  • Due to the fact that you would be denied access to the safe if your finger is not in same position as was when you programed it. It is recommended to programme fingers in several angles so as to minimise the inconvenience of being denied access to your property.

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The way to unlock this safe is to scan your fingerprint. With this wonderful safe, you have the possibility of programing up to 30 prints. The locking bolts of this safe are solid steel and they are all motorised for a better functioning. This safe comes along with four pre-drilled holes, the safe can easily be mounted at any place of your choice by the mounting hardware which it comes with. Since the lid of the safe opens up from the top, it has to be installed in an open area. This famous safe is powered by four AA batteries for a correct functioning. Should in case the battery goes dead then you can use one of the two emergency backup keys to open the safe should in case need arise for. So it is recommended to take care of the key and keep it out of reach of children and also burglars. This safe always comes with one year limited warranty. This safe has the following added advantages;

  • As compared to other gun safes this model is in possession of a silent mode.
  • This safe has the ability of storing up all the 30 fingerprints so that you can program the fingerprints of everyone at home so as to offer them access should in case an intruder forces self in to the house.
  • The safe does beeps when the door is left open so as to remind you to lock it for security reasons.
  • This safe always comes with a hardware designed to bolt the safe to a hard surface of your choice. This is quiet advantageous should in case the burglar wants to get away even with the whole safe. Then he or she shall not succeed to.
  • Unless the fingerprint scanner is activated the safe does not use the battery, so the life battery of the safe is quiet longer than most of the other safes existing outside.

The safe also has the following inconveniences;

  • It is not fireproof neither is it waterproof, a sufficient reason not to keep your important documents in the safe.
  • After closing the door, it takes few seconds for it to be locked after pressing the button.
  • The nameplate has to be removed before unlocking the safe with a backup key in case of an emergency.

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Even though this safe looks small, it is in possession of enough space as to hold a full-size semi-automatic handgun. The lid of this wonderful safe is kindly designed in such a way as to keep away a thief from succeeding to pry it open so as to get away with its content. You can also decide to open the safe with one hand thereby making it quiet easier to open without being saw. This wonderful safe is equipped with whisper quiet hardware thus permeating you to open it without being heard by anyone. This safe is particularly useful for your home when an intruder gets in, you can remove your gun without attracting his or her attention in any way. The door of the safe is opened and kept until you close it by gas struts. In our biometric gun safe reviews sentry is placed as one of the best biometric gun safes. This gun safe has the following added advantages;

  • With this safe, you have the possibility of programming up to four fingerprints. This safe is also equipped with a keypad with which you can decide to program a code with which you shall use for accessing the safe any time you wish to.
  • Should in case the batteries go dead, you need not fear but simply use one of the backup keys to access the safe. The gas struts do not make any noise and more to that the safe has no audible sounds.
  • This wonderful safe reads fingerprints in just a few seconds thus being faster than any other safe which comes with this very technology.

The safe has the following inconveniences;

  • With respect to the number of more prints you have programed the safe to read, it takes more time to read your fingerprint whenever you want to access the safe. So it is recommended for fast access to program few fingerprints.
  • Even though the safe does not come with a locking cable, so many people have adapted it to take one.
  • This safe does not possess an A/C adaptor a reason why you should always keep besides you a fresh battery should in case you often open the safe. This is to prevent future disappointments from the safe whenever need arises and you need to open the safe.
  • You have to press a button for it to activate whenever you want to enter your access code. This would activates the fingerprint scanner whenever you place your finger on it so as to have access to it. Should in case you desire to open the safe quickly the fingerprint scanner would be the fastest way to do so as compared to using a keypad.

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The Top 5 Biometric Gun Safe Reviews

Because bet fingerprint gun safe is designed to keep your weapons concealed and also secured from any kind of harm until need arises to use them. It is true in that particular sense traditional electronic and all mechanical safes do work well too, but they often offer difficulties to open at times even to the owner of the safe. Should in case you are travelling on a road by yourself, it is quiet true you shall highly appreciate the fast access to your gun should in case need arises to use it. And for such, there is practically no better solution in theory than the bet fingerprint gun safe which are biometric gun safes in nature using sensors. It is quiet easy to fall victim to market tricks which are all destined for profit. As they claim to provide swift and reliable biometric access to your weapons whenever need arises. The biometric gun safe reviews which have been carried out in detail present the following bet fingerprint gun safe as the best biometric gun safes.


2-Sentry Safe Biometric

3-Verifi Smart. Safe.

4-Gunvault Micro Vault

5-Liberty 9G HDX-250

The Top Rated Fingerprint gun safe reviews

The following bet fingerprint gun safe are the top rated when it comes to fingerprint gun safe reviews;

BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe

The Barska Mini Biometric Safe should be considered by all who are looking for an easily accessible, sturdily build safe designed for storing hand guns. For with this safe you can easily have access to your gun whenever need arises without having to waste any little time. In order to provide discreet access to your gun, this safe can also be fitted inside a smaller vehicle or could as well be fitted in the interior of a store shelf. Despite its small size, it is quiet strong enough to support different attempts to break-in by burglars who are trying to get access to your gun or any important document that you stored in it. With this safe the fingerprint lock does perform quiet reliably that even slight changes in the position of the finger as compared to that during programming won’t affect its outcome. Ratings from the fingerprint gun safe reviews present the following things that people did liked about this safe;

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  • So many did appreciate the one year limited warranty.
  • So many people did appreciate its compact form which allows for fitting even in cramped spots.
  • People did appreciate the ability it has to store up to 30 fingerprints there by giving access to all desired family members.
  • So many people did appreciate the difficulty it shows when burglars try to break it up.

Ratings from the fingerprint gun safe reviews did show the following that people did not like about the gun safe;

  • So many people did complain about its quality control related problems it did pose.

Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe

This wonderful and highly rated safe from the fingerprint gun safe reviews has a thickness of 14 GA. The safe possesses a power source which is an AC Adapter/9V DC. This famous safe has in its possession a mechanical override key which is used as a backup key option. This safe is in possession of a 5 gen biometric scanner alongside with a sturdy 14 GA steel body. The famous Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Vault does offers an excellent combination of reliable operation alongsidemechanical strength. The safe possesses a very low fail rate due to its high end biometric technology. A fact which has been attested true by many satisfied consumers around the world. This safe takes just 2 seconds to read your fingerprint thereby granting you access to the safe’s content when it is running on the 9V DC battery and when it is running on the AC adapter it takes just one second to read your fingerprint. Thanks to the dual power options, you can decide to enjoy reliable operations be it in your home same as you can carry it with you on journeys thereby keeping your gun safe with you. And still being able to access the gun at anytime and anywhere should in case the need for a gun arises. And this you shall do without any time wastage. As a result of all this, the safe is recommended for all those who want their pistols accessible at a moment’s notice for self-defence scenarios. Not that as the unlocking mechanism is quiet swift, it does make a little noise but not so loud. The reinforced latching alongside with the 14GA steel construction and anti-pry tabs, it does defeats a majority of brute force breaking attempts from burglars. With this safe, a mechanical barrel key does grants you access should in case the biometrics fail for any known or unknown reason. The truth is that there have been a few complaints pertaining to random biometric failures concerning this particular safe. But this are all as a result of quality control lapses. No matter the situation where you find yourself, you just need not to worry as the 5-year warranty coming with the safe does have you covered. The following likes where registered from the fingerprint gun safe reviews;

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  • It is a reliable biometric protection operation.
  • The safe possesses strong anti-theft features.
  • The safe comes with 5 years’ warranty.
  • The safe grants access very quickly in just 1 to 2 seconds.
  • Can operate on DC same as it will with a main power.

The following where the dislikes rated for this particular safe;

  • It is quite expensive.
  • It has very limited QC concerns.

What are the benefits of having a biometric safe?

The truth is that any burglar who is determined to have access to a traditional lock or keypad would finally open it but such is not true for a biometric safe. A little child who decides to tag around with you and often sees how you open a traditional lock or the keypad and can easily remember the access to the safe thereby getting in touch with your gun or some important items. Should in case you possess a biometric gun safe, only people you permeated to program their fingerprints would have access to the safe’s content. The truth is that safes with other locking systems is a little on the slow when you decide to unlock it. In the event an intruder enters your home, a biometric safe can be opened in just a few seconds. There by permeating you to defend your family in just no big time. But such is not the case with traditional gun safes. On many models of biometric safes, you have the possibility of programing so many different fingerprints thereby giving you the possibility of programing the fingerprints of the whole family. This is done so as to protect the family members by giving them access to the safe at any time and moment an intruder forces self in to the house. With a biometric gun safe you need not worry self about forgetting the combination pattern or having to misplace the key. As most of them work with your fingerprints which are all unique to you and to no one else. More to that you shall always move around with your finger. With a biometric gun safe, the possibilities of entering wrong patterns due to the fear which arises from the fact an intruder is in your house is been rendered to zero. For with a biometric gun safe, even if you are frightened, your finger print remains same there by permeating you get access to your gun when ever need arises to use it. Nevertheless, a safe that opens in just a few seconds does gives you a better chance of protecting your family should in case an intruder forces way into your house with bad intentions.

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