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The first recorded use of a firearm was made by the year 1364, this was used up to the year 1892 where automatic handguns had their introduction. History the study of the past does brings the following facts on the evolution and use of firearms up to the modern times. Generally there exists nothing as being too safe on the highway. A strong and firm reason why you should purchase a firearm and an auto gun safe so as to protect yourself and your car. So many people took this lightly and found themselves losing their cars and their property in the hands of thieves on the highway.

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Even though you will rarely use the gun on the highway, its presence alone can act as a wonderful relaxing agent when you are driving all alone on the highway in the middle of the night. Even though it is a good idea traveling with your gun in your car, you will not just keep it anywhere in the car say the dash board as this will be hazardous to other passengers and travellers. Keeping it openly in the car can frighten most of the travellers and passengers on board. Moreover, it is restricted in most of the states. At this stage the only one existing solution is using a gun safe for car in order to carry around any concealed weapon destined to use in case of any emergency. To be noted is the fact that there exist so many different types of car gun safes which you need to compare and get that which fits your gun and needs.

Main reasons why car gun safes are needed

So many people are asking themselves why they should take on a car gun safes rather than just drop the gun in some specific area in their car so as to get it handy when need arises. The following points shall bring more light on why it is really important to get a gun safe for car.

For interstate travel

Carrying a weapon hidden under your seat or in your glove compartment is forbidden by law. In addition to this restriction, the increasing level of firearm crimes in the country has pushed the law enforcement officials to take guard. So it will not be wise to show up with a gun hidden under your car seat or in your glove compartment at a check point as this would only bring you trouble. Most of the states recommend all firearms in the car to be kept in a place where they are not easily accessed by anyone. And the ideal place where the firearm is not easily accessed is in the car gun safe. A reason why all with a gun should purchase a corresponding gun safe for car, by so doing they prevent the guns from entering the hands of undesired and unauthorised persons.

For preventing theft and its corresponding consequences

Consider a situation where you leave your car in a parking lot just outside the local shopping centre and take off on foot for some other place. Should in case you did allow your gun in the glove compartment and on returning you find the glove compartment completely empty. At this point you might possibly end up being part of the consequent investigation should in case the thieve uses the firearm registered under your name in a negligent manner. Even though the chances of being charged for a crime are slim, you could finally end up being held responsible should in case the firearm is mishandled by a juvenile in a harmful way. You would be flagged by the government at the very least when this happens. Such an unpleasant situation can be avoided by just simply keeping the gun in a gun safe for car where it is accessible only to you.

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For eliminating every possible chances of damage due to mishandling

In case you have in your possession a loaded gun which you drop in your glove compartment or under your seat. You do so by taking a major risk should in a case a curious child gets in touch with the arm or possibly a curious adult thereby discharging the weapon negligently, this would not just be of serious damage to them but even to those surrounding them. Due to such undesirable effects, possessing a gun safe for car will prevent such incidence thus no loss of life nor property caused by your own personal gun.

Generally, auto gun safes by virtue of their little size are all vulnerable to any form of brute force attacks. The truth is that even the best auto gun safe for your car would fail after long and continuous attempts to break open them. For instance with a harmer or a crowbar which apply excessive force on them. After noticing that this is how things are, you have to go for a safe which is made from thick considerable steel such as 16GA or even that which is higher than this. And also consider the design, in short go for a good design which is just as hard as possible for any determined burglar to break open it by merely using physical force with the aids of hard objects.

There exist different varieties of locks that are available with these safes. These different locks include; mechanical dial, mechanical push buttons, thumb scanning and electronic pin code. If your priority is security and reliability then you are advice to take on mechanical lock. Electronic locks which are notorious for being easily breakable are better suited for people who desire to have quick access to the safe’s content.

You would have to select an appropriate vehicle gun safe depending on the size of your firearm. You should bear in mind that getting a bigger vehicle gun safe would pose a problem when it comes to positioning it in a suitable place in your car. But the smaller the gun safe is, the more discreet you can keep it away from the eyeballs of passengers, travellers and undesired users. You have to consider that if you don’t have your vehicle gun safe kept in a suitable place say under seat or dashboard, you might possibly be unable to get to it on time when need arises for it.

Most of the pistol safes come with one of the following mounting options.

  • Security cable: the security cable which is quiet easy to install does gives you freedom on where to place the safe in your vehicle. Should in case you are in search of a cable installation make sure you get one with good thickness so as to prevent future failure.
  • Drill holes: it is true mounting a vehicle gun safe in your car using this option is a little cumbersome thus limited where the safe can move. But looking at it in terms of security this option is far more than that of the cable. This is so because a thief would find it more difficult to remove several nuts and bolts just to free up a drill mounted safe than using a bolt cutter on a security cable.

Because these products are not in the same league as heavy duty gun safes and full sized, all manufacturers turn to offer just minimal warranties with them. Some of the cheaper auto gun safes have just no warranty at all. What you should look for at the very least is the industry standard which is one year presently.

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The Top 5 Auto Gun Safe Reviews

After serious comparison and research the following auto gun safes where classed as the top 5 auto gun safe reviews.

GunVault GV2000C-STD Pistol Safe Multi Standard

This wonderful vehicle gun safe has a thickness of 16GA. It has a warranty of one year limited. It has a 9V electronic combination lock. This auto gun safe does combines decent main security features together with several innovations destined to create a handgun for the 21st century. This safe does possess a high strength locking system and a sporting steel body construction thereby offering the best protection to your weapons when you are not around. This safe is one of the best auto gun safe which does not only stores your gun but does store some of your very important items. The fittings of this safe have been made in such a way as to avoid any successful burglar attack to pry open the safe. The lock is designed to operate on a 9V battery. Nevertheless, the safe also comes with an override key should in case the electronic lock fails for any reason. This safe is programed in such a way as to register the number of attempts and block after a fixed number of unsuccessful attempts have been made.Should in case you are driving on a rough road, you need not worry as the inner side of the safe is lined with foam so as to prevent damage or scratches on your valuable items. This is one of the safes which is designed to be mounted in nearly any desired direction. Auto gun safe reviews did present the following likes about this particular safe;

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  • The safe is at a reasonable price that worth its functions.
  • The safe is constructed in a way that you can have access to it even in darkness.
  • The interior of the safe can be split into two sections should in case need arises to do so.
  • The safe comes with one year warranty.

The dislikes about this particular safe follow below;

  • A thickness of 16GA is still not the best.
  • Extra dollars go for purchasing the security cable.

Console Vault Universal 1007   

Console Vault is reputed for developing tailor made gun safes which fit correctly into specific car models. This stands out as one of their more broadly applicable offerings. This is indicated even by the universal in its name. In a very low profile package this safe offers an excellent fundamental firearm security. This finally makes it a great and wonderful choice for all travellers who have as basic aim discretion of their firearms during the journey. This safe is made out of a 12 gauge steel of great strength with an incorporated resistant barrel key lock. This safe would pose a lot of difficulties even to a determined burglar who shall finally abandon. The three point locking system of this safe together with its bank vault style hinge latch does renders it quiet resistant enough for a burglar to break-in to it by just simply application of physical force. With this safe you will not be able to store bigger hand guns inside because it is a low profile safe. To be noted is the fact that this safe does not come along with a security cable. This safe comes accompanied by a one year limited warranty.

What people did like about this gun after the auto gun safe reviews;

  • The safe is designed as a low profile one.
  • The safe is made from a strong 12 gauge steel construction and can resist even a well determined burglar.
  • The safe possesses a one year warranty.

The following are what people did not like about this particular safe;

  • The safe cannot accept the storage of bigger guns because it is a low profile one.
  • The safe comes with just no security cable.

Homak HS10036684 Medium Electronic Pistol Box

A cheap storage solution for those who want to keep their hand gun out of the reach of unauthorised persons and well concealed is the HS10036684. One of the good things concerning this lock is the fact that it has a 1 minute penalty lockout feature which takes over whenever three invalid entries are made. Should in case the default 4 x AA battery fails there is still the possibility of overriding by means of a 9V battery. Nevertheless, there has been a good number of complaints about the electronic failing randomly thereby locking the owner’s access for good. For someone who knows what they are doing, the safe can be easily cracked basing self on the numerous cracking tutorials existing. For this particular safe the manufacturer throws in a one year warranty, so you can avail in case things go sour for you after your purchase. The reason why this safe is recommended in spite the different inconveniences that follow it is its relatively low price as compared to the others. Thereby bring to you a solution should in case you are only in search of a low investment or simply looking for a way of keeping your gun from the reach of children for  a short time. But in case you are in search of something different from this, then you should consider taking a different gun safe for car.

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What people did like about this safe;

  • The price is relatively affordable as compared to the other types of safes.
  • It possesses a one year warranty.
  • It possesses a penalty lockout feature.

What people did not like about this particular safe;

  • Electronic lock has been reputed for random failure in the hands of many.
  • The electronic lock of the safe can be cracked with relative ease using different cracking tutorials.

Fort Knox PB1 Original Pistol Safe Box

For all those who give priority to core security and storage space, this is the best vehicle gun safe for them. The body of this safe is made completely from high strength 10-gauge steel together with steel lock so as to stop any attempt brought by a burglar trying to use brute force to penetrate the safe. The lid of this safe is just always thicker than its body.

The following are things that people did liked about this safe;

  • The safe possesses a generous interior space which allows even storing of larger handguns.
  • The safe possesses a mechanical lock which does provides an excellent reliability.
  • The safe is heavily constructed thereby preventing access by any theft technique.

The following are the things that people did not like about the safe;

  • The safe can only be permanent mounted.
  • It is a little expensive.

SHOTLOCK 1911 Full Handgun Solo-Vault Safe

Right now the Shot solo-vault is amongst the most balanced offerings in the car safe market as it does offers strong anti-theft protection features at a price which is affordable. It is easily fitted and can take places where other fits cannot take to be mounted. In addition the safe can be mounted by means of a security cord which is not included in the safe. This safe uses a mechanical combination lock which after accepting a key code entered through five buttons. There exist a thousand combination codes and above which you can choose your own combination. With this safe you don’t need to fear that the battery runs down or the mechanism fails as it is the case with many auto car gun safes. The safe is built with a 14GA steel which is quiet strong enough for even a determined burglar to make it to the touch of the contents in the safe. It should be noted here that because of its small size, you shall not be able to store larger handguns in the safe. With this product you are given a one year limited warranty should in case you find self in trouble which practically does not exist at all. Any average handgun owner looking for a premium protection at a reasonable price should consider using this safe.

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The following are things which people did like about this particular safe;

  • The safe possesses a sturdy 14-gauge body.
  • The safe can fit even in awkward spots due to its compact construction.
  • The safe is supplied with a one year limited warranty.
  • The mechanical lock of the safe provides a reliable access whenever need arises.

Things about this safe that people did not like;

  • There were a few complains about this lock failing.
  • The size of the safe actually limits the kind of gun which you can store in it.

The Best Auto Gun Safe under Seat Storage

The under seat best car gun safe which you can choose to put in your rear seat is that which follows. It is quiet discreet from prying eyes and easy to open a reason why it is the best car gun safe.

2015+ Ford F-Series Super cab Under Rear Seat Lockbox

This safe is one of the best car gun safes with a top security quality made up of a 16-gauge steel lockbox which is always mounted at the rear seat of a 2015+ Ford F-Series Super cab. The total width of the form fitting design of the tuffy lockbox safe has more than 3000 cubic inches free lockable storage. The secured content of this safe can be easily accessed by just flipping both of either of the rear seat up so as to open the rear seat as desired. The outstanding and unique design of this particular safe allows its full width to be used so as to store firearms and other long items of great value. Incorporated into the design of the safe are chamfered corners which are aimed at making it easier to operate the seat releases and also aiding all the passengers to ingress and egress. This wonderful innovative mounting system can only be accessed inside the box. Without the need for any tools the entire lockbox can be removed in seconds whenever additional floor space is needed for one or more reasons. Without drilling this lockbox is easily installed using the factory hardware which comes with it.

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The above vehicle gun safe has the following outstanding features which makes it widely used by many people;

  • The safe in possession of more than 3000 cubic inches of lockable space in which you can store short and long weapons with ease.
  • The safe is in possession of an exclusive 10 tumbler double bitted lock with strong built in weather seals.
  • The stealthy design is always hidden by the seat where prying eyes cannot see it.
  • The lockbox is constructed with welded 16 gauge steel together with durable texture powder coat finishing.
  • The safe comes with a mounting hardware so no need to struggle much in mounting the safe.
  • The safe’s quick installation does not require drilling to do so.
  • Incorporated in the safe design so as make it easy operating the seat and also helping passenger access are the chamfered corners.
  • The safe cost 319.00 dollars.

The Best Safes for carrying all Kinds of Small Guns in your Car

Should in case you are in possession of a hand gun, then you should better know the enormous responsibility that its ownership does bestows upon you should in case you have to carry it around with you in or out of your car. In some states around the world this eventually permits you defend yourself away from home should in case need arises to do so. The law always urges you to carry your gun along a conceal carry permit. In some states, anyone above 18 years who does not represent any form of danger to those around can be issued permission to carry on a handgun. And should in case you are given permission to carry a handgun, the best way to carry it in a secured way is in a gun safe.

Shot Lock 1911

The shot lock 1911 solo vault car safe for any full frame handgun is designed specifically to guarantee the complete security of one’s full frame handgun. This safe which is originally fabricated and also sold in the USA was meant to be used in the car so as to protect your firearm during your circulations. Nevertheless, this safe can be used at home and even in offices too. This safe is quiet easy to use, so you need not worry on how to use it. Should in case you wish to use the safe only in your car, then at this point you can decide to bolt or attach it down using a metal cable. But it should be noted that the metal cable is not included in the gun safe when buying, but it is not a big problem as the metal cable can easily be gotten from their mechanic or car dealer shop thereby having it installed specifically for car use. The uniqueness of the Shot lock 1922 solo vault car safe designed for full frame handguns unique is that it consist of a 14 gauge steel construction together with a 1,000+ mechanical lock combination. Currently available in the black colour is the Shot Lock 1911 solo vault. This safe has been constructed with a well strong material so as to ensure total safety of the gun thus preventing access by unauthorised persons. The material is quiet resistance to strong brute physical force and its durability ensures that the user keeps using the safe for so many years to come. Because the safe is highly effective, you need not worry about your kids in any way since the safe can be operated only by its owner and no one else. Some of the extraordinary and distinctive features of this safe include its interior dimension which measures 9x7x2 inches with the exterior of the safe measuring 11x7x2 inches. Apart from using the shot lock 1911 solo vault to safeguard your gun, you can also use it to safeguard other important documents which you don’t want them to get in to the hands of unauthorised third party persons. In addition, the shot lock 1911 solo vault vehicle gun safe has an adjustable block of triggered guards that are designed in such a way as to use to meet either the needs of both the right and left handguns. The door of the safe is designed in such a way that it can be opened on either the left or the right side. Due to the fact that the safe has been manufactured to cater for all types of existing handguns such as the pistol, semi auto and the side by side handguns, you do not need to buy a new gun so as to meet the car safe’s standard for it does accommodates all types of guns. In addition to this, it does creates an additional space where you can store up your valuable items you do not wish them to get in the hands of unauthorised persons.

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Titan combination safe   

Should in case you are in search of a gun safe for car which can be easily mounted even in tight spaces so as to keep your gun very close, ready and safe for use should in case need arises then you should consider the titan gun safe. For the titan safe uses a universal fit mounting system which is not so complicated. This universal fit mounting system comes alongside with two mounting brackets which can be used in mounting in different areas of desire. The titan safe can be mounted to the dash of a car, to the floor and even under your seat all depending on the owner. In short with the versatility of the titan safe, it can just almost be mounted everywhere as desired by the owner. The safe functions with a holster spring mechanism which always uses an all mechanical system together with a special made holster which the gun is destined to rest in. The gun always pops up upon entering the combination and raising the lid of the safe so as to get access to the gun. At this particular time, the gun can be drawn from the holster without any fear of accidentally discharging the gun since the weapon is being drawn from a holster fingers will not accidentally slip thereby pulling the trigger of the weapon. Should in case the safe is destined to be used in a state where it is illegal to carry loaded firearms in the vehicle or should in case one desires to keep the gun unloaded then the safe can be modified with a separate spot so as to place a clip of ammunition. After such is set up, whenever need arises to use the gun and the main fit of the safe is lifted, not only the gun will pop up for use but also the clip of ammunition will also spring from a separate compartment which is attached to the safe so as ease gun loading. It should be noted that the titan and the added ammunition compartment all function together and are both lifted at the same time so as to permit you take fast defensive actions as need arises. There is a pin locking system on the built in holster which allows the user to adjust the spring for any way the wish to mount the titan gun safe for their convenient usage whenever need arises. On the instruction list, you shall find the different proper ways on which you can mount correctly the titan safe for use when need arises. It should be noted that owner has the possibility of regulating the pin locking system to spring up the gun at a level which is comfortable to them. For all those who desire to use weapons which are in possession of a special light, there exist a holster with a wider tip which always allows these weapons in possession of attachments to fit with ease. This particular holster would allow up to 99% of handguns which are in possession of an added flashlight to fit in with ease. There is no battery needed for this titan safe since it is an all mechanical safe. With the titan safe, one does avoid the annoyance of having to replace the battery of the safe and some little technical problems too.The titan gun safe does works with a mechanical button which is released on the safe lid. For this safe to unlock, a code must be entered and a Knob is twisted otherwise the safe remains lock even upon brute physical force. The user can reset the factory codes which comes with the titan gun safe by simply entering the factory code, twisting the unlocking knob, pressing a button after opening the lid and then setting a new code. You need not fear should in case you suspect anyone in possession of your code for it can be changed in an infinite number of times. The titan gun safe’s code can include single button presses or multiple presses which can be done simultaneously. The titan safe which is legally accepted in all 50 states is readily available at the price of only 349.00 dollars and the clip housing of the safe is available at a price of 59.00 dollars. The titan gun safe is one of the best ways to keep your gun ready at all times for use while maintaining it in a safe mode and keeping it out of the reach of all children and unauthorised persons.

Gun Vault MVB1000

The larger cousin of the MV 500 micro vault XL handgun is the MV 1000 micro vault XL handgun. Just as it name does indicate, the micro vault product line from the maker Gun Vault is destined to keep a handgun without taking much space. A reason why the safe is often used during transit, whether it is stashed beneath the seat of your car or it is tucked away in checked baggage. The safe is in possession of somewhat better biometric lock which always updates even the slight changes thereby updating the previous saved pattern each time your finger gives low rejection rate in times to come. So many other sweep type scanner often require you sweep more than one time before you are given access to the safe’s content. This particular has a protected and aligned foam interior so as to prevent the gun from sliding around thereby finally possessing scratches. This safe can accept up to 120 fingerprints and it is made up of an 18-Gauge steel construction. With this safe, should in case one finger does not work for one or more reasons, simply use another finger without having to resetting the safe. The smaller version which is the MVB500 can only accept up to 30 finger prints and no more. To be noted is that while the MVB 1000 is often pictured in a similar position similar to that of a brief case, the handgun is not hinged to stay in this manner but instead the lit does opens entirely to lay flat so you are to open it with the hand.

Gun Vault MV 500

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This safe is an electronic one, but it is an older model of gun vault. To start this safe is of perfect small size which can fit in places where most of the other gun safes cannot. This safe is not too big nor too small to carry in it your small hand gun whenever you are moving around thereby assuring your protection in a safe and legal manner. Nevertheless, this safe can as well hold some of your small valuable items thereby preventing them from being stolen from you. But still, the safe is not too light to always keep it around you all times. The safe can as well be mounted after drilling holes. The safe is pry resistant to smart children and even to casual trials. If you are looking for a gun safe which can be stored under car seats and even in glove boxes then you can consider getting this one. Amongst the different car gun safes, this also offers an alternative rather than keeping a gun lying in the car which can end up in wrong hands and used against public security. The electronic safe has a quiet long lasting battery so you need not fear of having to change the battery so regularly. The computerised system of this particular safe will block out anyone who mistypes the combination in an excessive number of times there by preventing guess combinations. By so doing the safe allows access only to its rightful owner.

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