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When we talk of a gun safe the picture that first comes in our mind is that of a vessel made in order to protect the easy reach of firearms by other individuals other than the owner of the of the arms. A gun safe can carry one or more firearms and ammunitions; it prevents burglary of the protected weapon. With the amelioration of technology, there is the development of new and more performant safes are used to protect the weapons against destruction from natural disasters such as flooding, fire and earthquakes. The first kinds of safes that existed were made of a wooden cabinet with an etched glass front.

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Features found on a gun safe

On a gun safe it is possible to find protections for the purpose of security such as protection against fire or protection against water infiltration into the safe. Others use combination lock, finger print lock or digital lock as measures for additional protection that helps identify the owner of the safe. Another lock mechanism that can be used to categories gun safes is its lock mechanism whether mechanical lock or an electrical. There is more reliability on mechanic locks; the only thing is they take more time to open. This is because with certain models of mechanical locks of gun safes, there is a key lock that closes the combination dial pad during the process of a multiple attempt to open the safe.

On other safes especially the electronic safes, there is the presence of a live locking bolt technology and also a pry resistant metal that will make sure it closes firm when there is an attempt of force entry into the safe. While some safes have the capacity not only to protect the gun from burglary and unwanted access, it can also provide the protection of the arms it contains against fire and flooding including other forms of natural disasters.

Gun safes in various countries

Depending on the country the safes used to store guns at various homes has to meet with a minimum standard set by the government.

Bedside gun safes

A fire gun is kept by people for self-protection, other have guns as they are used in their job sites (policemen) and others have guns because they love activities such as hunting. The need to quickly react to any eminent danger especially at night, required such gun safes that could be easily accessible. The invention of the bedside gun safe came as a solution to those who need to get quick access to their guns in times of danger. Once the weapons reaches their homes especially a home where there are kids that play around and touch everything they see, it becomes a matter of concern to properly keep these weapons. Another scenario is the protection of these weapons from individuals who might know that you possess a gun and want such a weapon to commit a crime such as rubbery. The gun owner might be targeted so that the burglars get into the possession of the unprotected gun or even ammunitions.

Reasons to purchase a bedside gun safe

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There are a set of reasons for a gun owner to have a gun safe and most especially parents with firearms at home.

Purchasing a gun safe turns to be economical to the gun owner as he saves money because most insurance companies especially in the United States offer a discount on obtaining a gun safe. So it is good to verify if your insurance company is among those that offer such services so that you save money while protecting your property. In the same like, owning a beside gun safe is useful in getting you out of trouble because most burglaries crimes are carried on gun owners by people around them who knows that they own guns, so a bedside gun safe will certainly help you out of trouble like being a suspect or you could even be arrested for a crime that you did not commit only because your weapon was found on the crime scene.

By locking up your gun into vessels like bedside gun safes in America, you are respecting the 2nd Amendment right and hence the government won’t be able to get your weapon away from you. Children are unpredictable and rather curious so hiding a firearm somewhere in your room other than a protected safe like a bedside gun safe is risky because once the children in the house lay their hands on the firearm they can either hurt themselves or someone else. Because of this there are laws about using safes to protect the keeping of guns at home with children. Moreover, States like California have laws that apply even on those who do not have children in their homes to put their guns into firearms safes like the bedside gun safe that will keep the weapon away from thieves.

Those who have expensive guns have to protect them from an event such as a fire accident, so they can purchase fireproof bedside gun safes to protect their guns. Such expensive guns are platted with gold. Those with guns for their personal protection and think bedside gun safes will delay their access to their firearm, there are models of bedside gun safes that makes the gun be at your reach just in a few seconds and in the situation when the gun is not needed it is well protected by the safe.

In the search of the protection of weapons, firearms designers came up with gun safes that permit the effective protection of these weapons by the owner from any other person whom the owner do not want to be in reach of his weapon. Since most gun owners have few firearms which they use for protection, it is at times useless to get a big square gun safe that will occupy a very large space in the bedroom and be visible to everyone who gets into the room. There are other options among which we have the in-wall and hidden couch and the bed gun safe.

As such there have been many sizes and shapes of gun safes, for quick access to guns, there is the availability of gun safes easily accessible from the bed like the under bed gun safe and the bedside gun safe. These bedside gun safes have models that are large enough to accommodate long guns, and also home defense shotguns. The bedside gun safe has locks that are better in design and manipulation than that found on the quick access hand gun safes. Most bedside gun safes have locks that are mostly electronic in nature and have one of the cheapest electronic lock system and hence is more affordable.

One reliable style of bedside gun safes is the Fort Knox bedside gun safes that is used to secure pistols and shotguns. They have home lock systems known as the Simplex style locks that uses a code which permits only the owner to access to the safe using his code, the only problem faced by this kind of bedside gun safe is that intelligent children if found in the house might try to get access to the safe by cracking it.

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Fort Knox Long Gun Safe

The kind of features you would expect on a beside gun safe


  • The strength of the material:


Most bedside gun safes are made up of steel and the thicker the steel the better is the quality of the bedside gun safe. The quality of the material should be the first attribute that is verified by the buyer of a gun safe. Depending on the level of protection of his weapon required for example a person who’s primary worry is to prevent his firearm from the reach of children in the house will not require the same steel thickness as an individual living in a dangerous neighborhood. Thick bedside gun safes also apply for those who store their weapons together with other valuable items.

Lock system:

Though it is not the first factor to consider when looking for a bedside gun safe, it is the one factor that must be critically regarded before purchasing a bedside gun safe which is it’s opening mechanism. In a situation of danger the opening system prevails on how fast you can respond. There exist a variety of bedside gun safes with varying lock mechanisms for example the bedside gun safes with mechanical lock systems, biometric bedside lock system and even the electronic bedside lock system. Depending on the individual one lock type could be advantageous than the other especially when the gun has to be drawn out very fast from the bedside gun safe. In a situation of a person suffering with vision problems, a biometric bedside gun safe lock system will be preferable than a mechanical one because if he doesn’t have his optical lenses, dialing a combination on the mechanic dial pad becomes a problem while just with his fingerprint on the biometric locking system he will have his gun at his disposal in no time.

Ease of mounting:

The manufactures of beside gun safes in the conception of a safe have in mind that they are to be made in such a way that the bedside gun safe can be easily integrated on any surface beside the bed. By the drawer, by the side of the bed or any stand found beside the bed; as the primary function of the bedside gun safe is to quickly provide the firearm if the owner is in a situation of danger. There are different kinds of bed stands and drawers and a good bedside gun safe will thus adapt to this various surfaces and more to that additional features such as drill holes can be found on the corners of the safe so that it can be firmly supported on a surface. Thus in any emergency situation the safe will not drop which will waste time to get to the gun for security proposes.

Size and aesthetics:

The size of the kind of bedside gun safe you will chose is also dependent on the space you have available in your room since there are difference in room sizes for different homes. The space provided by the bedside gun safe should be able to hold the gun and also extra ammunitions and at the same time the safe should be able to fit itself easily on the side of the bed. Additionally, for the sake of decoration the color of the safe can be another factor to consider in the selection of a bedside gun safe so that its color harmonizes with that of the room and not make it look as an odd element in the room.

The price:

The choice of the beside gun safe is determined by its quality as well as its cost associated with the purchase ability of the individual. Most gun owners have the necessary finance to get a good bedside gun safe like the 12 gauge thick gun safe that is made of the biometric or the RFID lock system which is more efficient. In the case of limited cash it is still possible to get a bedside gun safe that will do the job of protecting your firearm from burglars. There are options that can be obtained at $ 100 but they generally will have a thin steel body say 16 or 18 GA. When going for a low cost bedside gun safe, it is advisable to go in for the mechanical type bedside gun safes because if you go for a cheap electronic system it might not be that good.


The length of the period of warranty on bedside gun safes is a proof by the manufacturer that his product is resistant and has no fault. It is generally advisable that any gun safe that offers less than one year warranty either has a fault in its design or functioning. The more the warranty of the bedside gun safe the more the chance that if a fault or a malfunctioning is discovered it can be solved easily.

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Best bedside gun safes

The need for gun safes have brought many manufacturers into the business of producing gun safes. The purchase of a good bedside gun safe is a very good investment as it will not only protect the gun from being stolen but also protect the children at home from not reaching to the gun as they play around. Among the various bedside gun safes available there are some considered as the best bedside gun safes. There are a number of features that will make a gun safe considered to be a best bedside gun safe.

In most States there is a law that a person owning a gun most possess a gun safe whether there are children or not in the house where the gun is kept. In this situation where the possession of a gun safe is necessary, the gun owner can go in for the best bedside gun safes that will also provide fireproof/waterproof safe options. Apart from protecting firearms the best bedside gun safes can also serve as a protecting vessel for valuables such as jewelries.

Hornady security gun safe

This model is counted as one of the best bedside gun safes and it is made up of a touch-free entry, and the safe is also resistant such that it does not have a malfunctioning in a situation where it falls into the hands of a child.  There are many ways to get access into the Hornady safe. It is possible to get access to the safe through the RFID bracelet a fairly new technology that the gun safe manufacturer just introduced into the manufacturing of bedside gun safes.

The Hornady Bedside Gun Safe

In terms of accessibility, the Hornady safe is noted to get open faster than most of the other gun safes, one of the reasons it is considered as one of the best bedside gun safes. There is the possibility to get the gun safe registered through the internet and in return the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.

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Some of the advantages offered by this model are as follows;

  • one can get access to the safe using the RFID bracelet, RFID card, and a key. The key fob can help attach the key on the owner. More to that, there are three RFID bracelets that come together with the safe during purchase which means in the case one bracelet gets lost there is another one as a replacement.
  • The programming system of the Hornady gun safe is easy to set and makes it one of the best gun safe model for people who have problems in the manipulation of electronics;
  • the cable found on this model that serve as a security to the safe such that it should not be stolen is very thick and will discourage anyone with the intension of stealing the gun safe because the cable is made such that it cannot be cut easily; when the Hornady bedside gun safe opens, there is a case inside to which the gun is placed such that it can be easily and safely accessible for shooting and this attribute makes it one of the best bedside gun safes.

Advantages of other gun safes over the Hornady Gun Safe

The Hornady bedside gun safe is counted among the best bedside gun safes but it also has some disadvantages in its use than other models of bedside gun safes; the noise generated by the safe when it is being opened is loud enough such that if the danger is a thief in the room it will draw his attention. Some models of safes are silent when they open; among the fast to open models of best bedside gun safes, Hornady gun safe is not the fastest; the safe have several methods to unlock and the bracelet might not be the best as it can fail or needs repeated passage before it opens. In the case of panic therefore the most efficient way to open the box is studied so that it can be used in the case of an eminent danger; it has been reported that the lid of the safe is slow to open completely and needs assistance from the owner in situations of danger.

Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe

This is one of the best bedside gun safes especially for handguns like pistols. The safe opening mechanism uses a combination that can be dialed with the help of push-buttons, the push-buttons of this safe are illuminated from behind and this is an added advantage to consider as the combination of the safe can be dialed even in the dark. The Sentry Safe does not require a battery like most other locks that use a combination. In a situation where the box needs to be opened, there is a button at the side of the box that helps to activate the dial pad that makes it fast to open than safes which uses traditional locks.

Sentry safe

One of the advantages this safe has over other safes that makes it one of the best bedside gun safes is that its locking mechanism cannot be seen when the safe gets open which means it leaves no chance for a thief to use an object to pop the lock of the safe; the reset button of this safe is found in an inside compartment so it has to be dismantled in order to reset the safe to change the combination, unlike other safes whose reset buttons are in positions where they can be easily accessible by anyone; there is no noise from the safe upon opening when it is on the silent mode.

This model of bedside gun safe is a good one but also lacks certain features that other best bedside gun safes have. Some of the attributes it lacks are; there is the absence of features such as fireproof and waterproof and cannot protect its content in a case of fire or flooding of the room; the point of using push-button for the opening of the box, so in a situation of panic due to fear, it might take fewer seconds for the firearm owner to open the safe.

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GunVaul speedVault SV500 gun safe

This is a gun safe that uses a digital keypad and it is considered by experts in firearms as one of the best bedside gun safes when it comes to rapid access to the weapon. The design of the safe makes pulling the gun out easy and also the readiness to shoot thanks to its drop-down drawer. There is a warranty of up to 5 years on the safe on any loss of firearm due to fire or due to a burglary.

GunVaultSpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe

This gun safe is very efficient in the case where the owner quickly needs the handgun into his arms and its size is very conducive such that it can as well be used in vehicles and can easily be mounted on any surface that can serve as anchor. The interior of the safe has light so that once the safe is opened its content can be seen. The safe can be put on the silence mode such that it makes no noise when trying to open it. Upon mounting the gun safe on a surface it feels very solid and cannot be shaken easily.

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Shotlock handgun 200 mechanical safe

This is one of the best bedside gun safes and it functions with a mechanical system. It has the advantage that it can be mounted vertically or horizontally and it is made of 14 steel gauges. This model of bedside gun safe does not need power either using electrical cables nor battery since it is mechanical and this is an added advantage such that there is no moment that to open the safe will fail due to lack of power.

In most bedside gun safe reviews, the safe is not a large one so it is very suitable to store personal defense weapons that can be useful at home. There are 8 digits available on this safe that are used to select a four digits only, for the open combination (a pin). The order of which the digits for the pin are selected in this safe is very important and should be inserted in the dial pad in the same order else the safe will not open and here the mechanical safe does not reset so the operation to open the safe is started all over again in the case of wrong order of pins. Though small in size, the Shotlock handgun 200 mechanical safe is heavy due to the 14 gauge steel found on it.

Best biometric gun safes with top rating reviews

Gradually but surely the old combination gun safes are getting out of use as there is improvement in technology. The biometric or the fingerprint recognition gun safe is more into the market as they are fast to access, they are more secured, and can respond in a shorter period so that the firearm of the owner is in his hands in a situation where the home is attacked.

Here are some reviews of bedside gun safes that are going to serve as guide when you are in the search of a bedside gun safe. The various reviews of bedside gun safes for biometric safes provides three categories of gun safes as such this review of bedside gun safes will provide you with a variety of biometric gun safes with varying qualities and therefore varying prices for the satisfaction of a wide range of customers.

Reasons for choosing a finger print gun safe

This review of bedside gun safes clearly provides the basic advantages of biometric or the finger print gun safe over other choices of gun safes. With the use of the biometric gun safes as your bedside gun safe you are sure that your children and many other persons like thieves are away of your property. Biometric gun safes review shows us that the gun safe will only chose a selected group of fingerprints and thus any person that is not in the fingerprint system of your gun safe is set aside and cannot reach its content. The fingerprint based bedside gun safes are faster in opening the safe than a combination based safe. The biometric model is made more efficient with the use of a dehumidifier that keeps the gun dry and safe.

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Biometric bedside gun safe reviews

The GunBox Biometric Gun Safe

This model is designed in order to provide space and can therefore carry more than a simple handgun. The design is very hard and also provides fireproof options. This box is a characteristic gun safe that combines hardness and technology making it a good quality gun safe and hence one of the best gun safes in the market.

The GunBox Biometric gun safe

Advantages offered by the GunBox Biometric Gun safe

The following options are available on the GunBox gun safe that offers many advantages to those interested to purchase a bedside gun safe.

    • The safe has varying opening systems: there are two options offered by the GunBox which are the fingerprint scanner and the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which are found on the biometric case. The RFID receiver can be put into a bracelet, it can as well be put in a ring, or as a sticker found on a card. On the box there is an option that permits you to disable the RFID mode in a case where you think that children in the house will fall on the bracelet or the ring. Switching off the RFID opening mode makes the fingerprint option the primary opening option available on the GunBox bedside gun safe. Both opening systems described above can be categorized under electrical opening systems and in a situation where they fail there is another opening option described as “build in fail safe.”


  • Programming of the safe. It is simple to program the sets of fingerprints that the safe is to recognize as the user only needs to place his finger on the reader for some seconds living it the time to read the inputs it needs to identify. The step is repeated for all your fingers so that the recognition system scans all the angles to quickly identify you when needs comes.
  • Durability. The manufacturing company GunBox makes its biometric bedside gun safe from alloys. The alloy used to make the GunBox biometric safe is the same as some of the alloys used by aircraft companies. This therefore means that the safe has a higher strength than other gun safes made out of thin steel materials and therefore it cannot be opened by simply forcing it or from a swing with a sledge hammer. The interior of the GunBox biometric bedside gun safe contain neoprene that is used to hold the firearm in place without scratching it. The two major constituent of the safe make it heavy enough such that it is stable and does not fall away easily in case it is transported.
  • Mutability. The ease with which the GunBox biometric safe offers makes the user feels that the manufacturing company thought of everything that is in the mind of many gun owners. Since most gun owners do not like having their guns all the time on them the GunBox biometric bedside gun safe comes with about 10 points on which screws can fit into and its shape permits a vertical alignment of the safe on something like on a desk found beside the bed. Along with the biometric safe comes a black clip that helps keep the box at an angle of 45 degree when it is mounted upside down.
  • Alarmed. The first motivation in purchasing a bedside gun safe is all about the security it will offer to your firearm else you would not invest your money in such an idea if it does not provide such demanded services. An alarm system that is loud and clear enough such that it is quickly recognizable can be used to tell you that the safe you purchased is been tempered with. The alarm of this box is so sensitive that it gets on if someone attempt to move it the slightest inches, and the sound of the alarm can be regulated. One can even set the box to silent such that it uses only a monochromatic light (usually red) beep to indicate if there is an attempt to alter the safe.
  • Build in fail safe. If the GunBox safe losses electric power such that the conventional opening systems like the fingerprint and the RFID are no longer operational, there is another option that can be used to open the box. At the back of the box there is a screw that will permit access to the box once screwed out in the absence of electrical power, and if you which to eliminate this screw, you remove it and fit it inside the box and in this case if the electrical system fails the only access to the box is using a drill.
  • Dimensions. The dimensions of the GunBox biometric safe in its interior are 8.9 wide x 6.5 in tall x 1.5 in deep. The space is large enough to accommodate a handgun and other documents. Reviews on bedside gun safes record that more than one hand gun can be placed into this model of safe.

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A bedside gun safe review of the Barska biometric safe

There are a large number of fingerprint models of biometric gun safes provided by the BARSKA and the one in review bedside gun safe model here is the AX11224.

The BARSKA AX11224 Biometric safe

This model is light weighted and can carry many weapons and also have a good biometric casing.

Advantages of the BARSKA AX11224

  • Open system. There are two ways to open the BARSKA AX11224, the fingerprint and the hidden are available as open and lock systems. The fingerprint opening system works with batteries (4 AA batteries) which come with the safe upon purchase. Since the BARSKA AX11224 bedside gun safe uses batteries that last a few months. The gun also has 2 keys that permits the owner to open the safe even after failure of the batteries. The lock of the safe is found behind the logo of the company and it is removed with appropriate materials.
  • Easy to program. Like one of the best bedside gun safes this biometric safe fingerprint system is easy to set. Most bedside gun safe reviews that have records of gun owners who share their experience about this safe say that the safe can record up to 30 individual fingerprints and the BARSKA AX11224 is fast in recording these fingerprints.
  • Affordable. The BARSKA AX11224 is a low cost model of biometric safes.


The safe is not fireproof and so limits its protecting ability in a case of fire. The safe relies on the use of batteries and therefore needs to be checked so that it does not disappoint you in the case of danger.

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A bedside gun safe is very useful for all gun owners and most especially parents who have guns and have to protect their families against danger. It will help you avoid any accident with your children as they play around the room. Similarly, a well secured bedside gun safe provides the firearm quickly in your hands more than if the firearm was hidden in your box or any other place away from you. It also helps you respect the laws of those who are carrying guns.  

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