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Owning a firearm comes with its own responsibilities. First of all, one has to ensure that they use the gun as stipulated by the law. While firearms are a good security measure, they can also be difficult to store safely and properly. This leads to the second point, firearms need to be stored in a particular safe way to keep out of reach of those who may have ill intentions, or who may be able to mishandle the firearm. Having firearms strewn all over the place is akin to giving robbers the password to the bank account; they will definitely use it. The need to keep firearms in one, secure but accessible place, has led to demand for gun safes.

Best Safes for the Corner

Homak HS30103660 8-Gun Security Cabinet, Gloss BlackWhile there are many types of safes for guns, a corner gun safe is preferred for its minimal dimensions and because it effectively stays out of the way. Here are a few to consider.

  • Homak HS30036010: Homak is known for making its products available in the market at a very reasonable price. This corner gun safe has room for ten rifles, handguns, ammunition and other belongings as per the user’s needs.
  • Country Furniture – Supreme 12: The look and strength of this corner cabinet and the fact that it holds up to 12 rifles plus valuables make it a winner.

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Corner Safes for Small Guns

It is not every day that one owns a rifle, shotgun or one of the many long guns on the market. As a matter of fact, most homes are safe with a single handgun. For this reason, one would need a gun safe that occupies as little space as possible in the home. If you’re looking for a small corner gun safe, some of your best options are:

  • Protex GS CR53 and CR73: Both cabinets occupy a small space in the corner of a room and share the same design. They are secured to the floor and are also fireproof for up to 30 minutes.

Corner Safes for Long Guns

Having dealt with the cabinets for smaller guns, the next target is for larger guns such as shotguns and rifles. Some of the very best large gun cabinets for corners are:

  • JFC 3 Shotgun Cabinet: this cabinet is made from steel that is fully welded and approximately 2mm thick. It can be fitted on the wall or floor as desired.
  • Infac 4 Gun Safe: at a reasonable price point, this corner gun safe has anti-pry protection and is made of thick steel with a security lock to boot.

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Most Popular Gun Safes and Cabinets

Among the firms that make the most popular cabinets and safes to keep guns safe is Stack-On. A typical Stack-On gun cabinet can store several guns.

  • Stack-On 10 Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet: made of tough steel, this gun cabinet locks away both small and large firearms as required by the law.
  • Stack-On 14 Gun Steel Security Cabinet: this corner gun safe is larger than most gun cabinets, and it offers more space for storage of firearms. It can store several rifles and shotguns as well as handguns and ammunition. It is made of thick steel for security purposes.

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Metal Gun Storage Facilities

All over the internet, there are gun safes for sale or similar offers. However, one needs to pick between metal, wood and other types of materials. While wood is reliable, the best gun cabinets are metal gun safes.

  • Stack-On 16 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock: This corner gun safe has a nearly impenetrable lock owed to its thick steel finish and electronic lock.
  • Biometric Safe: This safe is also made of 2 millimetre thick steel for the best gun protection capabilities.

Considering the Price Point

For most people, a few firearms in the home need not be the reason to break the bank. In fact, there are numerous cheap gun safes that are reliable for storage and security. For gun safes, anything below $100 is considered cheap.

  • Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Gun/Storage Cabinet: This is probably the most cost friendly gun safe one can find on the market as it is often sold below $75.
  • Fortress Quick Access Alarming Pistol Safe: At a similar price point, this safe offers secure storage for smaller firearms such as handguns and pistols with ammunition.

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Conclusion (Corner Gun Safes)

With states requiring proper storage of firearms, a corner gun safe will go a long way in keeping your home safe and ensuring that no legal consequences arise. If burglars break into the home, it’s important to have secure firearms lest they start having dangerous ideas. For gun safes and cabinets, the first item of importance should be security. No matter how expensive, if a gun safe cannot hold its own against fire or thieves, it is useless. With modern locks being electronic, the security of cabinets and safes for storing guns has increased tremendously.



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